Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Demi: Warrior

     I've introduced Demi Lovato as one of my favorite singers on my previous post. And I've also mentioned the release of her latest album - DEMI. One of those songs included in this album was her song. "Warrior".

     "Warrior" is one of my favorite songs and I must admit that I've been playing this song repeatedly (about 10 times or more) during nighttime alongside with "Nightingale". It's my usual habit every time I hear songs that are capable of touching my soul. 

     This song was a product of Demi's outburst of emotions, which she got from her dark past. For people, who haven't known it yet, Demi was a victim of bullying and she's just one of those million victims worldwide. With this song, Demi was able to relay to the listeners her feelings and her struggles. And someone, who has the same kind of history, can really relate to this.

     This song basically tells the negative effects brought by her dark experiences and how it literally changed the way she perceives life. One thing that is special about "Warrior" is her personal decision to move on from that horrific incident and tries to improve what remains from her. From someone, who's been bruised and wounded, life has to go on. One should get up from that hellish downfall and should continue the battle. Life is a battlefield and we, the survivors of our past fights, shall act as great warriors battling our way towards triumph. Let's stop blaming others for what they've done to us. Instead, let's try to move forward and prove them that we are not weak anymore and we deserve to end this battle victoriously. 
     "Warrior" is both inspiring and motivational. Let this song encourage you to be a real fighter. Demi was a victim of bullying; she attempted ending her life several times during her younger years; she surpassed her depression; and now, she's still standing up and tries to deliver the message of hope to everyone. 

     Same with her, I'm also a victim of bullying... and yes, I'm still here pursuing my dreams and I'm here doing my very best in inspiring people worldwide through this blog. Victims of bullying, your battle isn't over yet. Go on, gather your armor, and prepare for your next fight!

Photos courtesy of Demi Lovato

Becoming World-class: An Artist's Dream

     Digital t-shirt printing business is blooming fast in the industry just like how mushrooms multiply in their environment. I've seen a lot of these digital t-shirt printing ventures everywhere and I don't consider it a phenomenon. It's just that the idea is so trendy and one would only  need a machine, some Photoshop know-hows, a taste for good design, and you're done!  Some of the people I know both in Facebook and in person are already gaining money out of this business. And a good friend of mine has recently joined the group.

     This friend of mine has just started her digital t-shirt printing business with her brother. They bought the equipment just days ago and they're now doing some test runs. Yes, theirs is just days old compared with the others. But it's not an excuse not to treat them as a threat by their competitors. Months before buying the equipment, we were already conceptualizing and collaborating series of designs, which will [soon] be sold to costumers. Yes, "we". They commissioned me to be their main artist, Photoshop trainer, and web developer at the same time. Now that's flexibility... agree?

     Just a couple of days, my friend was able to talk to a prospective client based in the United States and she instructed me to create a design that will suit for the theme of this year's Philippine Independence Day Commemoration, which will be held in Hawaii. I did make one last night and earlier this morning, she told me that they've closed the deal and my design is now subject for production. The news really gladdens me because it is considered an overwhelming feeling for an artist, whose design will be worn by thousands of people living across the globe. I'm really thrilled to do more designs for them and I'm really looking forward to grow more as a world-class artist not just through the aid of Deviantart, but also through the help of global brands!

     This is your author, Matthew Sanchez Chua/Artistmat/Zymedruoun (in Deviantart), and this is my dream... which is slowly becoming a reality!

Photos courtesy of: Ciiwa and Lulusoso

     For people within Manila interested to learn Photoshop, I'm still conducting one-on-one tutorials. Read the article by clicking THIS

Monday, May 20, 2013

Introducing Demi

     For the first time, allow me to introduce one of my favorite artists, Demi Lovato! Take a look at these videos, which talks about the making of her latest album - DEMI.

     One of those reasons why I like this girl because of her inspiring choice of standing up in spite of the pain she's been struggling before. That's all for now!

Overcoming the struggle is a choice!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Imprisoned Heart

     Sadness... I found myself trapped in this kind of emotion. I felt so helpless as if my heart is being chained with metallic thorns while my whole body is being imprisoned. I felt like I can't escape this kind of life sentence. Yes, the penalty is lifetime and it seems like this kind of penalty is breaking my heart piece by piece until it becomes inexistent.

     How can I be productive with this kind of situation? How can I forget the feeling of being rejected? And how on earth will I be able to move on from that tremendous love failure?

     It's just so degrading how this life sentence appeared. This doesn't only break my heart, but my whole being. I'm very weak right now... very helpless and hellishly suffering. The ache made me totally numb, but the feeling that my memory produced still made me feel pain. And I can't live like this.

     It's almost midnight and my heart started bleeding emotions again while my eyes started its routinely devotion. I wish I could scream as loud as I can just to release this pain. But then, words of sorrow won't even come out. What's wrong with me?

     Silent wishes visited my consciousness: If only I didn't get to know love; if only my heart was already numb; if only I never get the chance to know her; and if only those silent wishes did happen, then I’ll never feel how it is like being rejected.

