Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Simple and Selfless Dreams from Kids

     I wasn't able to attend work earlier because of low potassium level. And just like before, I spent the day just lying on my bed and trying to regain my strength. I guess my body wants me to take a break for a moment.

     During lunch time, I met this girl,who happens to be the daughter of a painter. It was my first time to meet her and got the chance to talk to her. I started the conversation with her schooling and stuff. I even asked her what her ambition is and her answer was, to become a teacher. As curious as I was, I asked her why and her simple reply was... she wants to teach kids for them to become smart. That simple conversation made me realize something - kids' dreams are very simple and selfless.

     Talking with kids regarding dreams and ambitions may enlighten us with what we really used to dream of and how we dreamed when we were still young. We used to dream to become someone simply because we wanted to help out and become a solution to the problem. It was always about being selfless. Our satisfaction level during those times was very authentic. We wanted to become someone simply because we want to achieve joy and fulfillment.
     And as we grow up, those dreams and ambitions were slowly becoming things of the past. We were eaten up by reality. Practicality started moving in and everything changed. We started dreaming of a career that we thought would make our lives easier. It is not about being simple and being selfless. It is now more on how to become rich and famous.

     There's a big difference on how kids and adults dream. For kids, life is about finding joy through selfless deeds. Adults, on the other hand, see life as earning money, creating a living, and becoming someone higher than everybody else. For them, happiness can be achieved through good occupation, money, and popularity.

     It is a sad thing that our once simple, yet selfless dream careers didn't happen and we need to cope up with reality by pursuing different careers. We were all victims of this world. Our mindsets became narrower and narrower until we see no one but our own selves. And instead of being selfless and being useful to other people, we became useful only to ourselves. 

     Everything was just a dream now... and we can't go back to what we've left. But, we can still revive that dream. We can still start dreaming of becoming a solution of the problem. We can still become useful to the society as a whole by doing deeds that will benefit everybody. 

     Let's dream all over again. Let's become a dreamer of change; let's start dreaming just like how we used to dream; let's dream like a child - simple, selfless, authentic. Dream on!

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