Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sweet Farewell

May lungkot s akng mga mata ng akoy mgcng ngyng umaga. Spgkat isa s n u ay hnd kuna mkkta. Alam kong itoy pansamntala lamang spgkt itinakda tayo upang ipamahagi s mga ka nayon ang PAGKAKAISA AT PAGMAMAHAL NG MGA PILIPINO. naniniwala akng mgkkta tayng muli n tayo ay may 100% result. Gud morning..

Kuya raffy.


.....Shown from above is a text message that was sent to me by one of the friends that I have met in Baguio during the 45th NRYLI. It was sent to me early in the morning of our 5th and last day in Baguio. By reading his message, one could feel the sadness of a delegate for he knows that the time has come for him to be departed from his fellow delegates. This is the time where our friendship and bonding made during the five-day seminar has come for a conclusion, the time of bidding good byes. Good byes are the hardest thing to face but this good bye is for the better. We need to say goodbye to each other in order to face a new and bigger journey. A journey filled with challenges and frustrations. The journey that we took during the seminar was just the start for a bigger journey, the real world. A journey that requires the skills that we have learned in Baguio.
.....This is not the saddest farewell ever for this farewell has a positive reason. A reason that explains to us that we shouldn't cry for this was the happiest and the sweetest farewell of all. We all need to separate in order to spread the virtues of Rizal. The virtues that will transform our youth into our country's next great leaders!

NRYLI 2007

.....Last Decembe 16, 2007, I went to the Teacher's Camp in Baguio City for a five-day leadership seminar hosted by the Knights of Rizal. The event was entitled "45th National Rizal Young Leadership Institute" with the theme of: "Rizal, the will to Perfection and the Youth: Putting Brilliance to our Future".

.....Its aim is to mold students into a good leaders by following Rizal's virtues and idealisms. I really had some fun while learning learning and exercising the things that they tought me. After the training, I may conclude that I came to Baguio with my real and normal identity and I left Baguio with a new kind of identity, a fresher and better identity with an extraordinary character.

.....It's nice to know that there are still people dedicating much of their time in transforming the youth into a better person and a contributor of our society. Don't blame them for doing such things without accepting any credits at all. If there's someone or something to be blamed for, it should be PASSION. It is PASSION that continues to burn and keeps on spreading, reaching and influencing other people. We must not let these people do and act alone for the betterment of the society I still believe that each one of us has the capacity and power to make a difference in our society.

.....All of us should have a concern with regards to our Nation and environment. We should be the leader when it comes to Nation-Building in order for us to cure the ruins the [we] have done. Always bare in mind that the Key of Change is in our hands. This present dillemas will not be overand will continue to exist if we will not make neccessary actions. Actions that could make a big difference for you, me, and for all of us...


Last December 13, 2007 I have recieved an email from BlogRush.
The message goes this way:
Congratulations! This is just a quick message to let you know that we have carefully reviewed your blog:whisper of my heart And your blog has successfully met our strict quality guidelines! Your blog has been *APPROVED*for the BlogRush network. You should be very proud of your blog's quality content know that you are now included in a special network of similar high-quality blogs.* We have already rejected a lot of blogs (several thousand) that do not meet our strict quality guidelines and we will continue to enforce our detailed criteria in order to protect the integrity of our network. You should now see the BlogRush widget loading on your blog.
.....I'm really grateful that somebody out there have reviewed my blog and were convinced that I have met the criteria of a quality blog. Thank you very much to the team of BlogRush. I assure you that this blog's value won't decrease. To my avid reader, thanks a lot for spending a bit of your time reading and commenting on my posts.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To my friend, Mia

Thanks for droping by and for leaving a comment every time you read my posts. I know you have a hard time finding some of my posts especialy the poems.hehe. Just click the year indicated at the right corner of this page. Below my profile and with the title "MATT'S ENTIRE POSTS"

What are you waiting for?.... Click it and enjoy reading! c",)

O.J.T. Lessons

Hi everyone! I'm back and ready to conquer the blogosphere! I' m kinda' busy right now (as usual) hehe because we are currently having our examination week and at the same time busy completing the minimum hours required by our instructor in Architectural Internship subject (O.J.T.). I can still tell you that I'm fortunate with the office that I'm working to even though I started my O.J.T. quite late.
I'm having my OJT in an Architectural Firm located at one of the Business Center District of Metro Manila. Situated on the 26th Floor of a high-rise building with a wide transparent glass that allows us to see the view outside the building and most of all, the owner is always mad and oftentimes shouts so loud. It's really an exciting, thrilling and challenging job.hehe. Honestly, I'm very thankful for that because it will train me on what to expect in a professional job, what's the atmosphere and what to do in case the boss gets mad.
Trust me, having this kind of scenario really helps because it will give you the proper armor you need right after you graduated from college.
"Pressure, problems, criticisms, etc.... All of these should be considered plus factors."

