Saturday, December 31, 2016

An Ending Year and a Broken Heart

     Hello there, Mr. nice guy! What's your problem now? Having a heartache just days or hours right before this year officially ends? I know that you feel terrible especially that a very special occasion is coming up - new year. So what, if your breakup or heartache coincides with this worldwide occasion that requires you to wear that dazzling smile and happy heart? You should be thankful anyway. Don't get me wrong, my friend. I'm not being hypocrite here. All I'm saying is that you should be glad that it happened right before new year.
     New year has thousands of reasons to cheer you up, Mr. nice guy. As a belief by many, new year is a start of new beginnings. Now is the perfect time to begin with a new you... a new heart! Congratulations!

But what about my feelings, Matt?

     Yes, I'm still here to talk about things that will help you cope up with that tragic love thing. Believe me, my friend, I did think of you while I'm on a plane floating at the night sky; I was thinking about what you feel while gazing at those shimmering urban street lights that create a breathtaking panorama; and I was internalizing your heavy emotions alongside with that agonizing air pressure inside my ears. Yes, this blog post is dedicated to people just like you - heartbroken right before new year.

     As I have mentioned, you should be thankful that it happened days or hours before year 2016 ends. It's the end of the season and as you may have noticed, stores around you are having their year-end sale. Those discounts weren't really meant for generosity's sake. They were meant to dispose old supplies in order to give way for replacements. New stocks would eventually come in and they need a good amount of space or display areas. Yes, replacements. Anything old needs to be replaced with something new to entice lurking eyes. Old styles are now undervalued while new ones get the rightful value. Old styles need to be undervalued because their presence isn't that effective anymore. The market is at low. Same with you, you've been undervalued, left out, and broken into pieces. Your presence to her has faded. Just imagine if you're like some of those clothes, which presence were ineffective since day one of the year... or at least at the middle of the year. It would be very horrible. You might feel trashy for the remaining days of the year. So cheer up! you have hours left to feel trashy for a certain year. It's time to look forward for this coming year. Time to be positive.

But how am I supposed to feel that way, Matt? I'm hurt.

     Yes. You are hurt. And as I have mentioned, new year gives thousands of reasons to be happy. Time to move on... real quick. As of the moment, you are like those old clothes - torn and tarnished. You've been worn a lot of times. You've stood the test of time, yet your time is finally over. You're over. You're just as good as a year - merely passing and fading. If you remain torn and tarnished for this coming year, you'll end up in the trashcan. Before you know it, scavengers are already feasting on you. No more positive new year for you. How to survive? Simple, my friend. You have to undergo upcycling.  

     By definition, upcycling or "creative reuse" is the process of transforming old products into new ones with better quality and better value. You simply have to become the better you. But this blog post isn't about teaching you how to be better (wait for my next blog post), this is more on facing the year with gladness. Going back, you can't undergo upcycling when you're not fully ready. Being ready means letting go of that old broken self. Go on, Mr. nice guy, it's time to leave those heavy baggage behind. You can't embrace a year wholeheartedly and very positively while having those termites with you. Don't let them turn you into dust. 

What to do, again?

     Any moment now, people will be celebrating the coming of 2017. Be sure to have good vibes with you as this celebration requires a happy heart. A happy heart means not holding on with those negative pieces within. Release them now! Look around you, there are firecrackers and fireworks everywhere. Why not list down all your negative emotions and tie it up to firecrackers or fireworks. Light them up... kaboom! Say goodbye to your feelings! Aren't they beautiful? Those burning grudges turned into beautiful display of lights. Yes, it's not enough to just burn and watch your brokenness turn to ashes. By all means, shout it out loud! Release those remaining pain while those firecrackers or fireworks are at play! Remember that no one can hear you as your action accompanies loud noise. Just shout it out, my friend. Shout it out. Don't be friendly and sentimental. You have to release them out. Feeling OK now? Then you're ready. If not, look everywhere. Other things such as trumpets/horns or drums are made available for you. Release those remaining pain by blowing those cute horns or by beating those drums. No need to be ashamed of... it's new year's eve, my friend. You are not the only one hitting those instruments to make noise. Few more pain? Eat it out. There are a lot of sweets served on your table. Indulge until you feel great! See? New year's eve has thousands of reasons to help you cope up. There are many more ways, just look around you. Be creative. 

