Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Losing My Passion

     Last October 2, 2021, I wrote my first ever composition. This song's theme is about losing my passion, which I strongly felt. The feeling was so strong that it took me only a night writing this piece. This is it. This is the start of my journey as a song writer. Once a poet, now exploring his way making songs. Here's the lyrics:

Verse 1 

I’m not lost, yet I can’t find my way.
Where are you now? Please come back and stay.
I’m losing my interest today.
Moving forward is just a cliché.

Verse 2

I can’t feel your fire burning in me.
My vision is gone, now I can’t see.
Dreaming seems impossible right now.
Looking forward is not me, somehow.


Help me bring back my old self again.
Give me the drive I usually gain.
Let me feel the desire to go on.
Help me find the way back to my own.

Verse 3

What day is it? I can’t feel the time.
Is it me? Or the world isn’t fine?
What move shall I make? Where to go next?
I can’t be just here feeling unrest.

Verse 4

Why do I have to lose you somehow?
I’m still longing to use you ‘til now.
How can I find you beyond this noise?
Where are you? I have to use this voice.

[Chorus 2x]

Ending verse

I'll keep on waiting until you're back.
This is me, completing what I lack.
Give me the courage to win you back.
This is me, competing with my luck.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

New YouTube Channel Name: Vibe with Artistmat

     There are new changes happening in my YouTube channel since it's time for me to o fully utilize the platform.

Changed my YouTube channel's name from "artistmat" to "Vibe with Artistmat". Primarily been using this channel in uploading video lectures for ViBe (Virtual Benilde), but because of the new direction - adding various segments other that video lectures, it's time for a change. Thought this through a lot and I openly embraced the idea of a change in name to give emphasis on the kind of channel it will become. One consideration is to retain the branding and to add prefix/suffix. The second consideration is for the name to sound general rather than specific since multiple segments with various themes will be made (this includes various collaborations).

So instead of using words such as TV, Productions, Studio, Vlogs, Gaming, and etc as rightful prefix/suffix... I decided to make use of "vibe" as a compromise between its primary purpose and the new direction.

Catchy, isn't it?

Vibe with me. Subscribe now.


Thursday, April 01, 2021

Buy Me a Coffee

     This is my first ever post for this year and I am pleased to let your know that I have created an account in This is a new move for me as a I plan on building a community of patrons. I want to know and have a more personal interaction with you.

     If you are interested and willing, please do buy me a coffee. Just look for the widget or the coffee icon. Thank you. - Matt c",)

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