Saturday, October 25, 2008


.....Have you or someone you know been a victim of SMS scums informing you morbid stuff? If yes, then you sure can relate on this post.

.....Last October 15, 2008, one of my friends sent us a forwarded message telling us about one of our high school classmates has died. Yes, it was a shocking feeling knowing that one of your former classmates has met her terrible end. Here is the exact content of the SMS:

....."Let us be silent for a few minutes and say our prayer for Wilnalyn Regalado who just passed away 5 minutes ago due to a car accident".

.....Ervin, we used to call him Ervz, forwarded this message to all his classmates way back in high school and that includes me. Yes, we were all terrified by the news and we all did texted him to confirm the news if it is true. I never received any of his confirmation and I was told by Irish, another friend of mine, last Thursday that the information isn't true and Wilnalyn is still alive. She even told me that Wilnalyn doesn't even have an idea about this SMS. She (Wilnalyn) even joked to Irish that maybe somebody is just jealous at her that they manage to create this stupid message.

.....It was a terrible joke to spread. Telling everybody that someone has died isn't a joke anymore. This is a rude thing to do because they're destroying someone's identity. Yes, maybe it's funny on their part because they feel powerful, on top of the line, and they even gained their revenge on their enemy (if this is the case). But try to figure this out. Does this act pays the prize of being superior? Is this really the prize to aim or something to be proud of? I think not. They're not fooling anyone because they are the fools. Their deeds are enough to know what their worth are.

.....To my readers, you are matured enough not to do such a reckless act. i may sound like I'm very mad to those people spreading this kind of messages but honestly, I'm not. I actually pity on them because they appeared to be the victim. Victim of hell. Who knows, maybe they are all part of this reality contest called life vying for a nice room down there (pointing to the ground).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Life, Another Chance

.....I celebrated my 21st birthday last Friday, October 17, 2008. I must say that I've been receiving a lot of blessings from GOD. As what I've stated from my previous post, My life would have end if worse comes to worst. They say that what I'm having right now is a second life. A life we may consider as a chance to cherish every days that pass by and a life to consider as a time for influencing more people to do good and to become a better person. I'm one of those students that are candidates to graduate this coming march and I'm very thankful for that because after all the hard work, here I am finishing a five-year course.

.....This post is an opportunity for me to express myself in looking forward for a much more exciting future as a blogger and an aspiring architect. A blogger that expresses himself as an individual with a main advocacy of leadership and sincere service. And as an aspiring architect driving his way to something big challenging, and exciting adventures. Yeah, I'm already 21 and they considered me being part of those adults searching for good opportunities to become great in life.

.....This post won't happen if GOD does not interfered during that accident. He does not just gave me another life because what He gave me is another opportunity to experience what it feels like to become 21.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poverty At Its Worst

     Today is blog action day. Our worldwide topic for this year is about poverty. We have different views and opinions on what poverty really is and what are its causes or consequences. My post for this day is actually my reaction paper in one of my architectural subjects, Urban and Regional Planning, that has the same topic. Here it goes...

     Urban poverty became one of the most extreme problems that arises in the Philippines. It caused numerous series of problems that destabilize the economic and social condition of this country. Squatting, ill-fated diseases, malnutrition, and lack of education are some of those problems caused by poverty.

     From my analysis, poverty was started during the Philippines' historical period. The caste system that started the segregation of unequal social status; The Spanish colonization that introduces the faith by giving alms to the poor; The Japanese and American colonization that worsen the effect through the declaration of world war II; The declaration of power by president Marcos; and a lot more. Poverty seems to become a natural inheritance of the Philippines. Passing poverty from one generation to the next generations.

     For me, poverty can be solved in many but not too easy ways. First, the government must deliver the issue to the public for they are the prime initiator of this country. Second, actions must be done from the people because the people are the primary resources of the government. Third, the youth must be aware of the issue. Awareness is the key to prevention. Fourth, non-government organizations must work with the first three sectors that I have mentioned.

     As you may have noticed, I did not include rally. Rallying won't do anything. Words are easy to say but hard to do. If we want change, we must do and implement change. The heart of the government is in each and everyone of us. Nothing will happen if we don't take the lead. Change is in you, me, and us. We are the change and together, we are the solution of this problem.

     Poverty? This may not happen or it may have topped hundreds of years ago if and only we learned from our past. Learning is a factor of contribution. One would become wise if he or she is determined to be wise and become part of the process.

     Poverty is, indeed, a problem of our society but it is not that much or extreme if we don't treat it that much. Remember the concept, everyone has a part.

     Message complete... I have done my part in giving awareness to the public as our mission for this paricular day. Now, it is up to you, my readers, to do your part in reducing the effect of poverty. We all have the choice and I', hoping that your choice is for the betterment of the entire humanity

Monday, October 13, 2008

Switching From Dusk To Dawn

.....One of the political icons of Manila City is Isko Moreno. He happens to be an actor turned politician. His rags-to-riches story captured the hearts of every manileños during the election. It's just one of the many reasons why he became to be Manila's vice mayor. He got the looks, fame, heart and most of all, the qualifications.

.....Last Saturday night at the funeral home, he happens to be one of the visitors to visit aunt Sonia's wake and extended his deepest sympathy to the family. Before he came in, regular mood can be felt from the place. But when the time he enters the room, the atmosphere has changed from solemn to a joyful night. Ladies are screaming and giggling while others were taking pictures of him. Even though he is now the vice mayor of Manila, people can't erase from their minds that he was once declared to be a matinee idol of their generation. That night made me think that I'm in a fans' day activity instead of inside a funeral with my aunt's wake. A humorous yet memorable moment to cherish. Yes, my aunt was already dead and we experienced sorrow for her lost and he [Isko] became to be an equalizer of aunt Sonia's relatives. An equalizer that maintains sorrow and joy to be in an equal proportion. After all, maybe he's just sent by God to remind us that "Hey, cheer up! There's no need to be sad. She's safe beside me."

Saturday, October 11, 2008

When Things Get Worst

.....In life, there's always a moment of victory and defeat and everyone is experiencing either of the two or both everyday. My moment of defeat just happened earlier this morning. I was approaching towards the door of a transport bus, situated near the driver's side, for me to enter. While reaching for its door handle, my right foot suddenly slip. That scene caused my entire body to jerk down, letting my body lie on the street with half of it located under the bus while the other half being exposed outside. Good thing I did use my right arm to support myself during that fall leaving only my butt hitting extremely into the ground. If worse comes to worst, if the conductor together with the driver did not saw me, I may either have been crushed by that same bus using its big front tire or the other half of my body, from head down to the hips, might have been crushed by the other vehicles passing by.

.....That incident caused my right arm with bruises and caused my butt aching until now. That scenario may kill me in an instant but it didn't happened because I still believe that there's someone out there protecting and guiding me. Anyways, let's discuss the root cause of that horrifying incident. It's caused by the broken pair of shoe that I'm wearing right now. I'm still wearing it because I didn't have time to buy myself a new one.

.....The lesson is, prevention is still better than cure. This [my shoe] is just a simple everyday problem but it caused me enough trouble that [may] bring my life to an end. They say that wise people do learn for their mistakes while wiser people learn from others' mistakes. I'm trying to be wise and I'm learning from that experience and I'm assuming that my readers prefer to be called as wiser people and I do hope that they will learn from my terrible mistake.

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