Friday, September 23, 2011

U! Can Inspire Part 1: Life and Cancer

     How much pain have you experienced in your life? Do you consider it to be the worst feeling ever? How did you deal with it? Is quitting and dying became your absolute solution? Or… have you decided to stand up, take courage, and fight for the sake of your life? If the last part happens to be your answer, then you made the right choice. But if it happens to be the second to the last part, which involves quitting and dying, then you better read on and contemplate.

     Cancer… Many people died because of this… some have managed to survive… while the rest… they’re still fighting and hoping that they’ll be able to survive this life-ending terror. Yes, cancer is a very dangerous and life-threatening disease and having this kind of disease can really change one’s life. For adults, cancer can destroy their life; and for kids, it can destroy everything – their dreams, hopes, aspirations, and even their childhood.

     My understanding about cancer and the pain it gives to its prey gets deeper right after my participation in the event entitled “U! Can Inspire” took place. This kind of event gave me the chance to meet and interact with pediatric cancer patients, who are being taken care of Tahan-Tahanan (a foundation which houses and gives medical treatment to kids with cancer). “U! Can Inspire” was the fourth installment of “U! Can”, which is [again] a joint project of U! Happy Events and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It took place last August 13, 2011 (Saturday) and was held at the East Avenue Medical Center. The primary goals of this event were to inspire kids with cancer and, as well as, to provide medical treatment for them.

     At a very young age, these kids were able to acquire cancer. Living a life with this kind of condition is already a challenge, and surviving it is considered a much greater challenge. In this stage, cancer has already affected their dreams, hopes, faith, and even their future, but never their will. Their dreams may have been disturbed, yet they continue on dreaming; their hopes may have been shattered, yet they are still hoping for the best; their futures may have become vague, yet they are still seeking for a much brighter glow; and amidst every pain that cancer gives, they are still fighting! It was during these tough times when these kids can be considered as the best example of how to live a life filled with heartaches, dilemmas, and ordeals.

     These kids, at some point, are so unfortunate for the kind of situation that they are into right now. But don’t feel pity on them. Instead, treat them as your inspiration because it is during this kind of situation when these kids show you how courageous they are. They might even be more courageous than you are, who is currently experiencing temporary heartaches or dilemmas that are much easier to solve. So, if ever things went worst and the only option left for you is ending your life, try to remember how these kids suffer from a terrible ailment and how they were able to keep on standing still. Let them show you and make you understand how you should value the life that has been given to you. And try to remember that if there’s someone who should be giving up as early as now, it should be them and not you. But then, they’re not giving up because these [kids] are not plain quitters and so are you.

     So, before ending your meaningful life, try to reflect from their situation and try to compare it with your own. Remember, you are being compared to a kid. They are just kids in mind and in heart, but they have this strong will that can be likened to a warrior’s will – the will to stand up, take courage, and fight for the sake of their own precious life!

Photos courtesy of Mr. Jose Ramizares

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