Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Truth and Justice Must Prevail

.....Today, the Philippines (as you may heard over the news) is facing different political obstacles as the 2010 National election come nearer and nearer. One of those political issues that we are facing right now is the recent decision of the Commission on Election to unseat Gov. Grace Padaca as Isabela's current governor. I have just finished reading the email message that was sent to me by Kaya Natin! and I do believe that the message is worth sharing. The letter goes like this:

Kaya Natin! Statement Condemning Comelec Decision on Governor Grace Padaca

We, the leaders of Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership strongly condemn the recent Commission on Elections (Comelec) decision to unseat Kaya Natin co-founder and duly-elected governor of Isabela, Grace Padaca.

We believe that this ruling is a travesty of justice and is a willful act by the current administration to tarnish the reputation of not only Governor Padaca, but other leaders of the opposition, particularly members of the Liberal Party. We believe that Commissioner Nicodemo Ferrer of Comelec’s Second Division has gravely abused his power and position to twist the truth and demoralize the people of Isabela by favoring Benjamin Dy despite significant evidence to the contrary.

Governor Padaca has shown excellent, competent, and ethical leadership for the past six years in Isabela, using her powers as governor for the benefit of the people. Her integrity is unquestionable and the mere suggestion of electoral fraud against her is downright preposterous.

In the 2007 gubernatorial elections, Governor Padaca ran with only a tiny fraction of the financial resources that Dy had at his disposal. Having entered politics only in 2004, she did not as well have the political machinery that the 40-year-old Dy dynasty enjoys. It is therefore highly unlikely and ridiculous to conclude that Padaca used fraud to win by more than 17,000 votes over Dy, something that will entail money and machinery that Padaca does not have.

These facts as well as other substantial evidence supporting Padaca’s victory should have been more than enough to declare her the legitimate winner of the 2007 elections, but with this recent ruling, the people of Isabela cannot expect the Comelec to be fair and just in future elections particularly in 2010.

Likewise, we are also expecting that the same Comelec division led by Commissioner Ferrer will also rule against priest-turned- governor and fellow Kaya Natin! Co-founder Pampanga Governor Eddie “Among Ed” Panlilio who, through the concerted efforts of ordinary citizens of Pampanga, was able to defeat known GMA ally, former Board Member Lilia Pineda.

We are therefore calling for the immediate resignation or impeachment of Commissioner Ferrer who has shown incompetence as the presiding officer of the Second Division by subscribing not to the laws of the land, but to lawless hands.

We likewise enjoin all Filipinos who still believe in good governance and ethical leadership in our country to support Governor Padaca in her struggle against the Dys, Commissioner Ferrer, and the Arroyo administration. We believe that this issue extends beyond the province of Isabela and concerns all Filipinos who value our hard-earned democracy. Governor Padaca is only one among many good leaders that the Arroyo administration is trying to take down in order to serve their allies’ self interests at the expense of usurping the true mandate of the people.

  1. We implore concerned Filipinos to sign our online petition at www.ipetitions. com/petition/ oustferrernow or email their names and email addresses to oustferrernow@ for the removal of Commissioner Ferrer and in support of Governor Padaca , Governor Panlilio, and other effective and ethical leaders.

Let us not take this blatant insult to our intelligence sitting down and let us show Arroyo and her allies that we will not tolerate corruption. This is a fight of the Filipinos on the side of the good to let the truth and the whole truth prevail.


HON. JESSE ROBREDO, Mayor, Naga City

HON. TEODORO BAGUILAT, JR., Governor, Province of Ifugao

HON. SONIA LORENZO, Mayor, San Isidro, Nueva Ecija

HON. NEREUS ACOSTA, Former Representative, Province of Bukidnon

HON. TEOFISTO GUINGONA III, Representative, Province of Bukidnon

HON. JORGE BANAL, JR., Councilor, Quezon City

HON. FERMIN MABULO, Mayor, San Fernando, Camarines Sur

HON. MABEL SUNGA ACOSTA, Councilor, Davao City

HON. ROQUE VERZOSA, JR., Mayor, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur

HON. MARIVIC BELENA, Mayor, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija

HON. GLORIA CRESPO CONGCO, Former Mayor, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija

HON. FLORANTE GERDAN, Mayor, Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya

HON. VALENTE YAP, Vice Mayor, Bindoy, Negros Oriental


.....I do hope that this issue may be resolved the soonest possible time. I'm hoping not just because I'm a believer of good governance and ethical leadership but also, us an ordinary citezen who seeks the prevailence of truth and justice in my country

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