Monday, December 31, 2012

2013: Not a Year of Selfishness and Greed

     Few hours left and 2012 will officially be over. Then... 2013 comes in. Most of us are wishing for a brighter year ahead by creating a new year's resolution, by doing a pledge, by thinking positive thoughts, by wishing, and by praying. Most of us actually do that. We always tend to begin the year with happy thoughts and with high hopes for our days ahead.

     It's always nice to begin the year right by creating a vision for one's self - a nice career, a good habit, a prosperous life - but, it is nicer if that vision includes the betterment of one's country and fellowmen. It is always better if we have high hopes not just for ourselves, but also for others.

     It's time to begin the year right (literally). It's time to change one's perspective of what a good year should be. It's time to be selfless by starting to hope and care more for others. Let 2013 be a year of helping, of caring, of loving and not a year of selfishness and greed.

     2013 will be a memorable year for all of us. All we have to do is to cherish the year the right way. Happy new year everyone! This is your author, Arch. Matthew Sanchez Chua a.k.a. Artistmat wishing you the best in life! Thank you so much for being there reading every bit of my thoughts and for becoming a part of my advocacy. 2013 will be a different year for all of us, for our country, and for this planet we call home.

Walk... Leave a mark... And make a difference!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Change the World

In a world filled with humanly horror,
Here I am in search of my own endeavor.
I want to shed light in this lightless room;
I need to witness life at its greatest bloom.

In this monotonous reality, here I am walking
Trying to find the answer to my own calling.
There's no glitz nor glamour to where I'm heading
Because an ultimate sacrifice is what I'll be giving.

With all my remaining resources, I fearlessly stand.
I know I can revive this lifeless jungle in my own hands.
There's no stopping me now, this needs to be done.
But the world keeps on darker, all my energy's gone.

Devastation has been around every corner;
Innocent lives have been wasted by danger;
Madness evolved through man's greed for power,
Leaving my fellowmen die of too much hunger.

Everything's insane now. I do need help for this.
My intention is clear but it takes a lot of risk.
Yes, changing the world is the task I chose,
But I also need a lot of companion at most.

Where are you now, my fellow change-makers?
Let's join our forces and become earth shakers!
Together, we can create great and noble things.
Let's seam our tomorrow before the world rings!

This kind of journey have made me understand
That I can't change the world with my own hands.
Altering the earth's course requires a lot of people
Sharing the same intention, passion, and soul.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Partnerships for 2013

     Just few more days from now and 2012 will about to end. What a memorable year it is especially for this blog. Partnerships, projects, and volunteerism have been highlighted in this year as part of this blog's shift from a single-page blog into a multiple-page blog. Truly, the introduction of those elements made this blog more functional in delivering its advocacy to its readers.

     Close enough, 2013 is approaching. And for this blog, new partnerships will about to be unveiled. Watch out for it.  Be as excited as I am in unveiling them to you. c",)

Photo courtesy of: QATestLab

Monday, December 17, 2012

Killed: In Memory of the Killing

The world rejoices as you were born,
Never expecting that soon we'll mourn.
Your life is so precious, we all know that.
Memories with you then, became so sad.

We gave you knowledge for you to will;
We gave you emotions for you to feel;
We never thought that someday we'll kneel
With tears in our eyes knowing you've been killed.

Your life is a wonderful gift that we did accept.
You are a priceless treasure that needs to be kept.
If only we guarded you so well during your stay,
Then we would have never seen you slain.

How can we find hope now that you're gone?
We've planted so many things, but now we're done.
All we need now is to pray to God for you to find 
The guiding light towards heaven, go leave us behind.

Oh! It's such a cruel world for us to stay. 
We're living with people that gave us dismay.
They heartlessly kill people we truly love,
Which caused our hearts break into tiny halves.

I wrote this poem in memory of the victims of Newtown Shooting. I joined the world in mourn for the death of innocent souls.

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