Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Phenomenon Brought By Blog

.....Blog. This word was not known yesterday but today, it is a sure phenomenal hit for it gave a lot of people the motivation to explore different ideas by writing and reading blogs from around the world. Some of the personalities expert in their specific fields did saw the blog's potentials and benefits. Personalities from media, companies, and other related fields are now making use of it by promoting different companies or products, expressing their treasured opinion on current issues, advocating environmental conservation, or even as a means of an income-generating site by the help of advertising sites that bloomed around the world. But what does blog really means?
.....According to an online encyclopedia, the word blog was a combination of words web and 0log which eventually evolved into what we now know as blog. It contains entries in a form of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or videos and is commonly displayed in a reverse mode.
.....Blog has the potential of bringing surfers in and making them write and post online. Through this process, people usually have the urge to post their views on any topic that touches their artistic sides. It usually creates an addiction especially when you know that people all over the world has the possibility of accessing and reading your posts. Yes, this can also be considered as one's personal website and a lot easier to navigate. In addition, information can now be availed by anyone through blogs that appeared in every search engines. One can now fill their computers with lots of free information from the Internet. But, be careful in determining those information because not all information posted were true and with exact basis. So, no wonder that some group of people were initiating blog awards for the purpose of citing worthy and informational blogs. This kind of event is a big help for it gives blogs and bloggers the recognition that they need.
Try to discover the power of blogging. Read, write and discover. Have fun!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Making One's Time Productive

.....I'm so sleepy today. You know why? It is simply because of my class schedule during Tuesdays and Thursdays. My first class starts at 7:30 a.m. while my last class will end at 8:00 p.m. A very tiring day especially when I'll tell you that I only have three subjects for the entire day. Meaning, I have a total of six straight hours vacant in the middle of my first and second subject and one hour vacant in the middle of my second and third class. That's a total of seven-hour vacant for the entire day. So boring isn't it? Especially when one could not determine or find ways on how he/she can make his time productive enough. Thank God that some school officials recruited me to be one of their student assistant (s.a.) in their newest project. That means, we are the pioneering group of s.a.'s to be assigned for a specific job that would contribute to the school's quality management. Not bad for an income-generating and, at the same time, worthwhile activity that would make me busy for that particular hours. This job, for me, is an opportunity to have additional money for my thesis and academic expenditures. I'm so glad of this kind of opportunity. I hope that you too can find worthwhile activities that would keep you busy and, at the same time, can contribute to the betterment of the community where you are at.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Super Filipino

.....Earlier this morning, while riding in a transport bus, I noticed a man standing besides one of the major roads of Quezon City where I used to pass by every time I go to school. He wears an improvised costume of a super hero and I can easily tell that he's indeed crazy. One thing that catches my attention is his improvised cape that was actually made out of the Philippine national flag. People were laughing at him because of his childish act that can easily caught every one's attention while others were insulted because the national flag was used in an unlikely manner. Yes, he is crazy and he doesn't know what he's doing but let's try to look in a deeper perspective and try to assess him beyond the box, I bet one would say "He maybe a fool but his dedication and love for the country is there".
.....Yes, you read it right! Dedication and love for the country. This is really important for these are the measurement of us being a Filipino. A Citizen who does everything for the betterment of the country. He maybe a fool but his intention of becoming a superhero for our country is there. How about us? We were blessed to have minds that function so well but why don't we have such thinking like him. People who would love to take the risk of involving in events that our country can benefit from our talent and skills. In conclusion, that man is crazy but we can be considered as crazier than he is if we don't stop doing things that can degrade our country and fellow Filipino. Let's all make a change by lending ourselves for the country in order for our nation to boost its integrity.

Friday, July 18, 2008

An Accomplishment Of The Day

.....Today is last day of my prelim exam. I had on one out of three classes for some reasons. My fist class of the day-the Design Subject- and my last last subject-Autocad- had announced that we don't have to meet. We just need to accomplish the draft of chapters one to three of our thesis proposal and will serve as an exam for our design subject. In other words, I spent most my time facing in front of the computer trying to finish the said requirements. I did went home early today and it can be considered as a phenomenon for me because I always end up leaving the campus late at night. The reasons are either because my class ends up late, finish academic stuff or doing my sideline which is the extra-curricular activities. Anyways, what I'm just trying to tell my readers is that I can absolutely have my rest for the day! It's such a wonderful accomplishment!

2nd Pathways To Leadership

.....Last Saturday, I attended a seminar entitled "Pathways To Leadership" held in Far Eastern University (FEU). This isn't my first time to attend this event because I also did participated on the said occasion last year. And because of that, I was surprised when the m.c. announced my name and dubbed me as the Pathways To Leadership Alumni. It is such a great experience to be considered as an alumni of a leadership congress/seminar that is dedicated solely on training young leaders with their different kind of style. Notable speakers were invited just to discuss about leadership topics. Some were new faces for me while others are not due to their name's popularity and their note-worthy contribution for the society. I'm really glad that one of our speaker is Mr. Tony Meloto, whom I consider as one of my inspiration in the field of community service and nation-building. I considered that day as another day of self-improvement and realization that I can do more to make a difference. A single day that gave me a chance to upgrade my leadership capabilities and commitment.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sacrificial Burn

.....Sacrifice. A word with deep definition and purpose. One would do sacrificial acts in favor of something better. In decision-making, one would sacrifice as long as he faces a crossroad. A moment wherein the scene will challenge his mental capabilities towards responding to the given situation. This is a hard thing to do especially if choices were of equal value or footing. In this kind of scenario, one should have the capability of deciding. A decision that would end up in a positive way. After all, at the end of the day, we are the beneficiaries of our own decisions. We should be proud of what will be the outcome of our chosen decisions for regret shouldn't be the word to be spend for the entire night. Don't let regret accompany you all night. Besides, regret has no right of giving us pain, heartache, and sleepless nights. Choose the one that will satisfy your needs and learn how to sacrifice because there's no harm in letting go of anything to make way of something even better.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Medium Of Influencing

.....I'm glad that most of my visitors were situated in other countries. Thanks to the services of Blogrush and other related services that features my blog through their widgets of websites. And because of that, my concerns, advocacy , and thoughts reached across the other side of the globe. Anyways, I'm hoping that this blog will help other people find the road that they really need to take. As you have read my previous posts, it's obvious that I'm blogging not just to express. I'm doing this for a cause and that is to inspire people. As you may think, I find blogging as a tool that will help me do my influencing capabilities. I need to influence everyone for a greater purpose. Please support me for my advocacy. It's now time for you (readers) to make necessary actions and make a change.

Architects Of Hope Society

.....I, together with the support of my friends, were able to organize a new organization. This organization is for the architecture students especially dedicated to community-service and nation-building. The name of the organization is Architects of Hope Society (ArHopeS). Our school has officially recognized the said organization. No one can stop us in spreading the passion of helping and inculcating values towards our fellow people. What we're are doing is for the benefit of the people that surrounds us and not for our own self-interest. A passion that became an advocacy and will, later on, come to reality. That's why my schedule is quite busy especially in coordinating with the Gawad Kalinga (GK). That's all for now! I really hope that you guys will gain interest in doing something big for your fellowmen. After all, the late Alejandro Melchor has quoted "The highest calling next to serving God is to serve one's fellowmen."

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