Monday, March 25, 2019

Artistmat Says: 006

“Seek for unfamiliar grounds.”

     Complacency and comfort aren’t always the key to success. We may be champions in our own battlefield, yet we may be lacking in terms of courage and skills. Let’s look for unfamiliar battlefields where we can hone our existing skills and discover other skills we are destined for. We will never discover our full potential unless we come out from our comfort zone.

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Penniless and Alone

     Imagine waking up in the morning feeling different. You begin staring at the ceiling blankly and confused. You don’t know why it feels like your body is heavier than before. You start getting up in bed and sees your feet wrinkled. You stand up and hurryly go to the bathroom. With eyes wide open, you are in shock of what you’re seeing. You see yourself... pale, wrinkled, aged. You’re old now.

     Series of memories come flashing in. They are memories of how you lived your life starting from the age you last remember. It was a terrible life. You were so dependent with your salary alone. There were times when your salary wasn’t good enough. Your vices and short-term enjoyment competed with your needs. You acquired loans you can’t repay. You have no savings, no emergency funds, and no investments. You weren’t able to secure a good future. 

     Tears falling out from your eyes. You feel so sorry for yourself. If only you were able to think of your future above anything else. If only you were able to allocate a portion of your hard-earned salary for your future. If only you’ve done yourself a favor.

     You wake up in bed crying. It was just a dream... such aweful dream. Thankful as you are, you begin asking yourself if that’s the future you want to end up to - penniless and alone. You start imagining the future you really want to become. One by one, you list down things you need to do in order for you to secure that ideal future. Little by little, you’re becoming your own hero.

Good thing you’ve dreamed of it. Good thing you’ve realized.

     If by chance you’re reading this article, consider this your turning point. Stop wasting and start investing. Make use of your precious time in shaping that ideal future. Brick by brick, a castle shall be made. You just have to begin somewhere - where time and strength are still in sync.

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