Friday, January 21, 2011

YLKD Topic: Climate Change

     Chaotic, disastrous, and catastrophic are just few of the many adjectives that could be used when describing the state of this planet right after climate change has delivered its final terror. Quite scary, isn’t it? Who knows? Maybe it would be just the beginning of a much greater terror – the final chapter of this earth.

     Climate change is such an interesting and very relevant topic to be discussed by people especially by young leaders, who’s eager to be part of a solution. That’s why climate change was the chosen topic for our kapihan session for the month of January, which was held at the De La Salle University. This highly controversial topic was delivered to us, young leaders, by Dr. Neric Acosta (a.k.a. Teacher Neric).

     During the discussion, Teacher Neric opened our minds with thought-provoking scenario by showing us his previous study that shows the would-be state of our country after climate change has shown its final swing – we’re history! But that’s not all. He also opened our hearts by emphasizing our responsibility and impact to the environment and to the world.

     He emphasized to us that whatever we’re engage in; we do have such an impact to the world and to its ecosystem. That’s why we, young leaders, should always keep our responsibility as much as we can because in the end, it is always our call. Just by thinking to the thought that he’s given, one would say that responsibility is the main key in decreasing the worsening effects and would-be effects of climate change. Definitely! And as I continued to listen to him, I was been reminded by the way I use to perceive our behavioral relationship with climate change.

     As I begin to contemplate about the issue, two fictional characters would always enter my mind – the mad scientist and his invention, Frankenstein. Why them? Well, for instance, the mad scientist is a very intelligent person but has gone insane due to his avarice for fame and power (the reason why he ended up creating ridiculous inventions for him to spread chaos to the entire planet). Frankenstein, on the other hand, is an innocent monster, which is the by-product of the mad scientist’s insanity, equipped with a purpose of bringing chaos to the world. It is so fictional, right? Yes it is. You may be asking me why I have been reminded by these fictional characters every time a much realistic topic has been brought out. Well, based on my point of view, these two characters have already left the land of make-believe and are now part of the world of reality by making us their permanent refuge.

     How’s that possible? For me, there’s already a mad scientist residing in each one of us. And based on what’s happening right now, we’ve already created our own version of Frankenstein, which is in the form of climate change. How do I say that? You see, the mad scientist’s behavior is well represented in our everyday behavior thus, causing climate change to be part of the present reality. We already have created and have brought to life a real monster by means of using our selfish, immature and irresponsible behaviors as our main ingredients. Thanks to us, climate change already has a life of its own - a life that is capable of destroying lives other than its own. By this time, our version of Frankenstein has been busy testing its chaos-planting capability one country at a time until it’ll reach its full potential. By the time it happens, it would bring devastation to a much greater heights. Eventually, the monster that we’ve created will end our own life making us realize that we’ve been defeated by our own insanity – our selfishness, immaturity and irresponsibility.

     In the end, regret would be the only word that we could think of. But it’s not yet too late! We can still alter the future that is yet to come by deciding as early as now. We can still decide not to be like that mad scientist, who has been killed by his own wrong motives. We should always put in mind that what matters most are the results of our simple choices. I just hope that we can always remind ourselves that it’s our choice to take responsibility and it’s our responsibility to make a choice… a choice that will be beneficial for everyone (including those generations yet to come).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Step Higher

     2011 is here... and I'm ready to know those different surprises that are awaiting to be revealed for this year! What I mean by surprises are those that will affect my career as an artist, photo manipulator, experimental photographer, cause-advocate blogger, and as a young leader.

     The presence of 2011 is, indeed, giving me an initial hint. One good example was the message, that was received last week. The content of the message was simple - one of my works has been included in an art feature. That  particular message made me feel so overwhelmed because it shows a fact that another artist  from the other side of the globe has recognized my work. And this only  means one thing - my career as an artist has been elevated a step higher.

     The artwork that I'm talking about is "Madonna In Silence" (left). It has been chosen as one of the many masterpieces to be included in an art feature entitled "The Deviant Art Gallery Feature # 3", which is in a form of da news (DeviantArt News). The art feature was created by  an artist popularly known as xXVampireDreamerXx in the world of DeviantArt. She resides in Australia and she's the founder of the group called "The Deviantart Gallery".  

