Monday, March 19, 2007

Natur'es side

The world is already filled with wastes and pollutions that are caused by human beings. Numerous waste and poisonous smell of pollution can be found everywhere while our natural resources such as trees and living organisms that help sustain our ecology were getting fewer in terms of number and visidility.

Mother nature doesn't deserve all of these. She nurtures and let us feel her loving and natural care but then we betray her, we does things that were against from her own living.
We are responsible by our own action. Let's not wait for her and her army of nature's response to our stubborness. I believe that when nature strikes, mankind has the possibility to cross the line of death. Typhoon, earthquake, landslide, tsunami, and etc. All of these are the example of her response from our negative stimuli which is destroying nature.
With this post, I hope that my reders will learn a lot and help their respective community on promoting the greener and positive way of living.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


TIP Voice's first ever literary folio had their launching yesterday and I'm invited to come because I'm one of those contributors. I'm glad that they have included my poem which is entitled "Nightmare's Beauty". Now, students of TIP will be able to read my work in a form of a hard copy. It's good to know how they reacted on my work. Some didn't expect that I have the potential to write and be able to express what's bugging inside my mind.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Stiffened Animation

As I turn on the T.V. and started watching it, I was amazed to my favorite characters as they perform extraordinary stuff. So strong and powerful that even evil couldn’t bring them down.
Sometimes I wanted to be just like them. Wanting to achieve such strength but then, I wondered. Are those characters really happy of what they are doing? Is Goku really loves to defend the earth even though he is not an earthling? Are Kiluwa and Dennis liked the path that they chose? Is Naruto really deserves his strength and destiny?
I realized that being an anime character wasn’t really that simple. I may obtain the strength that I wanted but I may never express the emotions that I felt and neither acts the decisions that I choose. Life will be a very big mistake if that will happen. I imagined myself very sad while my body parts are being attached to the point of his pencil. That I moved the way that my artist wants me to move, express the way that he wants me to express and trap in the so-called “paperworld” while my faulty images flashed over the T.V. screens pretending to be what my artist is giving me.
I am still very thankful that I’m not one of them, that I don’t have their extraordinary skills, that I’m free to express my feelings and free to decide the way that I think what’s best for me. I’m still very thankful that God is my artist and the world is my real world. Who cares if I can’t do extraordinary stuff? At least I can be extraordinary in my own way by doing good, by serving my fellow people and by improving my skills to make my true artist proud of me.

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