Friday, December 25, 2009

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Just dropping by

Good day everyone! I've just finished doing our minutes of the meeting. I'm just dropping by to check if I can acces on this site. Sigh. It's really hard for me to access blogger. Too bad... I so miss this hobby

Monday, November 02, 2009

Playing Hero, Acting Hero

.....Who knows Facebook? I bet majority of my readers know about it. Facebook is just one of the many social-networking sites that I visit regularly. Facebook always gives me that "hook" feeling and that explains everything about why I need to visit it regularly. What are those elements that hook me, if you may ask. Well, my friend's status are always updated, lots of interesting surveys and quizzes, and amazing games to choose from. Oh! I've mentioned about games. Yeah! those things catches the attention of many (especially me).

.....When one would ask me about the game that I'm playing on Facebook, (definitely it's not Farmville although majority of my friends play this game) I would answer them "Hero World". Yes, you read it right. I'm very much hook to this game because it has this great impact on me not just as a gamer, but also as a person who seeks change for everyone including myself. Here, the player would be involved in different missions that include battling criminals and doing some sort of deeds. Between battling and doing deeds, I like doing deeds the most as my mission in this game because it doesn't just deal with extra-impossible tasks that most superheroes do. It also deals with simple act of kindness such as saving a little girls cat, helping an old woman cross the road, and etc.

.....As a general conclusion, I admire the developers of Hero World because of their inclusion of different simple act of kindness to be part of the hero's everyday mission. We people often wants to create an impact to our own specific field by doing extra-ordinary stuff that we can't even afford to do. We even forget to relay our attention on those small details. Those details may be small from our own point of perspective but to the people involved, it may be the greatest and most important thing that one could ever imagine. Let's face it, there's no big deal on how small or big the tasks are. What's important is the impact that it creates to the people involved and how it changes their lives. Being a hero is not about relying on our super abilities and extra-super powers, it is about the act of kindness that we share to everyone. Super heroes are just fantasies, but we can always be super in our own unique ways.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

22nd Birthday: Unleashing the Blessings in Me

     October 17, 2009 was a very special day for me. It's my birthday. Yeah you read it right. That particular day made me 1 year older as I turned 22 years old. This is actually the first and only birthday (so far) that I'm very proud of.

     If you ask me "why", the answer is just very simple. I'm very vocal about my birthday and I did celebrated it with my friends and employees here in the construction site were I'm currently working. We celebrated it together by having foods that were product of their money; went to the nearest mall; and the best part of all is that I did spent the last few hours of the day by volunteering at the Malacanang Palace.

     My 22nd birthday won't be that special if I didn't let my self volunteer for a special cause. After all, celebrating my birthday isn't actually about waiting and receiving blessings from the Almighty; Instead, it is all about becoming a blessing to everyone.

     At the end of the day, majority of my energy was drained out, but at least those energies were unleashed for a much greater cause!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blog Action Day: A Call For Action

.....I'm currently staying here in the construction site that we're managing. I'm actually stranded and couldn't afford to go home because of the typhoon. We have witnessed G.I. sheets that were flown by strong winds, overflowing floods on major roads that surround the vicinity and of course... traffic. Me and the others will stay here for a night due to the impracticality of going home.

.....What's in my head right now is climate change and its effects. The whole city is suffering from flood and people are sick (that includes me) due to changing weather condition. I'm not that expert when it comes to climate change but what I do know is that I'm going to be part of the hundreds and thousands of bloggers that would write about climate change on our respective blogs on the same day.

.....On October 15, 2009, bloggers around the world will be writing about climate change (the chosen topic for this year). This blog has been participating Blog Action Day ever since it was created. My dedication for this kind of event is so deep because my primary aim is not just to become an active blogger but also to be known as a "Blogger of Change"!

Join the Blog Action Day and make a difference!

