Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kokoro Ramenya: One Year After

     Kokoro Ramenya turned one (1). And as a way of celebrating their first year anniversary in business, Kokoro Ramenya offered 50% off on all ramen and noodles, which ran from April 15  up to April 28, 2013.
     Being the pioneer blogger to tell the world about this new-born Japanese restaurant located at Roxas Boulevard, I made sure not to let this moment pass. Me and my four friends (that includes Arch. Cheery Dominguiano, who acted as my photographer during our interview with Mr. Eddie Go) went to the place and had our dinner. 

    Our new recruits didn't regret joining us just to experience authentic Japanese flavor, which  is only offered best by Kokoro Ramenya. With this, another memorable food experience was given by this one-year-old restaurant... another food experience that is definitely worth sharing! 
     Thank you Kokoro Ramenya for giving us a delicious, flavorful, healthy, and half-the-price dinner, which we truly enjoyed! I personally hope that your restaurant will continue to grow and compete well in the food industry. Happy first year anniversary Kokoro Ramenya!

 Beef Shoyu Ramen

Gekikara Ramen

Hakata Classic with Kokoro Iced Tea

Summer Musical: As Kids Turned Artists

     Everything is set for U! Happy Events' Summer Musical with Uno Kids. All four workshops were conducted in preparation for the kids' recital on May 11, 2013. Talents were discovered, shared, and developed with the help of our professional performers.  
     These kids have given their best during those workshops and it's time for them to show the outcome of their hard work in front of the audience. No doubt, they've done their part... and it's time for us to do ours by watching them perform what they've practiced. Let's support and encourage them by simply gracing their big event. 
     Save the date and be one of our volunteers this coming May 11, 2013. Come and witness how these kids come out of their own cocoon and perform in front of us as fully-developed artists! 

See you there!
for more information regarding this event,
kindly visit U! Happy Events

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thai Movie: The Billionaire

     Few minutes left and it's already 1:00 in the morning and I'm still awake here. I just finished watching another Thai movie and I know that this is worth sharing. The title of this movie is "The Billionaire", which is also known as "Top Secret".

     The movie talks about a young man, who's striving his very best to become a young entrepreneur, named Top. He ventured on different things just to earn his own money.  From online weapon trading to selling fried chestnuts to manufacturing his own fried seaweeds. He would always think of business like everyone else. And just like everyone else, he [too] experienced failures... a lot of it. Failures would always frustrate people and it can even be a very good reason to give up. But his determination is so high. Just like anyone else, his determination comes from the deepest root - his family. 

     I really admired how the story portrayed Top's strong determination and how it shows the world that age is not really a major factor. Yes, managing a business or handling a problem requires an experience... but, experience is not synonymous to age. Experience talks more of the person's capability to learn from his/her failures. It is also about the ability of having enough guts to push through things even though the tide is running against him/her.

     From Rags to riches, having the right determination and perseverance, being courageous, believing in one's own self, taking risks, and simply not giving up are just some of the lessons one would earn from watching this movie. And for business enthusiasts/dreamers just like me, have some time just to watch this movie and learn from it.

It's never too late to earn success and it is definitely not that early to start quitting. 

Photo courtesy of AsianWiki

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thai Movie: Love at First Flood

     It's now past 2:00 in the morning and I just finished watching a Thai movie called "Love at First Flood". "Love at First Flood" is a romantic comedy movie that shows Thailand during the flood crisis that the country needs to deal with. A story in the middle of an unfortunate event, which opens doors for people to have the opportunity to meet new friends, help their country, and give hope to their fellowmen. 

     The entire story including its ending twist is enough for me to remember this movie. And because I was planning to include Thai movie reviews here, I decided to immediately write an article regarding this movie right before I finally go to sleep.

     The story line was executed smoothly. I do love the concept of the movie especially that I am a person, who believes that positive elements can be extracted from negative ones. When bad things happen to me, I always tell myself that there's something good within it and that I just need to extract it out from that negative event. The story tells the same thing. positive things can happen from this crisis. Former classmates met, enemies became friends, neighbors became like families, love dominated, and hope prevailed. 

     The crisis did bring a lot of changes to Thailand and so as to its people. It changed how people look and appreciate one another and how they can be of help with each other. The movie simply shows how humans unite as family in times of tragedy and how tragedy can trigger and unleash the human spirit - compassionate, loving, and hope-provider.

