Thursday, February 28, 2013

All Four Partners

     Now that you've witnessed the unveiling of this blog's fourth partner, allow me to give a recap on all four partners by featuring their personalized/animated web banners (in chronological order of appearances) through this post. Please feel free to visit their facebook fan page by clicking their banner. It will be much much appreciated if you also support them by liking their page. 

     Thank you so much for your time! May we become partners in any way! I'm really looking forward to work with you someday.

     Above web banners (including those that can be seen in other pages of this blog) were all done by yours truly, Artistmat - blogger, artist, architect, young leader. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Pieces N' Creations: A New Partner Revealed

     Last year was a very promising one for this blog because of the many changes happened within it. One of those changes was the introduction of different partners, which later on lead to the launching of Marketplace for a Cause.

     This year, I'm happy to finally reveal this blog's newest partner and it is none other than Pieces N' Creations. This amazing Social Enterprise (SE) is something to pay your attention to as it turns simple items into products with value. And what's even good about this SE is that it empowers underprivileged women by providing them a good means of livelihood program. I can't tell you much detailed information as of the moment because I'm reserving it for my next blog post regarding this new SE partner. So, you better watch out for it.
     Excited enough to know more about this amazing SE? Feel free to visit their page by clicking the personalized banner I made for them.
Note: The above banner can also be seen on this blog's Projects tab. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love and Responsibility

Love... comes with responsibility.

     Valentines day is here and majority of posts on the internet is about love. Love here and there. And because love is everywhere, it is even being emphasized to high school students because of different JS Proms being organized. With all those romantic-themed proms, who would not be able to feel love?

     A friend of mine asked me to help him give a nice speech for JS Prom because he was invited to be their speaker. I asked him if there's a theme for that prom and he said none. It is difficult for a guest speaker to create a speech without even knowing a theme involved or without a theme at all.

     I then suggested that he should make a short but meaningful speech. A speech that will captivate every heart and a speech that will inspire each person present inside the prom hall. I told him to make a speech regarding love and responsibility. Not just the usual love for opposite sex, but love and its entirety and the responsibility being attached to it. 
     I have no idea regarding the outcome of his speech, but the entire conversation gave me the idea of creating this post. So what do I mean when I say love and responsibility? If ever I was given the chance to speak for a prom, this will be the possible content:

Love for yourself
     Love comes from within and it's not possible to love and appreciate other people if you can't appreciate your self. Let me put it this way. Love means appreciation. Learn to love and appreciate you self as a beautiful being. Your physical features, your character, and your identity should [first] be well appreciated by you. From this simple step, self-confidence grows. And it is your responsibility to boost your self-confidence as much as how you want it to be.

Love for your family
     Love was nurtured inside the family. Let's all love our family because it is the right thing to do. Our aspirations and ambitions in life are being empowered by our love for our family. No matter what you intend to pursue, always learn to remember your family together with their hopes and sacrifices. They have sacrificed a lot for you and that single sacrifice is enough to remind you that you must keep on going. And it is your responsibility not to waste whatever sacrifices they've made for you. 

Love for the opposite sex
     Love, respect, and trust your opposite sex. The opposite sex always complements us in every way. They complement us with our wants and even our strengths and weaknesses. Respect and trust strengthens that bond - love. And it is your responsibility to strengthen that bond in preparation for the highs and lows of the coming tide that will try to sweep off the relationship that you've started.  

Love for passion
     Love your ability and remember to develop it with passion. Let that passion grow as wind passes by. Be passionate with whatever things you do because passion comes with intense desire - the desire to do things excellently. Always have that burning passion with you. Keep it as you take the path of success. Always be passionate on different things. Have the passion for learning, the passion for innovation, and the passion for positive change. Letting that passion grow is your responsibility because it defines a part of you. 

Love for fellowmen
     Always love your fellowmen because they are your neighbor and they contribute a lot of help to you. You may not know it, but they are helpful to you. It may not be today, but in the near future... they may be. Love is also an investment. Invest by treating them nice, by helping them, and by loving them. Sooner or later you'll find out what goodness they may show you when you need them the most. Therefore, their actions towards you in the future are your responsibility to plant today.