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Today, I've spent my time attending seminars of the United Architects of the Philippines- Student Auxiliary (UAPSA) in Adamson University. The event is entitled 6sik: Anim Pinagsama. It is a one day event with six seminar/workshops. I chose to attend the Perspective and the Public speaking and Personality Seminar/workshop. I never regret spending my entire day by attending the seminar instead of staying at home.

Always remember that attending seminars is very helpful especialy for us students. Learning must be taken from birth till death and we won't be able to learn unless we make effort to do so.

Friday, November 09, 2007

A Poet's Lovely Ordeal

In my desk, I try to wonder...
How my mind goes too much farther?
Time by time, I think of words that rhyme,
Which will make a poem as lively as time.

Thinking, working, and sighing for a word
That brings a meaning for a magical world.
Sketching, writing, and editing my piece.
Trying to please my emotions at ease.

Poetry of magic and mystery,
How can I obtain such mastery?
Day and night, I long for a perfect you
Only to find out I have the wrong hue.

Why is it hard to make you complete?
It feels like I never frightened defeat
Nor defending my right to make a grieve
Nor traveling in a world of make believe.

But by the time comes that I have finished,
It feels like energy has been unleashed.
I can now enjoy my peaceful rest.
Towards my bed and away from my desk.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Election Fever

Yesterday is an election for the Barangay and SK officers. I'm very excited to vote for this is my first time. I really felt my worth as a responsible citizen of this country. During the votation, I wore a T-shirt especially printed by GK concepts which was bought in the GK Expo. The print says "ARCHITECTS OF HOPE" with a sub-title of "Building homes for the homeless" while at the back of the shirt, the print says "Rebuilding the Country. Restoring the dignity of the Filipinos". I really love that shirt because it defines the hero in me and promotes heroism in each of us. All I'm hoping ,for now, is that every Filipino have voted for the most deserving. A candidate that's not vying for the position, instead, vying for the responsibilities. Dedication for serving his fellowmen must be the sole requirement.
Thanks for reading c",)

GK EXPO 2007

I'm quite busy last week because of a multi-tasking activities. first, I'm working in our school as a Student Assistant (S.A.). Second, I'm doing my SSG responsibilities. And last of all, I'm coordinating to Gawad Kalinga for the GK Expo 2007. Very busy ha?! Not really... I'm not stressful in doing all those tasks as long as I'm enjoying. Believe me, I did enjoy it! Being a GK volunteer is already an honor for me. It is a passion that came out from my inner soul. A passion to help the needy. To help is not actualy an obligation of giving money. We could help by doing something. This is not a requirement that needs to by accomplished but this is an opportunity to give what we have and to sacrifice the needs of ouselves for the betterment of others. This is about sincerity of service!
Be a GK volunteer and become a GK Bayani!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Promoting Green

We are living in a world filled with chaotic stuff that we, PEOPLE, have reproduced throughout our stay. We are the reason why there are pollutions present in this world. Why complian? We did it anyway... Let's not blame our fellow people instead, blame ourselves and try to influence everyone by making such actions that could minimize these dillemas. Let's act now! The resources are there and all we need to do is to make neccessary actions. Let's not waste time because time is the most valuable gift that we must not take for granted. Let's not act tommorow... nor the following days to come... it should be NOW!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Let's get invovled and make a difference

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

On October 15th, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind - the environment. Every blogger will post about the environment in their own way and relating to their own topic. Our aim is to get everyone talking towards a better future.
Blog Action Day is about MASS participation. That means we need you! Here are 3 ways to participate:

Donate your day’s earnings to an environmental charity

Promote Blog Action Day around the web
For mor inquiries:
I'll be expecting you there!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Apology

Guys, I'm very sorry if I have no time posting nowadays because my schedule is filled with academics and ,at the same time, responsibilities as a leader. Oh, by the way, I'm still the president of The Architecture Department Student Government (AR-DSG) and I'm now the President of the Supreme Student Government (SSG).
I hope that this post will explain why I haven't visit the blogosphere for a long time. Just always remeber that "Greater power comes with great responsibility". Thank you and God Bless c",)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fight Scene Addict


I always recall my younger years as an imaginative kind of being. I love to play fighting scenes with or without playmates because I always have my imaginaary characters. I also love to ply computer at that time. the one I love the most are games with the same theme, fighting scenes. this includes motal combat, samurai showdown, street fighter and a lot more....

Now, enjoy this game. Specially dedicated to yu, my visitors

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Filipino Youth As The Source Of Change

Philippines is considered to be a christian nation, and with that, people from different countries expect Philippines as a nation of good deeds. Ironically, Philippines is now known as the no. 1 country in terms of corruption. This reality have cause a great destruction unto the reputation of every Filipino. in complement, the term corrupt is already attached in front of every Filipino's forehead. A mark that signifies a thief hiding beneath their souls.

Everyone is blaming the people behind the politics, the politicians, who act as the driver of this nation's vehicle called government. But politicians shouldn't be the ones to be blamed. It should be their leadership. Leadership that have been contaminated with thier strong personal intentions. Intentions that sink his follower's future.

