Monday, April 23, 2018

Seda Edge Relaunched

     Since this blog has been revamped with a new title and a fresh new look, the very best thing to do is talk about re-branding. 

     I've been a member of Seda Loyalty Program since its inception last year. It was offered to guests, who stayed in Seda Hotels nationwide. I got mine from attending EAROPH's (Eastern Regional Organization for Planning and Human Settlement) two-day international conference held at Seda Vertis North. The loyalty program's benefits include:
  • Priority wait list for room and dining bookings
  • Access to Seda Loyalty Program Reservations Hotline of every Seda hotel
  • Exclusive line for speedy Internet access in the guestroom the entire stay
  • Precedence in receiving advisories on special offers and promotions
     But, not all good things come to last. Some were destined to be better. That is why this year, the management decided to give Seda Loyalty Program a fresh new start. 

     It was April 18, 2018 (Wednesday) when Seda Vertis North officially launched the new face of its loyalty program named "Seda Edge". The night was filled with food, beverages, music, and spectators waiting for the great reveal.
     Seda Edge [now] comes with a physical card that members can bring and show to Seda Hotels as they arrive. It comes now in two tiers: Classic and Premiere.Classic is the beginning of guest's Seda Edge experience while Premier is the passport of frequent guests. Events, rates, and promos will [exclusively] be sent via email. This time, patronage can be this exciting and rewarding. 

For membership, you may apply online by visiting 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Aristmat: Version 3.0

     Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to present to you... "Artistmat 3.0"! Replacing the thirteen-year-old title with something that would live up to this blog's purpose is something that should be thought of. I did a thorough study through series of analysis in arriving to this new title. And yes, this is it. It's final. Artistmat 3.0 is the new title.

     Why 3.0? This is the third look of this blog since its conception. V 3.0 or the version three point o. It also represents my current age, which is thirty years old. This marks my journey as a blogger from thirty and beyond.

     New title, fresher look, solid direction. This is what these changes are all about. Expect more changes along the way as I am not yet done with revising this blog's entire pages. For now, please do bare with me. 

     This is Matthew Sanchez Chua, signing in for Artistmat 3.0!  

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Re-Title: Whisper of my Heart No More

     Thirteen years have passed since "Whisper of my Heart" was conceptualized by a young dreamer. The title was created out of this author's need to represent what his heart has to express for life and anything under the sun. It was a tool made for a boy's self-discovery as he venture writing.

     A lot has transpired since then. The evolution of his writing style both in poetry and prose became a manifestation of his self-discovery; movie reviews meant for inspiring people were created; and haiku became his refuge every time his "literal" and his "figurative" worlds collide.

     It was back then and Whisper of my Heart is its official title. Last year, change had been made when this author had decided to finally buy It was a giant leap for him. Acquiring his own domain name was a tough decision to consider, but it happened. 
     Now, another big change has to come - major makeover. This is going to be this blog's second major makeover. This is another tough decision for him to consider especially that this author values sentimentality. But, again, this has to happen. 

     New title, new layout, and new feels. This is version 3... and it is about to happen.

     Stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Haiku: 1st Quarter of 2018

     Since first quarter of 2018 is almost ending, allow me to share to you ten (10) haiku I made since January. Enjoy...

Dance your way all day,
This ocean is your kingdom.
Let your body sway.

Floating in midair,
Showing nice colors and forms
Attracting our eyes.

Run trough wind of time.
Show us the speed of your legs.
I bet you'll go far.

Tell me words once said;
Let me hear how I sounded-
That love my soul gave.

Moon so bright, we see
Her beauty and mystery.
Lovely night, we sing.

You appeared to me
In my sweetest sleep at night,
Bending horizons.
Felt your heat touching,
Awakening my spirit.
A new day, indeed.

Weave me patterns, dear.
Create that lovely shelter
That catches your prey.

Deafening it is,
Your unfavorable sound
Filled up this plain  room.

Come and kiss my cheek.
Embrace me with your cool state.
Whisper me with sigh..

     Want to read more haiku made by me? Follow me on Instagram and on Twitter. Just key in @artistmat and click "follow". Thank you in advance!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Paalam Kawalan

Saan ngaba papatungo ang mga paang ito?
Ito ba’y magpapatuloy hanggang sa dulo?
Oras na ba para malaman ng buong mundo
Na di ko kinaya ang sakit na iniwan mo?

