Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another Dream in Progress

     I was in college when I started dreaming of entering the academe for one single reason - teaching is my simplest contribution towards building this nation. I was a dreamer back then and I never took any single room filled with doubts. And yes, that dream is not a dream anymore for I am now part of the world I used to dream of - the academe. I am now an academician and that allows me to hone, motivate, and inspire aspiring architects. Read Academe: A Dream in Progress. But there is still an untold story behind that dream. I also dreamed of becoming the next department chair.

     As I have mentioned, I am a dreamer back then. I aspired for it simply because it is a leadership position. I was aiming for that as early as college and was even thinking of changes that I will be bringing for the architecture department.

     It was March 7, 2014 when I started my job as the department's faculty in-charge. The job requires me to act as the department chair and my duty is to manage the architecture department. The job itself is my training ground towards reaching that single dream - becoming the next department chair. I know that I am already an inch closer towards that dream and I am holding on to it until I have finally have it.

     This is Arch. Matthew Sanchez Chua, and this is my other dream... another dream in progress

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Judge Me No More

Empty state of emotions
Caused by worldly frustrations.
Here I am, helpless and alone
With this solitary throne.

Being judged is what I often receive
From voices, who always perceive
Outright appearance and actions
Without verifying substantial fractions.

What do they get from such habit?
I guess, it’s purely entertainment.
But, what do I get from such judgment?
A broken heart and a spirit in lament.

Every careless word can wreck me
And every idea can transform me.
But, I swear they can not change me
For I know my own personality.

If only you know how crazy this world is.
Overflowing with perfect [im]perfectionists.
If only a clear mirror can help you realize
How I see you in my very own eyes.

Your wounds are just the same as mine,
But judging you isn’t my lifeline.
I have to leave you now with your word play
While I enjoy my life starting this day.

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