Sunday, March 15, 2009

Leadership Calls

.....Yesterday was an ordinary start of the weekend. That's what we may hear from others. But for me, it was totally different! Yesterday is a very special and awesome day for me because I have given a chance to participate in the first ever SSG Team-Building of both two branches of our school. The team-building was designed for the current ongoing and incoming SSG officers and it is done in a very special place called MMLDC in Antipolo.

.....To tell you honestly, I wasn't supposed to be there because I'm not an incoming or an outgoing officer. Instead, I was last school year's SSG President. But destiny insists me to be part of that event. Ma'am Cathy actually called me last Friday night informing me that there's an available slot due to some reasons. That's a very late notice for me because of the gap between preparation and assembly proper. Well, of course, I've accepted her invitation.

.....I started my special Saturday with a very sleepy status. Imagine waking up as early as 4:00 A.M. take a bath then rush to school trying to race against time and so conscious not to be late A.M. I did arrived safe and on-time.

.....The very special thing about that event is that I have the chance of recharging my leadership skills and sharing it with the future student leaders of our school. I really have enough fun and have gathered enough learning for me to face the world.

.....I ended that beautiful Saturday with a very sleepy and tiring mood. What's best is that I have used all my energy and took a lot of sacrifices such as a long hour of sleep yet, I'm fulfilled with what the outcome is and there's a very big possibility that I can influence and change other peoples lives more than I could ever imagine and I will continue to commit myself from those critical sacrifices as long as it is for the benefit of the people surrounding me. Anyway, I can't say no when leadership is calling me.

.....If you're inspired by this post, you too can be part of the change that you want by becoming a leader. Search the web for people offering leadership trainings, be a member of any kind of foundations, and lastly, make a positive impact for the society. Have fun!

Monday, March 09, 2009

For Passion's Sake

.....Remember this edited picture of mine? Well, I'm actually using this picture as the background image of my laptop ever since. Most of the architecture students and professors like this photo and most of the time, it gets a lot of "wows" from the viewing public.

.....Yesterday, my aunt, uncle and cousin saw this image and were all very horrified by what they've seen. They even asked me if I'm a devil or something. (laugh) Of course you'll ask me if I manage to defend my side and my answer is yes. I told them that it's part of the art and they immediately disagreed.

.....Earlier this morning, my uncle confronted me about the issue and told me to change the background image because it gives him a sudden creepiness. (laugh) Well, if my real purpose is to scare people with that picture. Then I must say that I've succeeded. But to tell you the truth, I'm not. My primary purpose, really, is to make an art. I'm passionate about performing arts and all I could do right now is to express that passion through photo editing since I can't give part of my time in acting.

.....This photo is just one of the edited pictures that I'm doing as part of my passion on stage drama. This photo entitled "Dark Invader" tells a story that one can be part of. You may actually feel that certain thrill that this picture wants you to feel.

.....In addition, Dark Invader isn't the only picture that's classified as horrifying. If you're interested in checking the other ones, you may visit my other blog at Feel free to be part of my blog's advocacy by submitting some scenic-customized photos. Just read DXI's guidelines if you really want to participate. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Next In Line

.....Yesterday seems to be another fruitful day for me because my thesis rating got even higher right after I've submitted all of the recommendations that was given to me by my panel of jury. On my previous post, I wrote about how my thesis went during my deliberation and you may verify it later if you want.

.....The other thing that made my day great was when our Department Chair asked me if who will be the next Architecture Department Student Government (Ar-DSG) President. He then told his visitors about how I do well as a president of our department. He even said that although the next president can definitely do his job well but still, I'm different. Way too different from all the past presidents that our department has. "Matthew is still different and I'm worried for the next semester because he and Arch. Canare is not around", he quipped.

.....The previous conversation may sound too overwhelming for me but then I want to treat it as a complement for getting the job done and for unleashing the passion that wants to get out from me. I'm hoping that the next president will do more than I did and ones he does that, he will definitely be better than I do. I'm not worried if that will happen because as his predecessor, I should be prouder if he's better than I am.

.....You see, being a leader, we must have that kind of attitude. We must not be bothered if our successor will soar higher than us. Instead, we should be prouder because our successor's success is just a fact that we are successful when it comes to mentoring and passing our leadership skills to others.

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