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1. Poetry - This section includes my poetry through the years. This blog has initially built on poetry as its foundation. This became my prime reason why I created this blog. If you have a thing for poetry, then try reading my works. 

2. Emotional Prose - This section includes my portrayal of people with intense emotions. Mostly on a first person basis. Reading this will make you internalize with the kind of emotions they are going through. Don't blame me for crying though. I'd known several readers, who confessed that they cried after reading my works. If you think you have what it takes to read such intense literature, then go on.

3. Movie Reviews - This section contains old movies that I think are worth spending some time. No need to cringe on the "spoiler" type of writing for they aren't that new to begin with. I usually tell bits of the story and relate it to life. This is more on reflecting life's lessons hidden underneath those clips. Go on, spare some time; explore my recommended movies; look for those lessons; and reflect on it.

4. Wisdom - This section displays bite-size wisdom I made for my Instagram followers. Topics include, challenges, chances, choices, and changes. One thing for sure, this will give you a sachet of motivation and inspiration for your day to day adventure.

5. Adulting - This section talks about tips and tricks on how to deal and go about with #adulting. People exposed well in the investment scene will also be featured here. This is an avenue for us to learn from other people.

More sections coming up...

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