Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thai Movie: The Billionaire

     Few minutes left and it's already 1:00 in the morning and I'm still awake here. I just finished watching another Thai movie and I know that this is worth sharing. The title of this movie is "The Billionaire", which is also known as "Top Secret".

     The movie talks about a young man, who's striving his very best to become a young entrepreneur, named Top. He ventured on different things just to earn his own money.  From online weapon trading to selling fried chestnuts to manufacturing his own fried seaweeds. He would always think of business like everyone else. And just like everyone else, he [too] experienced failures... a lot of it. Failures would always frustrate people and it can even be a very good reason to give up. But his determination is so high. Just like anyone else, his determination comes from the deepest root - his family. 

     I really admired how the story portrayed Top's strong determination and how it shows the world that age is not really a major factor. Yes, managing a business or handling a problem requires an experience... but, experience is not synonymous to age. Experience talks more of the person's capability to learn from his/her failures. It is also about the ability of having enough guts to push through things even though the tide is running against him/her.

     From Rags to riches, having the right determination and perseverance, being courageous, believing in one's own self, taking risks, and simply not giving up are just some of the lessons one would earn from watching this movie. And for business enthusiasts/dreamers just like me, have some time just to watch this movie and learn from it.

It's never too late to earn success and it is definitely not that early to start quitting. 

Photo courtesy of AsianWiki

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