Love for country
     Our country is our mansion. We live and learn here. Everyone in this country is our mentor and this piece of land is what we represent for. We are like body cells that represent the parcel of the whole. Therefore, we should act according to the betterment of everyone. And when we act the other way around, we become the problem of the whole. We become cancer cells of the body. Because of us, the entire body is at risk and the best thing to do is for us to be removed. Trust me, you don't want that to happen. Your responsibility here is to make this country better. Always make sure that what you do will benefit the image and status of this country.    

Love for the environment
     Love your environment as a way of paying back to what you've earned. The environment is here even before we manage to exist. It plays a crucial role in our life because it is where our food comes from. The environment nurtures you and [in return] it is your responsibility to take good care of it. Remember, the environment is our ultimate home. Without it, we can never survive. 

Love for God
     Everything we own comes from God and that includes our life. Without Him, we may not be here breathing and enjoying this life we sometimes hate. Be thankful to him because of what he did to you. Among the millions of sperm cells vying to be processed, you were chosen. You, who have this very tiny percentage of winning your first race - the race for existence. Therefore, it is your responsibility to praise God and to honor him by expressing love - love for yourself, love for your family, love for the opposite sex, love for passion, love for fellowmen, love for country, and love for the environment.       

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A New Year for All

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!

     Our Chinese friends recently celebrated their new year. Joining the world on accepting a bright new year, this marks the beginning of a general perspective and acceptance on new year perception. And this is just the perfect time to post my new year special. 

     New year symbolizes a new beginning for most of us. This is the time we freshen up our perspectives and attitude in facing the entire year. We see to it that every thought would do something positive for our life, career, and ambitions. A thrilling and exciting practice for everyone.

      I see no wrong in creating such positive and hopeful thoughts only if we do something great about it. Actions are tools that convert those thoughts into tangible outcomes. Without actions, those thoughts will only end up as mere dreams. This is why action is still the best partner of dreams. And I hope that everyone has this kind of tool.

     This year, may everyone (most especially my readers) have this great urge to accomplish great things. May each one of us have this passion to pursue things beyond its true outcomes. And may we continue to create positive thoughts with positive actions for a positive life in order to create a positive community... and a positive world!

       On the coming days ahead, allow me to introduce few positive thoughts that need positive actions for this year. And may you join me in accomplishing each thought and embrace a new and better YOU.  


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Perfect Reminder

     I stumbled upon this and took time in reading it again. Sometimes, all we have to do is to look back on things that would remind us on why we keep on going despite being swept by deadly waves.
     I posted this picture on facebook and was surprised with the feedback. I guess, there is really an amazing purpose on why I thought of posting it. A friend of mine said that she wants to celebrate her birthday with less fortunate kids as her way of giving back the blessings that she received because she was inspired by my words.

      I'm sharing this picture here hoping that many (if not all) of my readers will also be inspired and will take chances on doing things that will make an impact to other people's lives. Keep on inspiring guys!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I Am...

"I am a blogger at some point, an #artist in some way, an #architect by profession, yet a #leader by action. What am I really?"

     I recently tweeted this and it appears like I'm having an identity crisis right now. But no, I'm not. It's just that I'm more than willing to explore unlimited possibilities of what I can do as a person and what particular tool/s I may use in inspiring and influencing other people. Being a one-man team is both a challenge and a headache. But, nonetheless, it's a blessing from our creator because he gave us gifts,  which turns out to be opportunities that we can explore and share to other people.

     Some people say that I need to focus on one particular ability and let it grow. Yes, they may be right at some point, but it's not proper to turn my back away from my gifts. We were blessed to have those gifts and we were given an opportunity to use them as our tool in expanding our capacity and worth. And that's enough reason for me on why I shouldn't give up everything.
     Right now, people may see me as an architect, others find me as a blogger, while for some, I'm an artist (visual/digital). People may see and know me in different ways, but one thing's for sure - I'm a son of my creator and I honor him by continuously developing my gifts.

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