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Message of Hope and Inspiration

.....Good day everyone! It's nice to finally be back again here in my first and original blog. If you're wondering why I'm not around for a long long time... well, the answer is pretty much the same: Busy on my work and on my second blog, "Druoun X Images". Since I did mentioned my second blog, let me have this opportunity to talk about it and its current status.
.....Druoun X Images is doing well in terms of traffic and everything. It was nominated on both Philippine Blog Awards and Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards. The list of finalists were already posted and Druoun X Images isn't part of those finalists. It's not bad news if DXI didn't made it because I'm always positive on thinking that there is always a reason behind every happenings (good or bad). I'm in a way grateful that although my second blog is just months-old, the opportunity and potentiality of it can now be seen and felt.
.....As for now, I'll just continue to do my craft because my primary target is to inspire people and to create an impact on their lives through Druoun X Images.
.....You may visit and feel free to participate on my free services. Just read the guidelines on how to submit your photos.
.....Be part of DXI's advocacy!
Thanks for reading and have a good day!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rapidshare: The Should-Be-Tool of Downoad Addicts

.....It's good to be back here in my first and original blog. I'm quite busy with my work and I've got limited time to surf the net and blog about the things I love. If you are getting confused to the sentence that I've said about blogging when in fact I never had a chance to post on this site, actually I do manage two blog sites and I'm dedicating solely most of my free time in developing my second blog is entitled "Druoun X Images".

.....Now, to compromise and, also, to give my regular visitors the information that they should need on this blog, let me share my current discovery and here it goes:

.....By searching the Internet, I was able to discover this cool downloading site called Rapidshare. Rapidshare is so cool that it gave me a "wow" effect the first time I visited this site. It is actually a search engine that has the capability of downloading files faster than the ordinary and typically-made downloader. All net surfers and download addicts, like me, will definitely love this site and all its extra features.

.....In conclusion, I certainly recommend Rapid4me - Rapidshare for it can definitely give its users and site-visitors the satisfaction that they really need.

This is Matt and I'm signing out! Enjoy your Rapidshare downloading!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Real Property Management: Valuing Somebody's Treasures

.....There are a lot of things that we may consider valuable. I'm trying to be literal right now. Yes, things that we want to be secured and handled well. These material things may eventually perish but then as long as it's still there, people may continue their desire of valuing that certain thing.

.....I'm currently working as a construction manger and I do a lot of monitoring stuffs for the contractor to make sure that the project will end up exactly as what it has been envisioned to the owner. Part of my job is to guide those people in-charge to handle and secure things in a proper manner. Things that are very much valuable to the owner.

.....As I've searched through the Internet, I've came across the word Real Property Management. Its quite similar to my current job in terms of managing things that are in great value for our client. What I've later on found out is that it's not just a type or description of job, It's actually a company.

.....Real Property Management is dedicated to managing single family homes, multi-unit apartment buildings, and homeowner’s associations. It tells me that this company is really looking for great treasures to be handled. It's actually a risk for a company to do that kind of stuff and yet, RPM has established and has proven its credibility by gaining a "Franchise of the Year Honorable Mention" award. This information gave me this "wow" effect. As I gone through the site, I even learned more stuff that I must share to my readers and these are the following:

*RPM Midwest Featured in the Biz journal of Cincinnati and Columbus

*RPM manages over 20,000 units nationwide!

*Freddie Mac has Signed an exclusive agreement with Real Property Management to manage the new REO Rental Initiative.

*RPM Midwest joins the National Association of Residential Property Managers to ensure the highest standards in property management services.

.....I'm leaving you the rest of the information that you would want to know by visiting their website at:
.....Let me end this post with a simple saying that says "Things that are in great value should be equalled with great importance."

Saturday, July 11, 2009

DirecTV: An Extreme Boredom Solution

.....There is a moment in our life that we experience boredom. This is the kind of uncertainty that we can only erase through relying on someone or something. Yes, we can rely on someone when we want to entertain ourselves but sometimes we also need to be honest that a "something" is more reliable than a "someone" when extreme boredom strikes. With this kind of scenario, digital entertainment comes in.

