Friday, January 13, 2012

Yesterday’s Affairs

     Year 2012 has been activated and I would like to dedicate my first blog post for this year by remembering all those wonderful moments that had happened to me in the year 2011. Moments that I would cherish my entire life; incidents that contributed to my entire being; and instances that made me realize that I’m really on the right track towards becoming a better person.

2011: The Metamorphosis Year

     2011 became to be a year of grandeur for me as I was able to experience different opportunities that changed the way I used to be.

     Below, is the list of some of those moments that I consider highlights of my metamorphosis.

Becoming an Architect

     It was last June 10 and 12, 2011 when I took and passed the Architecture Licensure Examination. Since then, my journey as a licensed architect starts - from the registration to the oath taking ceremony and down to the realization of goals.   
Becoming a Volunteer
     March 26, 2011 was the time when I first volunteered for U! Happy Events. I came across the foundation when I was invited by Jo-e (their president), who is my fellow delegate in the “Youth Leaders for Knowledge and Development” program, to participate in their biggest event of the year. The event was “Mission Possible: Kids” (a medical mission and nourishment program). Since then, I became one of their regular volunteers.
It’s good to be back in the industry of volunteering!

A Blogger’s Growth
       My participation in U! Happy Events not only gave me the chance to volunteer, it also gave me the opportunity to hone my craft as a blogger. Each event has meaningful realizations and has wonderful stories to share. Indeed, the foundation just gave me enough reason why I shouldn’t stop writing articles that show the spirit of hopes and inspirations.

Inspiring People
     My goal as an inspirational speaker has been placed on the higher lever when I was again invited to be one of the speakers of an event for not just once, but twice! One was during the “Excel.Lead.Inspire: An Achievers’ Forum” while the other one was during the “3rd Students’ Congress: A Learning Forum”. I find it amazing when I remember my college times dreaming and telling myself that someday I’m going to be resource speaker; I’ll be giving talks that would inspire my audience; and I’ll share everything in order to help them realize how worthy they can be.
I guess dreams do come true.
An Active Change-maker
     2011 was also the time when we set up SocialTees, our very own social enterprise. So far, we were able to conduct two outreach projects in Cottolengo Filipino. The event gave us the chance to influence other people to become aware of the glories of life and to develop the act of giving.
A Writer’s Dream
     Two of my blog posts have been published in two different media platforms. One was published online by The Life Daily while the other one was included in Clickr Magazine’s December Issue. Both articles talk about stories of hopes, inspirations, and positive change.

[As Published in the Life Daily

[Included in Clickr Magazine's December Issue]
A Volunteer No More
     Before the year ends, Harvard (founder of U! Happy Events invited me to be part of U! Happy Event’s Core Group. I happily accepted the invitation and became more excited for 2012 as I’ll begin the year in U! Happy Events not as a volunteer, but as part of the organizers. Sure thing my participation will be a lot harder and requires greater effort than before, but for the sake of nation-building… I’m ready!


     To sum it all up, 2011 has been a year of turning point for me as I was turned into a much better person. The year was like a transformation for me where I finally released myself from the cocoon where my body was resting while enjoying the beauty of the entire transformational procedure. 2011 was, indeed, my metamorphosis stage - from being a caterpillar to becoming a butterfly. 
     Yesterday’s affairs are all blessings that we need to treasure. They are our investments. As we face the tomorrows of our lives, may we continue to learn from those investments – talents, opportunities, mistakes, challenges, and changes.

     2012 is here and may we all continue to grow progressively and not the other way around. Let’s all strive to be better and continue to inspire other people. God Bless us all!

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