Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hungry No More

     Food... Normally, it is considered to be one of the basic needs of an individual. But for some, food has become their extreme need! How's that suppose to happen? How come a sudden change or a sudden elevation of a need had happen to some of our brothers and sisters? How come some of them are so worried about getting [at least] a single meal a day while some of us are worried with our own personal satisfaction that are way too superficial? How come some of us are dying because of hunger while some of us are complaining with what we eat. Life is, indeed, way out of balance these days. But we just can't complain because none of us really care about it; because none of us would care to understand the needs of our own kind; and because none of us are not selfless enough to share our own set of resources. 

     Food... We know it's important to us. But we should also know that the lives of our fellowmen are also important! We need to help them not because it is the only right thing to do, but because we are designed to be helpful. Come on guys! We are human and it is only proper to act like one. Let's all take this kind of calling and let's all fight hunger. 

     No one should be left behind. Not you, me, nor even the person seated next to you. Act now before it's too late.

This blog post is for:

Blog Action Day 2011: Food

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