.....Let me have this chance to talk what I've discovered about Satellite TV. Satellite TVs are very reliable when it comes to erasing that extreme boredom that comes from our inner self due to its flexibility when it comes to choosing channels and very reliable in giving amazing digital imaging. Therefor it is a must for us boredom-affected people to have one. So, why not upgrade our equipment and start freeing ourselves from this useless extremities!

.....Let me end this post by asking my readersthis simple yet retorical question. Are your neighbors already have and are enjoying these benefits from their satellite TV? Then what are you waiting for? Call the experts today and start having an HD Satellite TV Service that your beloved TV needs!

Boredom?.... Nah! DirecTV can fix it!
Thank you for reading and until next time!

Monday, June 22, 2009

DXI: A Multiply Version

.....I'm inviting everyone to visit my multiply account. It is actually the multiply version of Druoun X Images. Here, my visitors may directly view all animated photos that I've created which aren't visible on my blogspot (the original) version.

I'm hoping the you'll enjoy your visit and don't forget to participate, interact, and most importantly is to have fun!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dilemma of Confusion

.....Yesterday was a tough day for me because I have a very big decision to make that will really affect my career. I'm in a dilemma of confusion especially when the one-on-one confrontation took place. I was so confused. My mind was filled with different "what ifs" and one thing that I'm really sure of is to seek help and guidance from my peers.

.....Then there it was. I did seek advice from my long-time mentors from the institution that help shaped my character. I consulted several architects and psychologists about my decision. They all agreed on me. I even consulted different options that originated from different sides and they all disagreed on it. One psychologist even said that I'm only being brainwashed by those people whose mission is to succeed from altering my decision.

.....Thank God that I was blessed with peers that do care for me. At least now I know that the journey that I'm about to take isn't exactly as bad as what those brainwashers are trying to implant on my mind.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

.....Today is Earth Day and one thing to be part of this annual celebration is by making campaigns for us to influence other people. I'm inviting everyone to take time to read and reflect of these messages.

.....Thank you for your time. I hope that these banners would make a difference in your daily actions.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beauty And Functionality

.....My life as an Architecture student has just ended. This only means that my journey has just started as a practitioner of my chosen field. This journey is about me walking towards my dream and ultimate passion.

.....Let me have this opportunity to share some of my insights as a servant of Architecture by writing this post:

.....Architecture is an art and considered as the highest form of art. When we talk about Architecture, one thing that comes into our minds are beautiful houses and great building and we appreciate Architecture once we have experienced the atmosphere that it gives. Elegant, simple majestic, or whatever we may feel is an added pleasure that was brought by Architecture. We may be amazed by the awesome design but we sometimes miss to consider the functionality that was given by the place. Functionality is very important for it defines the meaning of success and with the aid of furniture, it becomes marvelous! Furniture do add texture and identity to whatever rooms that designers make.

.....While surfing the web, I've entered a site called Scenic Furniture and I have found out that this site offers numerous furniture that will definitely help give meaning and identity to every homes around the world. I've seen and have scrutinized all of their items for me to know if beauty and functionality can be found from those items that they are selling. From my long stay of looking at their products, I've identified one favorite.

.....The product that I'm talking about is the Walnut 3 Drawer Corner Desk. I like this item because it shows real aesthetic in the form of simplicity and innovation of form. Its purpose can be identified quickly and functionality is part of its identity as an office furniture.

.....You too can have your own favorite by visiting their website. Just click this: rustic furniture

For one to become a critic of art,
one must first know and experience art.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Award Of Hope

.....To receive an award is a fulfilment especially when that award is a recognition of your hard work both as a person and as a leader.

.....Last Friday, after our baccalaureate mass, the school officials gave away several awards to its graduating students and one of these awards is the Most Outstanding Graduating Student. The mechanics of the said award is that the candidate should be excellent in both academics and leadership. One of those students who has been given this prestigious award is none other than me.

