Saturday, June 04, 2022

Bea Alonzo's Celebration with Kids

     Bea Alonzo, an actress known for her several iconic roles on TV, celebrated her vlogging milestone in a very remarkable way. She celebrated it by giving time to kids and fans. Her 100th vlog gave her the reason to book an event with U! Happy Events and be a blessing to kids of ECPAT by being an ate (big sister) to them for a day. Her sponsored event includes sponsor and volunteers introduction, group designation/partnering with kids, getting to know/bonding with kids, zumba exercise, mural painting, fun and games, and gift giving.

     It was such a good exposure for the foundation as Bea did make use of her platform in showing vloggers and fans how to celebrate a milestone in a very meaningful way. Inspiring others to be an inspiration and bring hope to those who needed it the most is something that's commendable for a celebrity/vlogger/influencer.

     About Bea, I can easily say that what I saw in her that day was authentic. She is very approachable and happy to be with kids. Everyone, who asked for pictures with her, were given the chance [multiple times]. It was also the first time that I saw a celebrity whose enthusiasm in posing for pictures exceeds the one's asking for pictures with her. It is as if she is the fan, rather than the celebrity. An interesting display of humility, that is.

     To be like Bea, you may also book your events with U! Happy Events and be a blessing to kids. Creating an event is very easy. Just click CREATE YOUR OWN EVENT and select your day, time, type of kids (community-based, orphans, patients, or students), and your preferred activity (field trip, arts, fun and games, or other specific activity). We made it simple for you simply because our main goal is to connect the giver and partner beneficiary [plus] providing jobs to accredited food and service suppliers such as artists, instructors, and photographers. It's that hassle-free. All you have to do is show up with your happy heart together with your friends and be an inspiration to kids. You'll be surprised how your kind intention can create a huge impact to their lives.

     To Bea Alonzo, Dominic Roque, and the entire production team of BY BEA, may you continue to be blessed and be a blessing to others. May your good example be replicated by many in order for kids to experience a good and wonderful life simply because... Life is BEAutiful.

Artistmat: A Brand

     It's been 17 years since I officially entered the blogging scene using the pen name "Artismtat". I invented the name as my official url to then, (I'm still a college student back then and relying on free domain kept me going). Artistmat eventually became my username to all social media platforms that emerged later on. The move was for me to maintain a unified identity online in which I became successful. Artistmat is now synonymous to my real name when searched online, thus maintaining a strong online presence even though I lay low most of the time.

     Last year, I posted on my social media accounts pictures of a perfume bearing the said pen name. It was still on its conceptual phase and a lot of processes were still needed to be done behind the scene. And last month, 17th of May, I officially launched the perfume called, ARTISTMAT with its pioneer scent - Poetic. Poetic's scent is subtle, yet uplifting in which I'm sure you'll enjoy as much as I do. More scents will be revealed every 17th of the month and each scent has its own vibe to share with its wearer. I hope that you do support me with this new direction I'm trekking for Artistmat. 


it's more than just a PEN NAME now.

It's officially a BRAND.

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