Thursday, October 22, 2009

22nd Birthday: Unleashing the Blessings in Me

     October 17, 2009 was a very special day for me. It's my birthday. Yeah you read it right. That particular day made me 1 year older as I turned 22 years old. This is actually the first and only birthday (so far) that I'm very proud of.

     If you ask me "why", the answer is just very simple. I'm very vocal about my birthday and I did celebrated it with my friends and employees here in the construction site were I'm currently working. We celebrated it together by having foods that were product of their money; went to the nearest mall; and the best part of all is that I did spent the last few hours of the day by volunteering at the Malacanang Palace.

     My 22nd birthday won't be that special if I didn't let my self volunteer for a special cause. After all, celebrating my birthday isn't actually about waiting and receiving blessings from the Almighty; Instead, it is all about becoming a blessing to everyone.

     At the end of the day, majority of my energy was drained out, but at least those energies were unleashed for a much greater cause!

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