Sunday, September 27, 2020

Motivation: My Simple Gift to You

     In a world filled with deafening negativities, here you are - fighting, yet doubting. Discouragements and rejections might be crushing you too hard that you are starting to give in to what your wounded self is telling you - just give up. You might think that quitting is the best favor you can give to yourself. You might be convinced that you've fought a good battle and it's the right time to [finally] surrender. Yet, is everything really worth giving up?

     Remember your sacrifices, which paved way to where you are right now. Give justice to what you've lost throughout the process. Focus on that goal you've been longing to achieve. Concentrate on yourself and your capabilities. Never be distracted by external forces.

Negativities around you will never fade. 
People discouraging you will never stop. 
Rejections you received will forever be scars.
These will remain by your side until you embrace defeat. 

     This means, you are still in control of your fate. You still hold the key to your own success. You just have to believe in yourself. Remember that it's not their disbelief that made you quit. Your inability of believing in yourself did. 

Listen to your own will. 
Cultivate that inner voice.
Manifest positivity.
Motivate yourself.

     Let this video be your guide in bringing back that confidence you've lost and long forgotten. May you embrace the motivation you deserve and the positivity you needed.

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