Monday, March 19, 2012

Magicians: Bringing Out The kid In Us

     Magic seems to be so good to be true. I’ve been amazed to magicians performing their trick when I was still a child. Magic has been one of the best entertainments for me to see. But gone are those days when magic seems to be true anymore.

     Today, I’m old enough to know that magic is not as real as what I expected way back then. It’s just an illusion done by magicians. I guess I lost my belief in something I used to believe in. But, as I became more involved in different outreach projects (initiated by the school, charitable institutions, and people wholeheartedly celebrate their success to orphanage) with magic show included as part of their entertainment for beneficiaries, I learned to be in love with magic again and again. And what has been added was the fact that I do respect magicians for what they can do for us. They not only create illusions for us to be amazed of, but they also bring back fun memories of our childhood days. It was during those days that we are free to imagine beyond borders set forth by this world. Limitation wasn’t a hindrance before and it didn’t even dare to exist in our world of make-believe. I still do cherish those wonderful moments for without those, I may not be able to find creativity in me.

     Today, I find magicians not just great entertainers, but skillful people as well. They earned my respect for they do different amazing things that captivate one’s mind and heart. They do know how to steal our hidden childlike persona in us and bring it out to the fullest way possible. Indeed, they have the total package for they do illusions, hosting, and great entertainment all at the same time!

     Magic is not a trick, it’s a skill… and skills are not easily acquired. They need to be learned in a span of time accompanied with a passionate heart. And as practice turned into habit and illusion turned into perfection, you’ll find yourself emerging as a real magician. Let people bring back their lost imaginations as they spend their time watching you do your own craft. Be a magician and be the next crowd taker.

     Enrol in Inspire Magic’s “Summer Magic Workshop” and experience the art of illusion. Go on… inspire us, captivate us, and let us re-experience our  world of make-believe. 
For more details, visit Inspire Magic

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Emjay Mirasol Photography: Introducing The Third Partner

     In the previous weeks, this blog had revealed two amazing partners - Funlipix and Inspire Magic. Today, allow me to introduce to you another partner that will complete the first batch. This amazing partner is none other than Emjay Mirasol Photography.

     Emjay Mirasol Photography is owned by a one-woman team Emjay, who [like the other two] is also filled with passion and compassion for the community. She is a freelance photographer and a full-time employee of a certain company (better leave it private). What’s amazing with this newly-introduced partner is that in spite of her loaded schedule, she [still] finds time to participate in different community-development activities. And because of her service to U! Happy Events as a volunteer, the foundation has decided to make her become part of the core team. Aside from that, she’s been devoting her spare time building her own foundation – Happy Little Fingers.

     Indeed, Emjay Mirasol Photography is a one-of-a-kind partner that shows passion, commitment, and servant leadership all at the same time! All of these introductions were considered enough reasons why Emjay Mirasol Photography should be part of this blog’s first amazing trio of partners.

     Know her more and see how she transforms passion and words into pictures. (Click the animated banner below.)
     For the meantime, the above animated banner can be found in the “Directory” page. The animated banner will be taken out from the "Directory" page once the page allotted for Emjay Mirasol Photography has been completed and ready for public viewing.

     Now that the third partner has been introduced already, the soon-to-be-launched page for these partners will be launched SOON. Be as excited as I am!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Providing Hope Through MV Logos Hope

     Another kind of difference has been delivered by U! Happy Events team (composed of volunteers and core members) last Saturday, March 10, 2012, as we took our one-of-a-kind tour inside the floating library – MV Logos Hope.

     MV Logos Hope is a cargo ship that houses books of different titles coming from different field (from children’s books to Holy Bibles, from Architecture to Medicine, and from fiction to love story). The ship also features story wall that educates kids and spectators about the pros and cons of having good and bad decisions. This ship has been circling the globe in order to bring quality books and to deliver the gift of hope to everyone.
     The Philippines was so privileged to [again] have this floating library back within its territory and U! Happy Events took the chance of being part of this momentous visit by bringing kids of UNO inside the floating library and let them inherit the spirit of hope and learning.
     The event gave volunteers the chance to contribute to the kids’ attitude towards education and towards life by providing them reading materials, by becoming instant inspirations to them, by showing a greater picture of hope, and by igniting their passion for education.  And for kids, they were given another reason to continue learning in spite of the many obstacles that hinder them. Indeed, education is nearer and future becomes brighter when people, whom you don’t really know or aren’t related to you, would come your way and give light when the path you’re trekking seems to be vague.
     This very memorable event of U! Happy Events won’t be possible without the help of Funlipix On-Sight Photo Booth, one of the very generous partners of the foundation. Through their willingness to give back the blessings and reach out to people, both volunteers of U! Happy Events and kids of UNO benefited from it. Another hearts became satisfied, another fulfilment has been made, and another life was changed!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Inspire Magic: An Introduction of a Magical Partner

     Last week, I’ve introduced to you the very first partner of Whisper of my Heart - Funlipix - as part of this blog’s additional changes. I’ve said before that changes are a crucial decision and yet, a very important element in order to introduce improvement and to fully elevate the purpose of this blog. And thus, the change has been made. Funlipix was introduced and I’m here again announcing a very important news – the introduction of another partner. Partners that were and will be introduced here are important factors in bridging stronger networks and in order to fully present the purpose of the new page that will be launched so soon. This new page will revolutionize and will heighten the advocacy of this blog. And of course, I need not reveal it yet to you for I must not spoil your excitement. For now, let me go on with this latest news – the introduction of Whisper of my Heart’s latest partner, JB Dela Cruz of Inspire Magic!

     JB Dela Cruz is not really your ordinary kind of magician. He’s got the energy, the humour, and the magic. Using these three elements, he was able to touch the hearts of many people, which made him stay in the business for more than 15 years already. With his achievements as a magician and as an entertainer, he has been given a very rare opportunity for magicians and that is... to become a member of the prestigious International Brotherhood of Magicians. This elite group is where top calibre magicians like David Blaine and the like are part of. So much for an achievement!

     Aside from his magical prowess, JB Dela Cruz is also known as a good servant of change for he has joined U! Happy Events (a foundation for kids) in 2007 and became part of the board in 2008. With this foundation, he was able to make a difference in the lives of kids coming from different sector for several years already. So, this means that he's not just a magician for he was able to carve both magic and inspiration into the hearts of the kids. 

     Meet and greet JB Dela Cruz and get inspired by his magic NOW! Click The banner below.
Note: This banner can now be seen on this blog's "Events" page

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Melancholy and Poetry

Empty pages, here I am again
Trying to squeeze my mind in pain.
I need to produce words that rhyme
That are as lovely as the pendulum’s chime.

It has been an hour seriously spent,
But no meaning beautifully meant.
What will I do now at this point in time
When words won’t come out like creeping vines?

Emotions, where are you when I truly need you?
Please come out now and carry my waterloo.
I need to compose a sentence from words
That will define the creation of different worlds.

Illusion, when will I even see you
Dance your way to my mind’s cue?
For you are the element that would give accord
To a poet like me before I abort.

Vision, where will you be headed?
My sight hasn’t yet been truly mended.
Inputs won’t become outputs once and for all
When you neglect me even as I experience fall.

When shall I complete this empty page
When my silence won’t even engage
In a creative fight of words and rhymes
That shall produce this new poem of mine? 

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