Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beast Culture

     Love, a very common topic and a universally-acceptable element. But what if love becomes too broad and too complex from what it supposed to be? It becomes an abomination. Let me share to you an international-based group in Deviantart called "Zeta-Union". Don't get me wrong. I'm not promoting their endeavor. All I want is to open the minds of my readers that certain group of artists are really advocating abominated love and their mission is to get this type of love become acceptable  to everyone.

---[Taken from Zeta-Union's Page]---

     Welcome to the group "Zeta - Union of Zoophiles" (or we will call it simply "Zeta"), the place dedicated to people who are able to love someone although it's not human. For everyone who can love deeply sincerely and fully for personal qualities, not only for gender or species. It's a group dedicated for people that others call zoophiles.

Main purposes of this group are tho share and promote artworks, to chat and to discuss..

     We would be happy if this group will help to break illogical prejudice and dogmas that makes too many people blind and hateful (ideally, not only in the case of misunderstanding zoosexuality/zoophilia).

     Hundred years ago, homosexuality was illegal, immoral and heretical and only discussions and understanding changed this situation. That's what we hope this group will help to do now, too - because zoophilia is now seen in the very similar way.

    Why this comparison to homosexuality? Because both, homosexuality and zoophilia, are about love between individuals that together can't give birth to a baby, so their relation doesn't have a reproductive purpose (partly because of this fact, both aspirations were supposed as some kind of "immoral sodomy") - nevertheless, both are fulfillments of an emotional connection in very similar way as "usual" relationships.


     The above group has one goal - to be accepted by people. What their doing is not just a simple social group. What their doing is already a movement that would alter the minds of each and everyone of us through the use of their influences.  For my readers, I'm asking you to be aware of this kind of topic that we shouldn't just set aside. The issue is so strong that one of us may be tempted to accept them and to become one of them. And as for the parents, I'm asking you to take good care of your children and I want you to  fully educate them with the right logical thinking and the right values for them to become a better person with well-regulated attitude. By doing so, we may be able to prevent and defeat this abominated love - zoophilia - that these artists are promoting. Let's not multiply zoophiles. Love... the right way, the human way, the Divine way!

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