Saturday, January 04, 2014

Leaving Home: Sacrifices, Tears, and Dreams

     Today's the day. It's time for me to fly back to Manila, where my career and education are. Visiting Iloilo, my hometown, has finally come to an end. With this kind of scenario, I can't really help myself not to remember what happened last 2004.

     It was April 23, 2004 when I needed to leave Iloilo for a a particular reason - to study in Manila. It was hard for me to leave at that time knowing that I really don't know what awaits me there and how long will I stay there. All I know is that I'm going to study in Manila to pursue Architecture, but the reality is still vague. I really don't have a grasp of what's gonna be my life there, what kind of journey will I be trekking, and what future will I have. All those questions made my vision blurry and all I could think of is that I'm betting for an unknown future that has something to do with sacrifices.
     Now that I am enjoying the future that I was trying to decipher back then... this gave me an impression that my decision was right. All those sacrifices and all those tears paid off. I am now an Architect, an academician, a young leader, and a future urban planner. Now, leaving home is not that hard at all knowing that I carry with me those dreams that I still need to achieve. With me are strengths that come from my family and from the people, who rely their own strengths on me. There's no time for me to give up now. This is not just for me... this is for everyone, who believe in me.

Friday, January 03, 2014

i.Shared: A Photo Blog

     A new year simply means a new beginning. We all have our own promises, goals, and actions being made as this bright year starts. And as for me, I made one thing - a photo blog.

     This photo blog is called "i.Shared", which is short for Instantly Shared. I made this photo blog simply because I want to create a place for my instagram photos. This new space will allow me to share my captured moments with my readers here, who are non-instagram users. Don't worry, there are lesser words in order to emphasize the picture more than anything else.

     Feel free to visit my photo blog. This is my new year gift to you, guys. Thank you so much for staying with me and for being my avid readers.

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