Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas in the Midst of Sendong’s Wrath

     Today is December 22, 2011 and it is pretty obvious that Christmas is so near and that the number of nights and days left before Christmas can easily be counted. In this kind of season, the usual and expected emotion of everyone would be happy, glad, joyous or whatever positive feeling that one could think of. But for our countrymen down south, it’s the other way around.

     Unlike us, our countrymen residing down south are mourning for the lost of their father, mother, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, or (for some) their entire family who were killed by the flood caused by typhoon Sendong (international name: Washi). The typhoon brought a great deluge that claimed the lives of thousands. With this, they have little reason (or no reason at all) to celebrate Christmas as much as we have.

     At this point, they may no longer anticipate the coming of Christmas as their positive feeling and excitement towards the holiday were changed into a mournful state. Some of us may wonder why this kind of tragedy needs to happen despite the coming of Christmas and why should we still value the celebration despite all of these bad things occurring in our lives.

     But, we should [put in mind] that we still have the reason to celebrate the event no matter what happens around us. Christmas is not really about the happiness that the world has to offer. It is more of the genuine meaning that we need to remember and to emulate for us to be able to truly celebrate it in the best way that we can. Celebrating Christmas is really about remembering the birth of hope, the true worth of sacrifice, the act of being selfless, the strengthening of faith, and the joy of giving.

 Christmas is about the coming of hope. Hope came when a savior was born in this earth in order to break the darkness that covered humanity over centuries. It was this moment when hope was delivered through an innocent little child that [later on] became a king, who conquered everyone’s hearts.

 Christmas is about the sacrifice that God gave to mankind. He sacrificed his lordship by undergoing a kind of transformation that has changed everything. It was this kind of sacrifice that gave him much pain and suffering in order for him to be able to give his own life in exchange of our own.

 Christmas is about becoming selfless. Christ wasn’t so mindful in the kind of suffering that he’ll be experiencing from the hands of the enemies. He chose not to think of his own self just because he truly values others. He managed to get out from his own comfort zone for the sake of giving comfort to others.

 Christmas is about giving. God gave us his own beloved son not because he wanted to receive something in return from us. He gave us salvation not because we asked for it. He gave us salvation because he thinks that it is the proper thing to do. Christmas is really about giving what’s best for others without asking them for something more valuable in return. It is really about the joy of giving that is silently whispering within our hearts.

 Christmas is about the faith. It is about how strong our faith is in believing that God did turn into man in order to give light in this world through the element of hope, sacrifice, selflessness, and the act of giving.

     Christmas can still be meaningful to everyone even though something tragic happened. The spirit of the event can still be felt in the midst of a devastating calamity through ordinary people, who continuously exercise greatness in order for others to become great.

     With this, I’m appealing to my readers worldwide to help my countrymen rise from the grounds of calamity that they are currently undergoing. Let’s all help them not because of pity, but because it is the proper thing to do. This is the right time to exercise the goodness that resides deep within our hearts by helping the victims of typhoon Sendong. Let’s unselfishly share our blessings in order to show them how blessed they are to be part of this society.

     It’s not too late! We can still unleash the greatness that we are meant to become. Let’s all bring hope to the survivors of this calamity by exercising the greatness that can be found in each one of us.

“We're not born GREAT, but we are destined to be GREAT
in order for us to spread GREATNESS in this world.”
                                                                                                   - Matthew S. Chua

Image source: Mobilize and Share
For donations for the victims of typhoon Sendong,
kindly visit Philippine Red Cross

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Last Goodbye

I run in pain,
I run with sorrow,
Without knowing
What’s with tomorrow?

It’s time to bid goodbye;
No need to say hello;
Never ask me why;
And don’t you dare follow.

My sorrow for you
Will definitely last
Until forever is due,
Where everything turns into dust.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

A Lonely Seeker’s Quest

Walking towards the light of morning blue,
Hoping to find the world’s perfect view.
Here I am, again, frustrated for what I see.
This is not the best place that a man should be.

Moving on with my journey, my feet kept on going.
Seeking for places that might possess what my vision has been longing.
But again to my dismay, I wasn’t able to find
The exact beauty that has been created by my mind.

Everything looks completely terrible,
A product of man’s irresponsible behavior.
Nothing has been left for me to find
Just like the old haven that humanity left behind.  

Being sorry for myself was all that I can do.
I thought of nothing but grieve while longing for you.
Our dearest sweet mother, who nurtured us all,
Is now home for chaos and maiden of fools.

I am so angry with my fellow humans
For our beautiful home is now part of history’s murals.
If only I can change things on my own,
Then everything would be as perfect as yesterday’s home.

Destiny knocked me for what I have just thought
Is the best thing that change-makers should have fought.
This is our planet and we should fight for this
Before everything becomes part of a useless piece.

