Monday, December 29, 2008

Showing Leadeship In An Unwanted Form

.....Learning how to edit pictures in an advance way gave me an idea of producing another site. This site would be named Druoun X Images and I'm planning to launch it next year. But, I'm not yet sure if I'm going to make it on blogger, weebly or multiply. At first, I have this idea of making this site on multiply for me to finally have an account there. I'm not yet sure if were will it be.

.....Well, for now, let me have this post as an introduction of my soon-to-be-site. Druoun X Images will dedicate solely on designing and editing photos to soon-to-be-readers and would-be-avid followers of this site. What's best is that I will be offering my services for free. Maybe some of you may think that I'm trying to be crazy on one point or another but no, I'm not. This is only an experimentation of how can I make use of my talent in serving others. I would be happy to know how will I be able to touch their lives and I would prefer to call it as a movement of change or some sort of a pose for a change or something. Ahh.. Still doesn't have that concrete idea.

.....Anyways, leadership and service to others may come in a different form or approach and it does not matter as long as it's for the common good and it has something to do with the so called "change" then, it's worth pursuing. That's another leadership lesson for this day.

.....Let me leave you with this video, which I have posted on youtube (my first ever uploaded video) a while a go. I hope that you'll like this one!

.....And one last thing. Below, is my official banner for the said site. This would give you an additional bird's eye view of this soon-to-be-site.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Passion Caught Inside Out

.....Exploring on different ideas isn't bad as long as we don't take it seriously (way too serious). For this blog post, let me have this opportunity to share with you some experimentation that I'm doing with my photos. You may feel weird about it or you may say that I'm doing awkward things for my self, you may even call these photos "the extremes", "scary", or whatever you feel to call it.

.....Now, enough for the introduction because I'm pretty sure that you're very curious about it. Here are some of my edited photos:

.....As you can see, I'm the main character of these pictures portraying different scenes. It may look like that I really miss acting on stage so much that I'm expressing it through this pictures as if I'm the main cast of a movie. For those who don't know, one of my passion aside from serving other people and architecture is actually acting. I may not be present on stage right now but surely, I was able to express my inner expressions through portrayals. Thanks a lot for giving your spare time in reading this post!

Leadership Knows No Break

.....Hi guys! Today marks our official Christmas vacation. This gives me the moment to relax, unwind, and think of the things that I should do for this coming year. I'm not talking about the so called "new year's resolution". Things that I should think about are more of roles and responsibilities for my studies, organizations, and many more.

.....Responsibilities, as well as leadership, should not stop when vacations were being granted. Instead, it should be an opportunity to allow ourselves to do the things that we can't do during our hectic schedule comes to worst. We should be glad that certain vacations were created for us to unwind and be more creative on thinking what we should do that can affect the lives of other people. Let's not allow ourselves to be tired of making a difference to everyone that surrounds us. Who knows, maybe this is gonna be the last time that we may able to step our feet on this wonderful world. So try not to spoil every inch of a moment. Let's all go out, walk, leave a mark, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Monday, December 08, 2008

A Day Of Making A Difference

.....Last Friday (December 5, 2008) seems to be a blessing for me. A blessing in the sense that I was able to exercise my potential as a true citizen of this country. It started early in the afternoon were the school has this annual gift giving ceremony for the old men and women of our society. I participated there and I really enjoyed seeing those people dancing and singing. I witnessed the joys on their faces giving us a projection that they were really glad. The event ended up with, of course, the usual gift giving participated by the entire school community (both students and employees).

.....After the event, we rushed toward University of Makati for the GK1MB. GK1MB stands for Gawad Kalinga Isang Milyong Bayani. In case you are not familiar of what I'm talking about, you may search on my previous posts or you may use the search engine. We had a great time there because a lot of celebrity bands and performers, also known as GK advocates, performed in front of us. Those performers both entertained and informed us about the upcoming projects of Gawad Kalinga. Of course, the event wouldn't be complete without the presence of its founder, my inspiration, Mr. Tony Meloto. He offered a great speech (it always happen) for us volunteers.

.....In conclusion, my day wouldn't be perfect and meaningful without my presence and participation for these two events. Honestly, these events remind me that I shouldn't give up on whatever advocacy that I intend to fight for no matter what obstacles will try to hinder me.

.....Let me leave this message for my readers that can relate on this post: Remember, we are all created and designed to do good for others. Don't give up easily because if you think that you have tried a lot and nothing great really happens, think again. A lot of people like you are still existing in this world trying to accomplish their mission to do good and to make a difference.

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