.....Yes, I was given this award for my remarkable skills in producing excellent results to both my academics and extra-curricular activities. I'm sharing this award to all my readers not because I want to boast or I want people around the world to look at me as if I'm somebody. Instead, I'm sharing this award because I want everybody to be inspired by the recognition given to me most especially to my fellow leaders who are very much exhausted because of the negative response of his/her surroundings. I want this award to serve as an eye-opener. I want them to know that amidst the cruel hindrances, there lies hope. Hope that would give birth to an eagerness to strive harder than ever before.

.....I would like to end this post by leaving a simple message. It goes like this: We student leaders are the hope of our country and therefore, we are the bearer of solutions. Let us not stop serving other people even though our mind tells us to give up because we are the hope of our country and our countrymen sees hope from us. Let us all act as a genuine leader who seeks positive change in his/her surroundings.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Flight Rush

.....Tomorrow will be our baccalaureate mass and it will be held in our school premises. My parents have just arrived from our province. Their flight is suppose to be on April 11 prior to my graduation day which is on April 13. They have to cancel the scheduled flight because I told them last March 31 that they should attend our baccalaureate mass which will happen tomorrow, April 3. A very very short notice from me and it wasn't really my fault or I didn't do that in purpose. It's just that we where briefed clearly last March 31 and I wasn't blaming anybody at all.

.....Well, the thing is that my parents are so supportive that they took effort just to reach manila right in time before that event will finally take place. My parents really had a lot of sacrifices just to be here with me today.

.....Just to end this topic, sacrifices are very much present during those times that we really need to choose between the two lines due to some important events that we can't afford to miss. We people are very eager to give up things that might hinder us from doing the other thing. With this scenario, I can cite myself and my fellow youth that are very willing to sacrifice our precious time just to help other people that are really in need. Remember that taking sacrifices isn't a bad idea as long we choose the right and worthy once. Thanks for your time reading!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Towards That Dream

.....Ahh... Graduation day is almost near and I'm scheduled to march my way towards the center stage and receive that piece of rolled paper that they call diploma. Yes, I'm scheduled to receive my diploma as a proof that I have officially finish a degree in Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

.....This upcoming event will mark a whole new beginning. The beginning that I'm talking about is the fact that I'm going to move up a little bit higher than where I'm exactly right now. It's time to put those theories learned into actual practices. No more professors to rely on instead, it's me together with my soon-to-be office mates and boss.

.....In just a matter of days, that certain day will become a reality and there's no more turning back. It's time for me to face forward towards the path that I'm intending to go. A path that was once considered a dream. A dream that will build up my character and will unveil my identity to the world of professionals.

.....You too can earn that dream! Just give your best even though time seems to be harsh on you and remember to take sacrifices. Dream hard and believe harder for you to be classified as an achiever and definitely, not a loser.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Leadership Calls

.....Yesterday was an ordinary start of the weekend. That's what we may hear from others. But for me, it was totally different! Yesterday is a very special and awesome day for me because I have given a chance to participate in the first ever SSG Team-Building of both two branches of our school. The team-building was designed for the current ongoing and incoming SSG officers and it is done in a very special place called MMLDC in Antipolo.

.....To tell you honestly, I wasn't supposed to be there because I'm not an incoming or an outgoing officer. Instead, I was last school year's SSG President. But destiny insists me to be part of that event. Ma'am Cathy actually called me last Friday night informing me that there's an available slot due to some reasons. That's a very late notice for me because of the gap between preparation and assembly proper. Well, of course, I've accepted her invitation.

.....I started my special Saturday with a very sleepy status. Imagine waking up as early as 4:00 A.M. take a bath then rush to school trying to race against time and so conscious not to be late A.M. I did arrived safe and on-time.

.....The very special thing about that event is that I have the chance of recharging my leadership skills and sharing it with the future student leaders of our school. I really have enough fun and have gathered enough learning for me to face the world.

