Monday, November 25, 2019

Procrastinating Pro

     Promises... Been tracking all your promises. Same reasons all over again. Same cycle of doings as if you are in a loop. Why can’t you pursue what needs to be done? Why be in a still while riding on a moving time? Why let yourself be buried by obligations untouched? Why commit when everything can't be done?

     Now turned into later. Later turned into tomorrow. Tomorrows turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Abundant time became the deadline. And another deadline became an opportunity loss. All these privileges went to trash bins. Hopes of tomorrow turned midnight dreams. What else should have been said to motivate an idled heart?

Broken dreams. Shattered chances. Fading future. Missing old self.

     Why am I in such a mess? I’m supposedly productive, but now I’m useless. What time has yet to offer me when previous chances were neglected? What path shall I take when even broken roads vanished? What expectations must people give when passion has been taken out of grip? What world shall accept me when I chose to isolate myself and be settled in a tiny void?

     I need to fight this bad habit. I need help in rebuilding my old self. I need you to remind me why I have to redo all of these. I need purpose in making things happen. Let me dream of the impossible like I used to. Let me chase dreams as if it is my last. Let me feel the urge of wanting to be my very own hero.

     This time... I want promises turn into realizations and reasons turn into purpose. I need not be idle any longer for I desire progress for my life's remaining existence. 

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