Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Sacrifice For A Cause

May 10 Presidential Election is so near and I can feel the tension. Yes, I really do. By watching a glimpse of the latest news, reading an article and listening to radio commentators about the most recent anomalies of the government and of the upcoming presidential/senatorial candidates, and the likes have definitely triggered my confusion and curiosity. I am now in the state of know-who's and know-how's just to be sure that my votes will be given to real and sincere leaders instead of the traditional messy politicians.

I sure do know that searching for genuine candidates whose heart really belong to the people and the government isn't an easy task, but for the sake of caring for my country and for the future of the next generation, I'm taking it as my self-initiated sacrifice.

I'm now making my own little act of sacrifice for a cause. How about you? What would be your sacrifice for a cause? c",)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Eclectic Deviations: A News Article By Michon

Another news article was released by an artist in Deviant Art. Her artist name is Michon and I consider her as one of those talented and promising artists in Deviant Art. Her primary objective for the said news article is to feature and promote art works made by different artists located around the world. All art pieces which she features in the said news article are those works which easily captured her artistic senses.

I'm grateful to know that six (6) of my artworks were chosen to be part of her article. The Six (6) chosen artworks are as follows:

With this, I would like to express my gratitude to Michon for featuring the above artworks and in return, I would like my readers to know how artistic, creative and talented Michon is.

Readers are invited to take a look at Michon's promising works by following this link:

Feel free to visit the news article that I'm talking about just by clicking: Eclectic Deviations

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Portfolio Has Been Born

Yes! I was able to complete my portfolio site. It can be considered as substantially complete because I still need to change the cover photo and the artist's photo. But nevertheless, it is now open for public viewing.

If you're interested in viewing my portfolio site, just click HERE

If the above link doesn't work, kindly visit

Happy viewing!!!


Information of some of the photos include comments, the artist's name and his or her location.

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