    As my personal gratitude to what she's done, let me share with you  three of her works just to give you a glimpse of how amazing this artist is. Below are some of her awesome works:

Don't Leave...

Growing From A Book

On Fire...

     Knowing that one of my works has been included in "The Deviant Art Gallery Feature # 3" should not be a reason for me to brag. Instead, it should serve as an inspiration. An inspiration  that would ignite myself in doing more, striving more, and excelling more.

Let me end this post by  leaving you 
the group's tag line: 

"Art's our thing"

[Additional Information]-------------------------------------------------------------------

To see more of xXVampireDreamerXx's artworks,
you may click [HERE] 

To see the art feature, just click [HERE]

To know more about the group, proceed [HERE]

Monday, January 17, 2011

Remnants of Yesterday

     2011 is definitely here and no one can stop the year from revealing its complete cycle. But before we fully engage ourselves with this year, let's first remember those blessings that God has been able to provide us last year. Why? Because it is the right thing to do.

     Let's all embrace this year by developing an attitude of a thankful and grateful heart through reminiscing good things that had happened last 2010. Join me as I lay down some of those blessings that did affect my career as a blogger, a young leader, and as an artist. 

Reminiscing 2010: A list of blessings.....

The 3rd Blog 
     "Limelight and Beyond", my third blog, has been revealed to the public last May 1, 2010. This blog was made to feature and to give critique on artworks that show genuine artistry.

10.10.10.: A Run For Pasig River
     October 10, 2010 or simply called "10.10.10" is such a date to remember. Why? Well, because 10.10.10.: A Run For Pasig River took place. It's a marathon, which serves as a mind-opener for everyone about the river's current situation. I did took the challenge in participating for a 10-kilometer run. It is the best way to be part of the cause and to develop a long lasting self-discipline.

Interviewed By Gil Warzecha
     One of the best break for me as an artist was when I was interviewed by an artist residing in U.S.A. The said interview was posted on Social-Commentary's page and on Deviantart via danews.

"Make a difference to everyone as if you’re leaving a lasting legacy that would put your name in the book of immortality."

Art Features
     I felt so honored when artists from different parts of the world would inform me that my artworks have made it to their list of art features. It is just so amazing when a fellow artist would appreciate your works especially when you know that you have placed your heart in every artworks that you've created. 

Youth Leaders for Knowledge and Development
     My life as a young leader did elevate one step higher when I became one of the 100 successful applicants, who have made it to YLKD. YLKD is a nationwide search for 100 young leaders that will be participating in a year-long forum. The said event is a joint project of World Bank and Ateneo School of Government.

     Being part of the YLKD is not the ultimate surprise. Why? Because after it has been launched, another surprise has been unveiled to us delegates - different news articles.

“I’m looking forward to be inspired more, to be more aware of the different problems of our society, to learn effective ways on how to deal with those problems, and to create a network with my fellow young leaders in order for us to do a project that is much wider in terms of scale and the difference that it can contribute to the society,” Chua says.

     I've decided to fully make use of my twitter account. My primary purpose is to spread awareness and positive thoughts that could help influence other people in a positive way. One would have to remember that influencing people is one of the best tools of a leader.

     I was able to write two literary treasures - "Petal of Sorrow" and "Wave of Memories". I've got to warn you... Number of readers cried after reading these pieces.

     An online portfolio has been published. It is a collection of my photo-manipulated works and experimental photos

     I've created my own international-based group via deviantart. The name of the group? Artists for Leadership and Advocacy (International). This group is the perfect venue for artists, who have the passion of creating artworks that delivers global awareness.

Followed by John Maxwell
     What's the best encouragement that a young leader can have? To be followed by someone who he looks up to - John Maxwell. John Maxwell is one of the best leadership author to walk this planet and his books are very powerful and very influential.

     There, those are just few of the many wonderful blessings that God has given me. How about you? What's in your list? If you've done with your list, kindly contemplate on it. Continue to give thanks for what God has given you and continue to hope for a brighter year.

     Remember that being able to know and value yesterday's treasures can light up a torch that would give you enough light for you to unravel and see the beauty of the future that is yet to come.

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