Genuine leaders are those leaders who care for his follower's needs and have the integrity of serving them in a sincere manner. Sincirity towards serving other people is always a part of integrity and integrity is the by product of great values.

Those leaders "by position" won't reach this crictical stage if only they were not trained and exposed to become the desciples of the dark side. Their conscience have became numb that they are not longing for enlightenment. Instead, They're desiring for extreme power. Extreme power that could lead them towards the path of corruption.

Adults should be liable for causing this dilema. They should guide them to the right path during their childhood days. Adults should treat the youth preciously as if they hold the key that could open the gate of goodness. In addition, adults must also encourage the youth to do simple but extraordinary deeds that could influence everyone ,and by that, they can make a difference for this country as early as now.

The author of this article belongs to the Filipino youth and he is longing for a change. But first, he must also execute change starting from with in then, later on, towards others. The Philippines will have a brighter and more meaningful future when every youth have discovered their inner strength and are involved in any nation building activities. The author believes that Philippines will bear good fruits when those youth will emerge to have those leadership position.
My fellow youth, we are the only hope of this nation and we have the right to make things possible for we are the bearer of the future. Let's all work together as an agent of goodness. Everything has an end and so as corruption.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Emotional Drops

Sitting beside my window,
Looking through the empty show
Of darkness and gloomy bowl
That have touched my inner soul.

Water falling from above,
It's a great feeling to have.
As my boring day turns night
With a twist of frightening might.

Hearing those roar of thunder
That frightens a great fighter.
Joined by flashes of white light
That breaks the colorless night.

Nothing can be found pleasing.
Only those liquid feeling
Caused by heavenly portray
Of environmental play.

A sigh for a wonderer
That continues to marvel
The greatness of his Father
And His amazing power.

Surely, rain adds a feeling
that satisfies the craving
Of my intense emotion
And romantic expression.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Natur'es side

The world is already filled with wastes and pollutions that are caused by human beings. Numerous waste and poisonous smell of pollution can be found everywhere while our natural resources such as trees and living organisms that help sustain our ecology were getting fewer in terms of number and visidility.

Mother nature doesn't deserve all of these. She nurtures and let us feel her loving and natural care but then we betray her, we does things that were against from her own living.
We are responsible by our own action. Let's not wait for her and her army of nature's response to our stubborness. I believe that when nature strikes, mankind has the possibility to cross the line of death. Typhoon, earthquake, landslide, tsunami, and etc. All of these are the example of her response from our negative stimuli which is destroying nature.
With this post, I hope that my reders will learn a lot and help their respective community on promoting the greener and positive way of living.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


TIP Voice's first ever literary folio had their launching yesterday and I'm invited to come because I'm one of those contributors. I'm glad that they have included my poem which is entitled "Nightmare's Beauty". Now, students of TIP will be able to read my work in a form of a hard copy. It's good to know how they reacted on my work. Some didn't expect that I have the potential to write and be able to express what's bugging inside my mind.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Stiffened Animation

As I turn on the T.V. and started watching it, I was amazed to my favorite characters as they perform extraordinary stuff. So strong and powerful that even evil couldn’t bring them down.
Sometimes I wanted to be just like them. Wanting to achieve such strength but then, I wondered. Are those characters really happy of what they are doing? Is Goku really loves to defend the earth even though he is not an earthling? Are Kiluwa and Dennis liked the path that they chose? Is Naruto really deserves his strength and destiny?
I realized that being an anime character wasn’t really that simple. I may obtain the strength that I wanted but I may never express the emotions that I felt and neither acts the decisions that I choose. Life will be a very big mistake if that will happen. I imagined myself very sad while my body parts are being attached to the point of his pencil. That I moved the way that my artist wants me to move, express the way that he wants me to express and trap in the so-called “paperworld” while my faulty images flashed over the T.V. screens pretending to be what my artist is giving me.
I am still very thankful that I’m not one of them, that I don’t have their extraordinary skills, that I’m free to express my feelings and free to decide the way that I think what’s best for me. I’m still very thankful that God is my artist and the world is my real world. Who cares if I can’t do extraordinary stuff? At least I can be extraordinary in my own way by doing good, by serving my fellow people and by improving my skills to make my true artist proud of me.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tongue Of Destruction

At first, they say I'm ordinary
but then they'll notice my contrary.
A secret weapon that lies beneath
and shows its might when I'm in defeat.

Attacking numerous incantations
that can burn their hearts with bad emotions.
Spitting spikes of deadly thorns
that cuts even the evil's horns.

Nothing can stop the intense it made
especially when out of its lake.
Too bad for someone who receives
the damage that will forever live.

So powerful not because of size
but because of its own words and lies.
It's a shame that I used it for evil
and not for appreciating civil.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Poem To Remember








Special thanks to my professor for without his full effort of teaching and inspiring us, I will never discover my potential in poetry-making

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