     I do recommend this movie to my readers because it has a lot of elements, which I advocate and spread here - love, hope, volunteerism, patriotism, and making a difference to other people's lives.

Photo courtesy of Movieinw

Monday, April 15, 2013

Thai Movies and More

     I've been watching Thai movies since last week. Most Thai romantic comedy movies are very long, yet worth watching and definitely worth my time. I do fell in love with Thai movies that even at this point, I just finished watching a Thai movie. And after writing this piece, I will definitely watch for more. I think it is proper for me to commend YouTube for taking efforts in doing internal changes. As you may don't know yet, movies can now be viewed in complete/full for just one click or view. It's way different than before that after watching 1/10 of a particular movie in YouTube, the next thing to do is to search for its continuation - 2/10. Kudos YouTube!

     The other thing that I fell in love with is their language. In fact, I'm on my quest of learning and mastering Thai language. I'm really confident that I'll be able to learn everything including proper execution of their accent. I find Thai accent a little bit similar to the accent of my native tongue, which is Ilonggo I'm optimistic that I'll be able to master it just like how I've mastered Tagalog accent. In case you might ask, I mastered Tagalog accent for the purpose of communicating well without letting people know that I came from the province unless I tell them. And as of this moment, I can now say basic Thai words including their numbers. I'm taking it slow by memorizing a number of words a day until I memorize everything. And by the time comes, I'll  visit and explore the beauty of Thailand.
     Have you watched any Thai movies? Can you recommend a movie for me to watch for? If the answer is yes, please do include it on your comment. And for my dear Thai readers, want to share anything related to Thailand? I'll be happy to hear from you guys!

Khawp-khun khrap! 

Photos courtesy of:

HN Movies
Moviez Fever

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer Musical: Be Part of Kids' Transformation

     Summer break, which lasts for two (2) months, allows kids to have time dedicated in learning other skills and in developing their talents by attending summer workshops. This is the main reason why U! Happy Events came up with one of this year's major projects entitled "Summer Musical". 

     Our aim here is to give kids of UNO undergo a series of acting, dancing, and singing workshops and give them opportunity to perform their improved crafts in front of three hundred (300) volunteers.

     An initial workshop was conducted last Saturday (April 6, 2013) and I am proud to say that the room was filled with talented kids. I saw them (kids) having the potential of performing well. And I personally believe that after those series of workshops, they'll be transformed into entertainers worthy of catching the spectator's eyes. 

Below, is our teaser video for "Summer Musical", which was taken during the first workshop.   

     Want to witness the transformation of these kids? Dedicate your spare time in volunteering for U! Happy Events. Remember that your presence, support, and guidance are important. 

Come on... be part of us... and be part of CHANGE!

For more information,
kindly contact U! Happy Events
by clicking HERE.   

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Meta-Arch Day 1: Creativity Sparks

     Yesterday (April 8, 2013) marked the start of a month-long creative learning courtesy of The Brown Bauhaus' Meta-Arch. Meta-Arch is the latest course being offered by the Brown Bauhaus as it attempts to create new breed of creative men and women of architecture. And these men and women, who are  eager to learn creativity at its purest form, are called journeymen. 

     In Meta-Arch, journeymen will study fine arts (painting, sculpture, and installation art), performing arts (dance and music), literature (poetry), natural science (biology), abstract geometry, social science (psychology), and philosophy. Studying these arts and sciences will be their guiding light in understanding the genetics of creativity.

     I was given the chance to sit with the journeymen as they listen to their mentor's topic - creativity. The day was filled with discussions regarding the definition, types, and process of creativity and how it should properly be applied in architectural practice. During the discussion, the journeymen were  enlightened with the current state of architecture in the Philippines and in other countries and how it [literally] affects one's own creativity and originality.

     The session ended with this thought:

"Good and creative architecture comes from a balance between carefree, fun, and play, 
on one hand, and being serious on the other."
     The journeymen were released yesterday full of insights regarding creativity and originality. Later, they will be engaged with another learning as Meta-Arch day 2 will begin few hours from now.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Tear-jerking Moments

     I spent the night watching performances of Demi Lovato (one of my favorite singers) and other artists, who have done their own renditions of the America's National Anthem "Star-spangled Banner". I was doing random selection of artists until I went on watching Charice Pempengco's version. And because it was already Charice's version I'm watching, Youtube does its stuff of recommending videos that have Charice in it. 

