Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ethics From The Gum

.....An hour ago, I accidentally stepped on a chewing gum loitered on the street. It seems to lay there for a long time, waiting for its prey. A used chewing gum that carries a lot of bacteria of its user. And because of its perseverance, it got me as its victim. Is this scene so familiar to you? Or, is this kind of manner present in your country?
.....If you say no, I'm happy for you but if you say yes, I pity on you. This situation has been repeatedly done over and over again here in our country. A behavior of irresponsible citizen of this nation. Why does people got used to this kind of manner? Does people don't apply ethics as their character's sole foundation? Sorry if you feel that I'm having a lecture about ethics. My thing is, we are human and we must act like a human not just for our own sake but also for the sake of others. We must act responsibly if we want a change for this country. Change will not happen by blaming our government officials, whom we consider as leaders of this country. Change comes from each and everyone of us because we are all leaders in our own way. If you're one of this people, please do stop because you're making harm to other people's health, society, and even the environment. Please stop spitting on anywhere because you're a human. A human who will eventually become one of this nation's leader.
Be a responsible citizen... Be a leader of this nation.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Selfish Love

.....One of my friend, who happens to be a girl, texted me yesterday that I should stop texting her because her boyfriend gets mad every time he sees my name appeared in my friend's inbox. So I immediately replied with "OK". This situation reminds me of the word "jealousy". A word that triggers love to an extent of provoking anger. Yes, I did responded nicely from her request but my thing is, is it really a selfless love? Is he really trust her? What I want to emphasize is that he shouldn't be mad to any people that have a connection to his girl because of the fact that these people came to her girl's life even before he came. He shouldn't be reacting that way because jealousy is an act of selfish love. A love that focuses only for himself and not for the two of them and besides, if he is an open-minded person, he should let his girlfriend mingle with other people and he should inject trust on their relationship. Love is a universal thing that should be used in a positive way without any hindrances such as pride, selfishness, and jealousy. I hope that this post will give each and everyone of us the lesson that we should share with others. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Letter of Passion

.....As the school year 2007-08 has ended, it signifies that my term as the President of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) has finally ended. Here's a letter given to me by my adviser, Ms. Melfi Caranto:
Dear Matthew,
.....It was a unique experience working with you. We have been to a lot of challenges, conflicts, pains, heartache, sorrows, disagreements but we surpass them all. My apologies for causing you hurts and pains in the way I handle you as your adviser.
.....I believe that your leadership experience will really bring you to where you want to be in the future. I just hope that you will do reflections and cling to the best of your experiences and learn from your mistakes.
.....It was a nice experience working with you..
God bless!
.....Yes, my term as the President of SSG has ended but it doesn't mean that leadership will end as well. Our school and mentor have trained me to become a good leader; They gave me enough motivation to serve my fellow students; They shaped my whole being and injected positive values that would embody my pasiion towards serving other people. This is a part of my story called moving on and continuing what I have started.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Fraud Identity

Once, I noticed a man hiding
Beneath those black lighting;
Observing people with lurky eyes
Filled with his deceitful lies.

I watched him mingle with the crowd
Pretending as if he's too loud;
Managing to keep his cowardliness
Despite his obvious awkwardness.

I tracked him all throughout the day
Watching him execute his own way;
Seeking for some additional evidences
That will defy his true existence.
Why should he need to hide
The identity of his fearful side?
Why did he chose to keep
His feelings that bloom so deep?

If given a chance to say something,
These are the words worth reminding:
Please listen to my sincere advice
For it seeks to terminate your lies.

Pretending should not be your tool
For it only belongs to the fool;
Try to accept the real you
And divert to a positive view.

Please do stop pretending
For your ego has been forsaken;
You should come out from that shelf
And reveal your genuine self.

Being fake should not be your hobby
For it seeks to destroy ones own body;
Being true will capture life's essence
Especially when aiming for excellence.

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