Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Filipino Youth As The Source Of Change

Philippines is considered to be a christian nation, and with that, people from different countries expect Philippines as a nation of good deeds. Ironically, Philippines is now known as the no. 1 country in terms of corruption. This reality have cause a great destruction unto the reputation of every Filipino. in complement, the term corrupt is already attached in front of every Filipino's forehead. A mark that signifies a thief hiding beneath their souls.

Everyone is blaming the people behind the politics, the politicians, who act as the driver of this nation's vehicle called government. But politicians shouldn't be the ones to be blamed. It should be their leadership. Leadership that have been contaminated with thier strong personal intentions. Intentions that sink his follower's future.

Genuine leaders are those leaders who care for his follower's needs and have the integrity of serving them in a sincere manner. Sincirity towards serving other people is always a part of integrity and integrity is the by product of great values.

Those leaders "by position" won't reach this crictical stage if only they were not trained and exposed to become the desciples of the dark side. Their conscience have became numb that they are not longing for enlightenment. Instead, They're desiring for extreme power. Extreme power that could lead them towards the path of corruption.

Adults should be liable for causing this dilema. They should guide them to the right path during their childhood days. Adults should treat the youth preciously as if they hold the key that could open the gate of goodness. In addition, adults must also encourage the youth to do simple but extraordinary deeds that could influence everyone ,and by that, they can make a difference for this country as early as now.

The author of this article belongs to the Filipino youth and he is longing for a change. But first, he must also execute change starting from with in then, later on, towards others. The Philippines will have a brighter and more meaningful future when every youth have discovered their inner strength and are involved in any nation building activities. The author believes that Philippines will bear good fruits when those youth will emerge to have those leadership position.
My fellow youth, we are the only hope of this nation and we have the right to make things possible for we are the bearer of the future. Let's all work together as an agent of goodness. Everything has an end and so as corruption.

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