Minuto ang tumatakbo habang ako’y papalayo.
Mga alaala ng kahapon dumalaw sa isipan ko.
Buhay patungong kawalan akin nang tinatahak.
Paalam sayo, aking kawalan.

Ano ka ngaba sa buhay ko?
Nang dumating ka, ako’y biglang nagbago.
Ang dating mundo kong masaya
Binudburan mo ng substansya.
Mahal ko, naging masmasaya ako sa piling mo
Hanggang sa kinalimutan kong may buhay nga rin pala ako.

Ginawan kita ng espasyo sa mundo ko
Hanggang sa ikaw nalang ang naging laman nito.
Nakalimutan kong hindi lang naman pala ako
Ang nilalaman ng mundo mo.
Nabuhay akong bulag sa pag ibig.
Sa pantasya kong ito, ako’y nananaginip.

Oras na para magpaalam...
Paalam kawalan.
Oras na para isuko ko ang buhay na ito
Sa banging tumatawag sa pangalan ko.
Ano pa ngaba ang magagawa ko?
Kundi sundin ang nais nito.

Lima, apat, tatlo, dalawa, isa.
Sandali lang... meron pang isa.
Isang pagkakataon para baguhin ko
Ang buhay na itinapon mo.
May pag asa pa para bumangon
Mula sa putik na pinaglagyan ko.

Ako ngaba ang nawalan sa larong tinapos mo?
O ako lang ang nagsabing talo ako?
Mundo ko ngaba ang higit na nadurog sa paglisan mo?
O isinisisi ko lang sayo ang matagal naman nang papalubog?
Ako ngaba talaga and dapat magdusa?
O ako lang ang nagpasya sa ating dalawa?

Hindi ko kailangang tumawid sa liwanag
Sapagkat ako’y naliwanagan na.
Buhay kong ito di dapat dumepende
Sa sugat ng kahapon; di dapat magpaapi.
Eto na, buo na ang aking pasya.
Ako’y magpapaalam na sa inakala kong kawalan ko pa.

Paalam sayo, kawalan.
Ngunit... di nga pala ako ang nawalan.
Paalam sayo, kawalan.
Oo nga pala... di ka nga pala kawalan.


     Exhausted, I find myself resting on the floor of this old passageway filled with strangers passing by. For a moment, I feel my heart beating faster than the movement of time. I hear the beating becoming louder and louder. That annoying sound starts consuming my every being until...

     It brings me to the time when that kind of beating isn’t made by running endlessly, but by loving tremendously. I see myself younger and happier. I see myself oozing with overflowing love. I see myself complete.

     My consciousness brought me to the time when I was in love. That kind of love, which gave me the reason to continue my life and live to the fullest. That kind of love, which gave me all the rights in this world to aim for a future filled with colors. That simple love, which made me feel complete for a while. I can still smell the sweet aroma of being in love. Those trees waving triumphantly in tune with heavenly melodies until...

     Colorful surroundings slowly fading, sky’s cracking down, petals falling apart from trees. I’m feeling weaker now. I feel pain. I feel a pinch of emptiness inside of me swallowing my entire soul. I feel terrible.

     My consciousness brought me to the time when her soul left her biological dress. It was the moment when she needed to go and loose grip. It was the moment a hole in me showed up. This man in complete state suddenly turned incomplete.

     I see life in complete mess again. My world turned eternal hell. My home became my prison cell. My life converted into never ending pain. Sanity at its worst.

     Dark walls colliding like pendulums dancing in harmonious velocity. Hallow ceiling turned into moving abstraction. Cracked flooring bouncing like broken glasses in tune with flowing frequencies. I’m in complete struggle. I need to go back to the real world now. I need to revive my consciousness. I need...

     Love. I need her back in my life. I need to complete the emptiness in me. I need to seal that hole for me to be whole again. I need my world back. This is me...

     Suffering my undying pain.

Image source: frame2frame

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Let Go

Die now, it's time for rest,
You've done a lot of best.
Leave this world if you may,
Great memories shall stay.

Time for us to let go.
Allow your spirit flow
To somewhere beautiful,
Where cups are filled in full.

It is time for goodbye.
Tears occupy our eyes.
Go now and say hello
To Him whom life we owe.

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