Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Losing My Passion

     Last October 2, 2021, I wrote my first ever composition. This song's theme is about losing my passion, which I strongly felt. The feeling was so strong that it took me only a night writing this piece. This is it. This is the start of my journey as a song writer. Once a poet, now exploring his way making songs. Here's the lyrics:

Verse 1 

I’m not lost, yet I can’t find my way.
Where are you now? Please come back and stay.
I’m losing my interest today.
Moving forward is just a cliché.

Verse 2

I can’t feel your fire burning in me.
My vision is gone, now I can’t see.
Dreaming seems impossible right now.
Looking forward is not me, somehow.


Help me bring back my old self again.
Give me the drive I usually gain.
Let me feel the desire to go on.
Help me find the way back to my own.

Verse 3

What day is it? I can’t feel the time.
Is it me? Or the world isn’t fine?
What move shall I make? Where to go next?
I can’t be just here feeling unrest.

Verse 4

Why do I have to lose you somehow?
I’m still longing to use you ‘til now.
How can I find you beyond this noise?
Where are you? I have to use this voice.

[Chorus 2x]

Ending verse

I'll keep on waiting until you're back.
This is me, completing what I lack.
Give me the courage to win you back.
This is me, competing with my luck.

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