Friday, June 15, 2012

Kokoro Ramenya: Consistency and Determination

To conceptualize a product is a sign of interest;
to produce the product is a challenge to take;
to sell the product is a struggle to endure; and 
to see the product grow is the beginning of success.

     Kokoro Ramenya's Grand Launch had finally taken place! The event happened last June 9, 2012 (Sunday), almost two months away from their Soft Launch. Customers and guests came in the restaurant and took chance of experiencing the magic of Kokoro Ramenya through their Japanese foods, which offer authenticity and delight to everyone. 
     Like everyone else, I also took that single chance. I went there and ate with my friends twice. One was in the afternoon (before going to church) while the other one was in the evening. I ate there with Ms. Melfi Caranto (my leadership mentor) before going to church while I had a dinner meeting with Monique (my former vice president when we're still serving as student leaders) after. Both of them are newbies to the restaurant and both have positive comments on the food being served before them. They were impressed by Kokoro Ramenya's delicious and authentic Japanese food, which comes with a very affordable price. And we kept on discussing Kokoro Ramenya and their food during and even after we dine in. It's just so amazing how Kokoro Ramenya was able to put a positive imprint on my guests, which gave me the assurance that I didn't ruin their day. 
     And for my end, all I can say was... Kokoro Ramenya has done it again! They made me want to go back again and again just to experience their good food. The people behind the restaurant are really consistent and are determined in providing the rightful dining experience that their customers deserve. 

     This is where this post ends. I don't need to elaborate more on how we became satisfied on what we've eaten there. It's time for you also to experience it (Kokoro Ramenya) as well.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Statement Photos: A New Blog

     I've started [again] a new blog. This fourth blog was named "Statement Photos". Well, this particular blog is under the category of photo blog... with a twist. I simply want this blog to showcase how I merge my hobby, my passion, and my purpose in order to deliver to my viewers a new kind of blogging approach from me. 

New blog, same author, less words, more visuals, 
and [still] has the touch of positive influencing.

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