From there, I stand with courage I endured;
From there, I strive for my passion is pure.
Sure, I wasn’t able to find the right answer from my quest.
But realize that the solution lies within my heart’s treasure chest.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rainbows of This World

When was the last time you’ve seen a rainbow? Can you still recall it? The question is a bit funny but I’m serious about asking it. Why am I asking this? Because this question (about a rainbow) simply reminds me of hopes, inspirations, strengths, motivations, challenges, and changes.

It was last October 23, 2011 (Sunday) when I was heading my way to Manila Zoo for U! Happy Events’ “Care for Rare”, which was sponsored by Ate Malou. It was a fine morning when suddenly, rain poured. The sudden rainfall gave me a dilemma because I haven’t brought my umbrella and I wasn’t expecting the day to be a bit rainy. But to my ease, the rain just lasted for minutes and as the FX approaches the Quezon City Memorial Circle, a rainbow catches my attention. It appeared gloriously in the sky as if it was telling me that my problem is over and I don’t need to worry much for everything will be alright.

The feeling was quite funny because as far as I can remember, the last time I saw a rainbow was when I’m still in my early age. It was the age of my triumph as a child where the world is not really hard to live in and that life is just a matter of laughs and cries for simple things that were not granted. It was also those years when my father used to point at the rainbow telling me the word “rainbow”, but the only problem was that I can barely see it with my own naked eyes due to its nearly invisible state. It was a fun, yet melodramatic moment for me to reminisce. Then, my simple moments with my early years were turned into thoughts of reality regarding the significance of a rainbow in our lives.

Rainbows are reminders that every obstacle will end in time and that the future will [still] shine as bright as before. That life has to go on and we shouldn’t be afraid of its twists and turns for it is meant for us to become smarter, stronger, and sharper. Rainbows are our comfort-givers and our deliverers of hope. They can simply be likened to people we admire, people we aspire, and people we look up to, whom we met along the way. They are the people who made a difference in our lives.

Rainbows are like the unsung heroes of yesterday, who molded our pasts and gave valuable meanings to the world that we are currently enjoying; they are like extraordinary men and women of Asia, whom we know as the great Ramon Magsaysay Awardees; they are like the new breed of public servants of “Kaya Natin! A Movement for Ethical Leadership and Good Governance”, whom we know as champions of good governance; they are like the passionate young leaders, whom I met during the “Youth Leaders for Knowledge and Development” program of World Bank and Ateneo School of Government; they are like the volunteers and founders of Gawad Kalinga, U! Happy Events and other NGO’s, who sincerely and wholeheartedly serve this nation; they are like our teachers and mentors, who tirelessly and continuously give their very best just to make sure that we’ll pursue the right track towards greatness; they are like the ordinary citizens of this country, who pursue excellence, goodwill, and honesty in order for this nation to prosper; and most especially, they are like our parents, whom we got our values and characters.   

All of them are not just ordinary individuals. They are people, who show what humanity is all about. They are rainbows of this world. When calamities arise and problems soar, they serve to be our symbol of hopes and our primary source of strengths. They are the first to stand up and the last to give up. They are the reason of our progress and the answer to our sufferings. And as the day comes to an end, we are sure that there’s a beautiful tomorrow still waiting for us. And as long as there are still rainbows emerging in our lives, we know that our children still have a future to look up to. They sure have everything that we could ask for. But, there’s still missing beyond their pursuit towards greatness – us! We are the missing piece and we hold the key to help them continue what they’ve started.

We should strive to be an inspiration to other people as much as how they’ve strived to inspire us. They need us as much as we needed them. And yes, we deserve to be saved but, we are also meant to save other people as well. All that’s left now is our choice – the choice to become part of their growing ranks, to be change-makers of our own, to be heroes to people in need, to be the source of strength to the weak, and to be the rainbow of this country. It is up to us to decide whether we only want to witness change or we extremely want to become part of change. It is time to decide now! Let’s act responsibly! Let’s all become rainbows in this world and become deliverers of hopes, inspirations, strengths, motivations, challenges, and changes!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Box O’ Fun: Beyond Usual Celebrations

Volunteering for U! Happy Events gave me an opportunity to know different kinds of foundations that are present here in the Philippines and gave me a much wider perspective in knowing the field that I’m trekking – Nation-building.
U! Happy Events is a foundation for kids that acts as a bridge linking companies, volunteers, communities, and different foundations. It is like a portal that provides an instant connection between individuals, who are capable of giving help, and individuals, who extremely need help. It is a perfect tool for people, who would want to elevate their role in their respective community - from being ordinary citizens to becoming effective change-makers.

Most of the time, volunteers and partners of U! Happy Events develop a sense of responsibility for the community and for the nation every time they partake in the different events and advocacies of this foundation. And as a result, they would continue to give their time, effort, and resources in order to reach out to people in need and to fully exercise their capacity to give.