.....I ended that beautiful Saturday with a very sleepy and tiring mood. What's best is that I have used all my energy and took a lot of sacrifices such as a long hour of sleep yet, I'm fulfilled with what the outcome is and there's a very big possibility that I can influence and change other peoples lives more than I could ever imagine and I will continue to commit myself from those critical sacrifices as long as it is for the benefit of the people surrounding me. Anyway, I can't say no when leadership is calling me.

.....If you're inspired by this post, you too can be part of the change that you want by becoming a leader. Search the web for people offering leadership trainings, be a member of any kind of foundations, and lastly, make a positive impact for the society. Have fun!

Monday, March 09, 2009

For Passion's Sake

.....Remember this edited picture of mine? Well, I'm actually using this picture as the background image of my laptop ever since. Most of the architecture students and professors like this photo and most of the time, it gets a lot of "wows" from the viewing public.

.....Yesterday, my aunt, uncle and cousin saw this image and were all very horrified by what they've seen. They even asked me if I'm a devil or something. (laugh) Of course you'll ask me if I manage to defend my side and my answer is yes. I told them that it's part of the art and they immediately disagreed.

.....Earlier this morning, my uncle confronted me about the issue and told me to change the background image because it gives him a sudden creepiness. (laugh) Well, if my real purpose is to scare people with that picture. Then I must say that I've succeeded. But to tell you the truth, I'm not. My primary purpose, really, is to make an art. I'm passionate about performing arts and all I could do right now is to express that passion through photo editing since I can't give part of my time in acting.

.....This photo is just one of the edited pictures that I'm doing as part of my passion on stage drama. This photo entitled "Dark Invader" tells a story that one can be part of. You may actually feel that certain thrill that this picture wants you to feel.

.....In addition, Dark Invader isn't the only picture that's classified as horrifying. If you're interested in checking the other ones, you may visit my other blog at Feel free to be part of my blog's advocacy by submitting some scenic-customized photos. Just read DXI's guidelines if you really want to participate. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Next In Line

.....Yesterday seems to be another fruitful day for me because my thesis rating got even higher right after I've submitted all of the recommendations that was given to me by my panel of jury. On my previous post, I wrote about how my thesis went during my deliberation and you may verify it later if you want.

.....The other thing that made my day great was when our Department Chair asked me if who will be the next Architecture Department Student Government (Ar-DSG) President. He then told his visitors about how I do well as a president of our department. He even said that although the next president can definitely do his job well but still, I'm different. Way too different from all the past presidents that our department has. "Matthew is still different and I'm worried for the next semester because he and Arch. Canare is not around", he quipped.

.....The previous conversation may sound too overwhelming for me but then I want to treat it as a complement for getting the job done and for unleashing the passion that wants to get out from me. I'm hoping that the next president will do more than I did and ones he does that, he will definitely be better than I do. I'm not worried if that will happen because as his predecessor, I should be prouder if he's better than I am.

.....You see, being a leader, we must have that kind of attitude. We must not be bothered if our successor will soar higher than us. Instead, we should be prouder because our successor's success is just a fact that we are successful when it comes to mentoring and passing our leadership skills to others.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Result Of Glory

.....At last! I have deliberated my thesis proposal and I've passed. It's nice to know that the the panel of jury that was scheduled for me were all came from top universities in terms of architecture. I'm now in a worry-free zone and I'm taking the next step towards graduation.

.....In additional, my thesis proposal isn't purely in the field of architecture. It's an urban planning type and I'm now ready to face the challenge of enrolling urban planning for my master's degree in the near future.

.....The above picture shows the background of my board presentation. Details of my thesis proposal will be discussed soon.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Druoun X Images: My Newest Blog

2009 is here and as announced, I'm going to launch my second blogsite here.

Druoun X Images is finally and officially open and I'm inviting each and everyone of you to come and visit my newest site and be part of its new and exciting free services.

Come on, be one of Druoun X Images' avid followers!

For more information, kindly watch this video:

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