Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Staycation: An Option to Escape Extreme Heat and Soaring Electricity Bills

     With the current extreme heat being felt daily (even at nighttime), you would definitely be doing different ways just to keep yourself cool, which includes turning all your electric fans, air conditioners, and other cooling equipments. But by doing so, this entails expensive monthly electricity bills.  

     This high electricity bill can be enough motivation for you to go to office (if you are currently in an on-site setup) or for you to get away from work-from-home setup (as much as possible) for a free use of air conditioner and have a much comfortable day.

     But how about when the weekend comes in? Or how about when [long] weekend approaches? Just by staying at home for several days can be terrorizing for your comfort, convenience, and peace of mind (high electricity bills are waving). You might think of going to the mall to escape from the extreme heat, but that alone entails consuming your own energy (by walking endlessly) and drains your pocket (by buying food and drinks when seated to a restaurant or coffee shop). So, what other options do you have? 

     One option to escape the weekend or the [long] weekend, rather, is to have a staycation nearby for you to achieve that comfortable living without worrying much on your electricity bill soaring too high. Imagine spending the weekend relaxing and enjoying your peace. Yes, this also entails cost but to a limited and reasonable amount as compared to staying at home having such discomfort or worse, being hospitalized because of heat stroke due to extreme heat and other health-related conditions caused by being soaked in sweat while you sleep.    

     I, myself,  did felt the need to have a staycation on my own for me to achieve that kind of peace and comfort. I tried booking on Klook for the first time and it was a hassle-free experience on my end. I booked the night before my intended check-in date and it was super reliable, fast, and safe. 

     I chose Red Planet in Timog and I was delighted by the whole experience that I'll be doing this from time-to-time. In fact, I am writing this post while I'm in Avida Storeys 2 here in Iloilo (currently trying out Klook's AirBnB-like option  where I booked a condominium unit for a staycation). 

My room at Red Planet in Timog, Quezon City.
My living room at Avida Storeys 2 in Iloilo City.
My view from my room while writing this blog post.
     Were you convinced on having that staycation your body and mind deserve? Book your next staycation via Klook now. Trust me, it'll be worth it. Booking for the first time? Here's your promo code:

Saturday, September 09, 2023

Why I Stream

 "This has been your host, Artistmat. Your blogger turned livestreamer reminding you of my blog's mantra: Walk, leave a mark, and make a difference."

     People in Kumu would always hear me say this before ending my livestream. This outro became so familiar to everyone, who watched my shows/streams. A reminder of who I am prior to livestreaming and what my intentions were in devoting my time blogging. 

     To walk, to leave a mark, and to make a difference have been and will always be my intention, my guiding light, and my destination. And as I progress as a livestreamer, I would usually take a moment or two from time-to-time in reflecting if I'm still trekking the right path towards influencing others in a [positive] way. 

     Yes. I am utilizing Kumu as an added platform for me to motivate and inspire others in a whole new scale and modality. Being with Kumu made me create different shows with friends I met along the way. These shows became our platform in educating, inspiring, motivating, and entertaining viewers. Two of the shows currently running on a weekly basis are Sana All and GGSS.

     Sana All is currently in Season 2 and has, so far, introduced two series - Sana All Confident (month of July) and Sana All Singer-Songwriter (month of August) while GGSS is on its third month. It started as Gandang Generation Sunday Series last June and July and was changed to Generation Guestings Saturday Showdown due to changes in schedule and formatting that were based on the need to progress. 

     These two are currently my main weekend shows delivering the voice of empathy for GGSS and the voice of inspiration for Sana All. On my next blog post, I will share my insights and lessons that I learned from these two shows. I will decipher how Sana All ang GGSS became our weekend habit and why you should watch these shows on Kumu. Excited to read on? Stay tuned.

     This is me, Artistmat... your blogger turned livestreamer doing my best to make you walk, leave your mark, and make a difference. See you on Kumu.

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