Saturday, January 17, 2015

Big Hero 6: Disney's Trademark for 2014

     Disney hit big time in 2013 with its animated movie "Frozen". It was a gigantic legacy for Disney as "Elsa... Elsa... do you want to build a snowman?" and "Let it go... let it go!" became words of mouth everywhere. Undeniably, basing on everyone's familiarization, the movie was a big success. 

     In 2014, Disney had it again with "Big Hero 6". "Baymax" had been a popular word on different social networking sites. This movie has different elements in it comparing with "Frozen", but it sure entertained people and made them dream of owning their own Baymax.

     I had the chance of watching the movie and it made me decide to watch it again and to pay much more attention on details for this blog's sake. I was impressed with the whole movie that it made me want to blog about it. "Big Hero 6" is definitely worth reviewing.
     "Big Hero 6" is not your average science fiction/futuristic animation movie. It is a story of relationship, creativity, sacrifice, loss, revenge, and discovering one's own purpose. The story revolves around a fourteen (14) year old boy named Hiro, whose big brother was taken away from him through a fire incident. His loss affected him so much that he completely buried his hopes and dreams until he discovered Baymax inside his room. The story went on when he discovered that his brother's death was no accident, but a terror made by a mysterious masked person. The whole discovery made Hiro's heart revengeful. He became angry that the only best thing to do is to terminate the antagonist. His anger overpowered his intelligence, which made him push too far. He neglected the real purpose of Baymax, which is to give care rather than to give terror. Good thing, Baymax made him realize the real purpose of everything. Taking away the life of the other won't bring back the life that's already gone. Hiro, Baymax, and friends of his brother Tadashi decided to stop the culprit by doing it the right way. The story ended positively with a win-win scenario. The culprit has been captured, no one was hurt, and a life has been saved.
     The story highlighted much on Tadashi's goodness and principles, which made Hiro become better by knowing his purpose. This purpose involves helping people in need and risking his own life to save another's life. As what Tadashi said, which was echoed by Hiro: 
"Someone has to do it."
     The entire movie really impressed me. The story-line is great and so as the transitions. Each picture was not forcefully made to introduce the next one. Elements were made to connect rather than to confuse. Moral lessons were powerfully delivered while funny moments were hilariously exhibited.   

     To end this post, I must say that "Big Hero 6" is Disney's trademark for 2014 when it comes to animated movie. Let's wait for the company to unveil their trademark animated movie for 2015. I'm sure that there will be one. After all, Disney has its own sets of magic.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Smart's Free Data is Simply Amazing

     Being a blogger, who [instantly] shares most of his adventures through Instagram posts and other micro-blogging sites, means being connected anytime and anywhere. May it be checking-in a luxury hotel, dining in at a gourmet restaurant, or even walking at the streets. Being connected everywhere means not depending on wi-fi at all times. 

     Before, I make sure that I register my mobile phone to get internet access via data connection before leaving the house. I had to spend money just to be online while outside the perimeter of a wi-fi zone. Thanks to Smart, I don't need to spend money anymore. Smart has given this blogger the ability to instantly share his adventures without depending solely on wi-fi and without the need of spending money. Their free Facebook and Internet promo is really helpful. Now, I get to share my adventures online anytime... anywhere!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

To My Dearest...

Let me offer you my love,
It is the only thing I have.
Please accept it my dear,
There’s no time for fear.

I will love you beyond eternity
And I promise you it’s not a fantasy.
This is how great my love can be
To a woman, who is so dear to me.

Everlasting can be a clear definition
Of what my love has envisioned.
You, walking in complete harmony
To the tune of a perfect symphony.

Sending our vows to each other
Right in front of our great provider
Is a sign of a couple’s intention
To preserve a love for perfection.

Engaging my remaining life with you,
Gave color to a meaningless view.
Your presence is truly a delight,
For you’ve given me a new sight.

Loving you is our greatest story
And we’ve made a piece of history.
Looking back at how it all began,
Reminds me of a lovely risk I’ve done.

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