     Ready for new year? I bet you do. Time to wash out those tears, clean up, and embrace this year with a very light feeling. Enjoy the celebration! Greet 2017 with a positive heart and a promise to begin the year with full of hopes. 

You've surpassed a year of being broken. 
You've moved on that quick. 
You're ready.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Our Losing World

     The last time I wrote you a letter was when we were falling apart. That tragic fall is nothing but a memory accompanied with strong energies called emotions. It wasn't gravity's fault... it was our own fault... and I can still recount my losing moment... that moment when I lose you.

     It was a complete struggle to begin with. We let external forces ruin our rotating world of love and joy without knowing it. We were too busy revolving around each other's love that we didn't see their accelerating desire to destroy our world. They brought Armageddon into us. Our euthopian dream of "forever you and me" sunk down to where Atlantis is. Our strong walls were destroyed; our fortifications failed; and then "we" became inexistent. We were both wounded from our battle called "eternity". From there, we were disheartened to continue the fire that we made.

     It seems so wrong that we ended up like pieces of trash. We became worthless and wasted. We didn't even bother to upcycle our current state. We were so depressed with our image that we forgot to think about each other. Extremes made us refugees. As a result, we tend to find refuge in other people's homes. We were so eager in finding that perfect dwelling place that we forgot the home that we once shared. 

     That hurricane made us individuals again. It made us busy in building our own separate walls that we forgot we had our unifying walls before. We struggled to survive and we did... we did survive. We experienced difficulty and defeat and we managed to get up. We had a disaster... and we were successful in rebuilding ourselves... but surely, we failed to rebuild our world.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Blogserye: My First Step

     Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! This is it! It's time for me take my very first step! One... two... three... Attack!!! Wohoo! Don't stop Steven, don't stop doing your steps. Wohoo! This is the best adventure eveeee... Oh-oh! Waaah! (blag) Ouch! My butt hurts! I stepped on a hole.

     Hmp... Were am I? Complete darkness covers me here. It feels like someone's embracing me. Am I not alone? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I'm scaaaaaared! Wait, I shouldn't be worried with darkness. I should worry more about being lost. Help! Please help me!!!

     Is this the end of Steven Seven? No! I don't want to end that soon! I'm your blog buddy. You can't just forget about me. I'm aliiiiive! Wahahahaha (cough). Oh boy, got to work on that spill. Before I get boring in this entire lost and found episode, time for me to end this. See you next time! Dot dot dot!

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Blogserye: It's Official

     It's a bird... it's a plane... it's... it's... it's me - Steven Seven! Sorry Superman for borrowing your epic intro. Well, I really need an epic introduction for this particular moment. I'm finally alive! I'm alive! Muhahaha! Eeek! I should delete that "I'm alive" thingy. I'm not Frankenstein to begin with. Wait... who am I? Let's begin this year with a question of my existence.

     I was created in order to lighten things up. While Artistmat's posts are all about inspirations, hopes, and poems... mine would be about humor and adventures - my adventures. Treat me as your blogosphere buddy, who lighten things up. So, if you want inspirational posts, visit this blog anytime. But if you want simple humor and crazy adventures of a newborn blog talkative, then visit this blog every Saturday. And if you want someone to tap your back, then visit a masseur. Nah! Just kidding! But seriously, visit me. Pleeeeaaaase? I'll entertain you very well, that's for sure. And if I don't, well... let's work things out. I'm a newby here so please bare with me. Just don't leave me (Cat's sad eyes).

     Convinced now? Huh? Huh? Huh? Yehey!!! I love you from moon then back! I will definitely entertain you! Wait... Hmp... What should I do next week? Hmp... Shopping? Hiking? Swimming? Well, we'll see. See you next Saturday guys! Dot dot dot!

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