Saturday, September 22, 2012

UP Pep Squad's Make 8 Happen Already Happened

     Studying at University of the Philippines' School of Urban and Regional Planning made my UAAP Cheer Dance Competition watching more intense as I felt that I'm officially a part of those university-spirited crowds looking forward to see their university pep squad dance their way towards fame and victory. And yes, I'm anticipating for the UP Pep Squad to win and bag their goal for this year - 8th title, 3-peat, 1 squad... "Make 8 Happen". 
     And yes, UP Pep Squad made it. "Make 8 Happen" really happened! They did stand out with their theme for this year - FREEDOM. The bang or the surprise for this year was their shaved heads (male and female. exemption). Their choice of costume was so simple, yet practical. It really emphasized their movements. We described them as like snakes tumbling in lines.  It was so beautiful!
     The big issue now was their winning despite their great fall during the finale, which brought different reactions from the crowd. And [of course] as a newly-found fan of this amazing pep squad and a blogger of positive thoughts, I also have my own take for this one big issue.

     For me, that fall was actually both a test and a showcase of what UP spirit is all about. In life, the measure of how strong you are is not being tested on how badly and hellish you fell... it is more on how you've reacted right after that fall - it is about how grandeur you stood up, how fast you recovered, and how you victoriously ended your fight.
Congratulations UP Pep Squad! 

Photos courtesy of: 831 Campaign
Video courtesy of: TheABSCBNNEws 

Note: UP Pep Squad's hair were donated to cancer patients and people with alopecia as their simple share for Alopecia Awareness Month. Caring for others is truly rewarding.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Blogger in Idle

     It has been weeks since the last time I updated this blog. I rarely blog even though there are so many words wandering inside my mind - ideas, inspiration, events, and lots of wonderful stories that's worth telling. I really would love to blog about all those things, but I can't. Time is currently pulling me back. There's a lot of work loads that I need to finish in a given amount of time. And I can't blame those work loads, which I considered "time thieves" simply because it is also a part of my obligation to respond to them.

     No, I'm not complaining. And I can never complain. These "time thieves" are all for my own good and for my personal growth. I just need to balance them and if there's something that I need to sacrifice for the sake of fitting in the entire work for a specific span of time, then that would be blogging. No, don't get me wrong. This blogger will not stop from blogging nor stop from telling wonderful and inspirational stories. I just need to sacrifice a bit for the sake of accomplishing everything. I [still] am a blogger, but I also need to attend on my duties as a construction manager, as an architect, as a student aspiring to be an urban planner, as an officer of different architectural organizations, as a board member of a kid's foundation, as a leader, and as a change-maker. 
     Just give me some time to attend to my duties... after which, I'll start writing all those words wandering inside my mind. Until next time! c",)

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