     I'll be like this until the sun breaks dawn. Days, nights, and midnights... all I do was suffer.  And all I could do was wish for a different ending. Sigh! This is such an impossible wish. All that I really need right now is to move on... and someday, I will. But not until my heart is like this – imprisoned, helpless, and still breaking. 

Friday, May 10, 2013


     Exposure... this is very essential when it comes to marketing matters. Exposure helps the product become visible to people, who are considered consumers. And product's visibility creates a sense of familiarity to the people. And, of course, that sense of familiarity gives the product the highest probability of being considered by consumers.

     Being a pro-blogger, who considers reviving the advertising platform of this blog site, I am much concerned with creating and providing a good advertising method or formula. I do need to make sure that my advertising ways are very effective and very helpful for products/services that needs proper exposure.

     With this, I was able to formulate a new kind of advertising method that is suitable for small to medium-scale businesses, which has lesser allotted marketing budget than other businesses. I call this new advertising platform, "AD PART".

     AD PART allows small to medium-scale businesses to have their own products being exposed to consumers on a worldwide scale just by paying a small amount of money. AD PART can be found at the end of a blog post, which lets products be seen by readers reading the article. Here, blog post traffic is being converted to product's exposure. It's like having the host-parasite relationship.

    AD PART includes a 6.35 mm x 12.7 mm image with link that directs readers to the product'S website along with 50 words or less description of the product. All these marketing opportunity only for a very cheap price! It's like enjoying the sachet concept - less money allotted, but very beneficial for the end user.

     Below, shows the actual look of AD PART.
AD PART...............................................................................................................................

Let your business achieve great amount of exposure just by paying a very cheap amount of money. Enjoy overflowing exposure just by allotting less marketing budget only with AD PART.

Email me HERE

And if you want to gain more exposure by having a blog post especially made for you (higher advertising fee), just let me know. I'll be willing to help you out

Photo courtesy of 123RF.

Summer Musical: The Recital

     Tomorrow's the day (May 11, 2013) for our Summer Musical and this only means that tomorrow will be Uno kids' very special day - recital. 

     It has been a month-long preparation for all of us just to make this event happen. We (U! Happy Events core team) did everything to hone the talents and to boost the confidence of these kids. The foundation provided seasoned acting coaches, vocal coaches, dance choreographers, and a very conducive venue for these kids.

     Uno kids did take a lot of effort and commitments in every workshops set for them. They showed us their talents and their willingness to be transformed into the next shining artists of this generation. Good thing they were given such opportunity like this.
     The production team are also busy doing all necessary elements - which includes doing video presentation, PowerPoint presentation, painting of backdrop, and creating props. I'm part of the production team and that alone requires me to unleash all my hidden gems - from being their layout artist to being their painter. 

     As you are reading this post, allow me to invite you to be one of our audience/volunteers for tomorrow's event. This event means a lot to me because I can really relate with these kids. I was a former theater actor and acting was one of those things I love doing. But, I grew up very shy and really lack confidence that's why it took me several years before I finally reveal to the public that I love acting and I really love performing in front of the crowd. And if it wasn't because of the right people I've been with, I bet I won't have the chance to change myself, to explore my other skills, and to let people know my talents.   
     Be sure to be part of this Musical, which will allow you to reminisce those happy moments during your younger years. Catch the event at CCF Makati (3rd floor of A. Venue Mall, Makati Avenue), 10:00 AM. The ticket only costs 300.00, which includes ID, food, and up-for-grab items. See you tomorrow guys!

For more info, please visit our website by clicking HERE.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Thai Movie: ATM

     I just finished watching "ATM", which is a romantic comedy Thai movie. I heard of this movie before, but it took me this long just to watch it. I'm already familiar with the movie's lead actor because he is the same lead in the movie "Hello Stranger", which I've watched several weeks  ago.  

     Watching "ATM" is actually by chance. I really intended to watch "Hello Stranger" for the second time in order for me to blog about it. The humor and the plot of "Hello Stranger" is really good to the extent that it is worth blogging. But, I got pissed off by the low quality graphics that the current YouTube version gave me and I still can't find the other version. That's when I decided to drop it out and turned my attention to "ATM".

     The movie talks about love complications within the workplace. Having relationship within the workplace is not really new. It happens in any company because of the thing called "attraction". Yes, attraction is too strong that one will find himself/herself being attracted to someone whom he/she meets and works with everyday.

     The whole story focuses on the love-within-the-workplace issue and starts becoming too complicated when the guy proposes to get married. Getting married will only mean revealing their relationship publicly and that one of them needs to quit the job. The story goes on when one of their company's ATM got messed up and started giving extra money and it's their duty as employee of that bank to return those money back.
     The couple decided to use the mission as their way of determining who needs to quit the job so that they can get married. The two went on the race to trace back the people, who withdrew money from their ATM and whoever wins this mission gets to retain his/her position while the loser quits the job.

     The movie depicts how complicated love is especially when hidden behind the strict company rules. And just like any love story, this movie tells about making choices - to sacrifice one just to enjoy the other. I do recommend my readers to watch this romantic comedy movie because it's worth it. It's worth the time and the laughs. Fun, humorous, and entertaining are just three words I could think of at this moment. Enjoy watching!   

Photos courtesy of:
Film Euy

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