Monday, June 22, 2009

DXI: A Multiply Version

.....I'm inviting everyone to visit my multiply account. It is actually the multiply version of Druoun X Images. Here, my visitors may directly view all animated photos that I've created which aren't visible on my blogspot (the original) version.

I'm hoping the you'll enjoy your visit and don't forget to participate, interact, and most importantly is to have fun!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dilemma of Confusion

.....Yesterday was a tough day for me because I have a very big decision to make that will really affect my career. I'm in a dilemma of confusion especially when the one-on-one confrontation took place. I was so confused. My mind was filled with different "what ifs" and one thing that I'm really sure of is to seek help and guidance from my peers.

.....Then there it was. I did seek advice from my long-time mentors from the institution that help shaped my character. I consulted several architects and psychologists about my decision. They all agreed on me. I even consulted different options that originated from different sides and they all disagreed on it. One psychologist even said that I'm only being brainwashed by those people whose mission is to succeed from altering my decision.

.....Thank God that I was blessed with peers that do care for me. At least now I know that the journey that I'm about to take isn't exactly as bad as what those brainwashers are trying to implant on my mind.

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