Saturday, October 26, 2013

Gyuma Captivated Me

     It's been months since the last time I bought a perfume for myself. Perfume has been permanently deleted from my list of must-buys until last night. 

     Me and my office mates stumbled upon a fragrance stall named "Gyuma" while strolling the mall. The name is so catchy that me and my office mates decided to take a look and test the scent of each product. Each scent carries out inviting odor, which captivated my senses. And as a result, I bought one for myself.

     I'm wearing one right now and I must say that the scent really lasts long. I traveled miles from home to school; rode different modes of transportation; sweated a lot during my walks; exposed to smoke and dusts and still... the scent lasted. I'm really satisfied with this new perfume and I know that I'm going to buy this product again and again. Try one for yourself and enjoy what I'm currently enjoying. It's truly a product worth spending.

Interesting names. Unique branding. Captivating scents.

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