     I'm not a fan of Charice. But because curiosity strikes, I went on watching her other performances especially those videos that show how she started her career in USA. Videos showing a young girl struggling her way up just to fulfill her ultimate dream. And there it was... my eyes went on teary.

     Go on and judge me, but this is who I am. My eyes easily go teary when I'm watching shows that contain hopes, dreams, struggles, and determinations in it. These elements (when combined) become my natural tear-jerker.  

     With a single hope, dreams arise; and from a single dream, personal struggles occur; and from there, determination sparks. This is how I always viewed these elements. And watching those TV shows that have these elements made me produce tears of joy. 

     While having my personal moment of gladness, I was reminded of Jabbawockeez and their success story when they joined America's Best Dance Crew. I am a fan of the said dance crew and by watching episodes they had (from their audition until their final battle, where they were declared winner), made me experience the same kind of feeling. I don't know how you explain it, but I considered it a natural phenomenon. 

     Hopes, dreams, struggles, and determinations bring out different sets of emotions and it's just so amazing how these elements can easily reveal the human in us. Yes, we are humans. But, there are just times when we really need to be reminded of what we are and what we should feel for others during their triumphs. No enviousness, no hatred, just happiness.

     Let me end this article by leaving these simple thoughts... We are humans and it is just natural for us to be happy when we find out that our fellowmen have been able to achieve their ultimate dreams. They are also a part our family and their achievements are a piece of our own's too.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Bullying: Memoir of a Victim

     Bullying... I know this word and I'm really familiar of this... simply because I've been there. Yes, you read it right. I am a victim of bullying when I was in grade school. I fell short on their traps several times, but I didn't let them steal my entire life.

     I did struggle a lot from them and knowing the kind of feeling back then is not a good part to remember. But I still do remember all of it. It was a hellish kind of ride considering that I was studying in a Catholic School.

     Yes, I remember all of it... but it didn't make me weaker. I faced life as if such history didn't matter at all. And instead of becoming inferior, I became the opposite of it. And Instead of using it as an excuse of not being strong, I used it as a motivation to become stronger. This kind of attitude made me become who I am today. From a kid being bullied... I became a student leader, a degree holder, and an inspirational speaker. Had I let those instances ruin my dreams, I'm not gonna reach this far.

     Reality check... I'm still here standing.... fighting... and doing my very best to become someone I really dreamed of. How about them, where are they now? I wonder if they made use of their bullying prowess... if not, I just hope that they're now successful and they've changed for the better.

     Bullying can be considered a catalyst of how a person decides for his/her life. Not everyone can turn those bad memories into motivations. Most of the time, those memories became their prime reason to give up and not to continue their battle. Bullying is not healthy and it is present in schools - the kids' second home - most of the time. Let's open our minds and try to resolve this out. Let's say no to bullying!

     Below is an anti-bullying campaign music video, which is entitled "Katulad ng Iba" (Just like the others), by Gloc-9 featuring Zia Quizon, written by Aristotle Pollisco.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sunset of Victory

     At last! My second semester is finally over! I'm so relieved right now because it is time to say goodbye to academic papers! Summer break is finally here and it allows me to focus on my professional field of interest,  one-on-one Photoshop tutorial sessions, photo manipulation works, and full-time blogging! Isn't that good news? 

     It has been a semester of sleepless nights and loads of mathematical computations. And finishing the semester is really an achievement. To my fellow students (regardless of what your level is), I salute you for finishing the semester! With all those sufferings and dilemmas you've faced, you did prove to the world that you are strong and courageous because you completed your battle. Your fight may not yet be over, but you do have the right to celebrate victory! 

     This summer break is your chance to regain your strength and to prepare for the next battle. Continue to equip yourself with things  - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually... and financially - that you may be needing along the way towards success.

Be bold... be strong... be prepared!

 The above photo shows the beautiful sunset, 
which greeted us after we were being freed from the bondage of this semester. 
It simply tells us that our academic sufferings for second semester are finally over. 
What a beautiful sem ender scene!

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