Sunday, November 04, 2012

Ben10 Ultimate Alien: The Game You'll Love

     Last night was a very tempting night for me. I was tempted to download game apps on my iPad once and for all! I usually download iBooks and apps that are really useful for both my career as an architect and for my graduate study as an aspiring urban planner. But not anymore... I wasn't able to resist the temptation of searching and downloading a game... and I'm happy with the outcome.

     I found this game app called "Ben10 Ultimate Alien". It is a free application so... I gave it a try. And the rest is history. In fact, I was awake until 2:00 am and woke up 8:00 am this morning just to continue playing. The combat mode is so addictive that I can't just take a pause... I have a mission to accomplish! 
     The entire game interface is somewhat cool and inviting. The graphic is awesome and doesn't deliver a very childish atmosphere. The control system is somewhat similar to Facebook's Heroes' World (and that alone is enough why I was so interested in playing this game) while the way it should be played is somewhat similar to other popular game applications (the push system). Just like any popular game applications, it  carries this monotonous feeling when being played. But what's different is the guessing thing and that alone breaks the monotony. What guessing game?

     I'm talking about the way one should fight with the opponent. The system here it to actually guess and outsmart the opponent just like "Games of the Generals". One would need to guess all three moves the opponent chose and must actually exceed the opponent's moves by choosing the right attack, defense, or break that would definitely defeat the opponent.
     As an overall assessment, "Ben10 Ultimate Alien" is an app that must be tried by game lovers. One will never know when he/she will pause when his/her mission is at stake! Go on game fanatics and Ben10 lovers! This is your time to play both as hero and as Ben10! Grab on your ultimatrix now and choose your own alien adventure!
     Whoa! This whole gaming experience made me create this review. I guess... this officially starts my app reviews. Well then, more app reviews coming.... I guess.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Dilemma in Me

In this solitude of sadness I endure
Words and phrases that can lure
Dreamers and aspirants to adore
Perfect beauty, power, and more.

This is the place I call my very own
For my entire skills have been honed.
What more shall I even ask for
When things are better than before?

I see beauty beyond perfection.
I feel power in every creation.
Craftsmanship has been mastered,
But there's more to be altered.

Day and night I long to be better.
Not a chance not to go deeper.
Improvement is a habit to take
Especially when fulfillment is at stake.

I'll never give up nor surrender
Although there's much more to suffer.
This is the path I seriously chose
And the fate I understand the most.

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