Saturday, November 17, 2007


Today, I've spent my time attending seminars of the United Architects of the Philippines- Student Auxiliary (UAPSA) in Adamson University. The event is entitled 6sik: Anim Pinagsama. It is a one day event with six seminar/workshops. I chose to attend the Perspective and the Public speaking and Personality Seminar/workshop. I never regret spending my entire day by attending the seminar instead of staying at home.

Always remember that attending seminars is very helpful especialy for us students. Learning must be taken from birth till death and we won't be able to learn unless we make effort to do so.

Friday, November 09, 2007

A Poet's Lovely Ordeal

In my desk, I try to wonder...
How my mind goes too much farther?
Time by time, I think of words that rhyme,
Which will make a poem as lively as time.

Thinking, working, and sighing for a word
That brings a meaning for a magical world.
Sketching, writing, and editing my piece.
Trying to please my emotions at ease.

Poetry of magic and mystery,
How can I obtain such mastery?
Day and night, I long for a perfect you
Only to find out I have the wrong hue.

Why is it hard to make you complete?
It feels like I never frightened defeat
Nor defending my right to make a grieve
Nor traveling in a world of make believe.

But by the time comes that I have finished,
It feels like energy has been unleashed.
I can now enjoy my peaceful rest.
Towards my bed and away from my desk.

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