Through the years, some of the previous events that had materialized were sponsored by volunteers, organizations, and regular sponsors who would want to take a much higher step in making their impact to the society. And one of those sponsors who had decided to take this kind of step was FunLiPix.

FunLiPix is an on-site photo booth that provides photo souvenirs for different occasions (including U! Happy Events’ very own) and has been around the business for two years now. Last October 29, 2011 marks their 2nd year anniversary and the people behind this company chose to celebrate this momentous event by partnering with U! Happy Events. And as a result of this partnership, an event was materialized and was successfully concluded. This event was entitled “A Box O’ Fun” and was held at the Fun Ranch, Ortigas.

“A Box O’ Fun” was celebrated with the kids of New Faith Family Home and it gave joy to them as they participate in different activities prepared by the organizers such as kiddie rides, magic shows, face painting, balloon twisting, mascots, clowns, and stilt walkers’ exhibition, raffle and games, and [of course] photo booth. The entire event was a mixture of fun and excitement and was made even more exciting when celebrity endorsers arrived at the venue and spearheaded the giving of gifts.

It was during this kind of moment when a kid would come to realize that he or she is not really alone; that he or she is being loved and being taken care of; that there are still people willing to support him or her; and that his or her life is still valuable and worth living. After all, these kids are not really the unfortunate ones. Even though they were abandoned by their original parents, they can [still] be considered fortunate because they witness what unconditional love really means and they experience what real care gives. These kids may lack the love of real parents, but they do have the love of real people… People, who are willing to take the risk just to give them what they really deserve.
As the event comes to an end, one would observe that every kid bears with them the joy that shines from within, the hopes that were rebuilt, the dreams that were regained, and the love that were reclaimed. All of these things are a product of everyone’s effort in providing joy and creating a deep sense of impact to the lives of these kids. This is what real people do and this is what real anniversary celebration should be. The event may have finally been concluded and efforts may have been repaid. But for the people behind FunLiPix, it’s just the beginning of reaching out, making a difference, and creating an impact to the society.   

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hungry No More

     Food... Normally, it is considered to be one of the basic needs of an individual. But for some, food has become their extreme need! How's that suppose to happen? How come a sudden change or a sudden elevation of a need had happen to some of our brothers and sisters? How come some of them are so worried about getting [at least] a single meal a day while some of us are worried with our own personal satisfaction that are way too superficial? How come some of us are dying because of hunger while some of us are complaining with what we eat. Life is, indeed, way out of balance these days. But we just can't complain because none of us really care about it; because none of us would care to understand the needs of our own kind; and because none of us are not selfless enough to share our own set of resources. 

     Food... We know it's important to us. But we should also know that the lives of our fellowmen are also important! We need to help them not because it is the only right thing to do, but because we are designed to be helpful. Come on guys! We are human and it is only proper to act like one. Let's all take this kind of calling and let's all fight hunger. 

     No one should be left behind. Not you, me, nor even the person seated next to you. Act now before it's too late.

This blog post is for:

Blog Action Day 2011: Food

Friday, September 23, 2011

U! Can Inspire Part 1: Life and Cancer

     How much pain have you experienced in your life? Do you consider it to be the worst feeling ever? How did you deal with it? Is quitting and dying became your absolute solution? Or… have you decided to stand up, take courage, and fight for the sake of your life? If the last part happens to be your answer, then you made the right choice. But if it happens to be the second to the last part, which involves quitting and dying, then you better read on and contemplate.

     Cancer… Many people died because of this… some have managed to survive… while the rest… they’re still fighting and hoping that they’ll be able to survive this life-ending terror. Yes, cancer is a very dangerous and life-threatening disease and having this kind of disease can really change one’s life. For adults, cancer can destroy their life; and for kids, it can destroy everything – their dreams, hopes, aspirations, and even their childhood.

     My understanding about cancer and the pain it gives to its prey gets deeper right after my participation in the event entitled “U! Can Inspire” took place. This kind of event gave me the chance to meet and interact with pediatric cancer patients, who are being taken care of Tahan-Tahanan (a foundation which houses and gives medical treatment to kids with cancer). “U! Can Inspire” was the fourth installment of “U! Can”, which is [again] a joint project of U! Happy Events and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It took place last August 13, 2011 (Saturday) and was held at the East Avenue Medical Center. The primary goals of this event were to inspire kids with cancer and, as well as, to provide medical treatment for them.

     At a very young age, these kids were able to acquire cancer. Living a life with this kind of condition is already a challenge, and surviving it is considered a much greater challenge. In this stage, cancer has already affected their dreams, hopes, faith, and even their future, but never their will. Their dreams may have been disturbed, yet they continue on dreaming; their hopes may have been shattered, yet they are still hoping for the best; their futures may have become vague, yet they are still seeking for a much brighter glow; and amidst every pain that cancer gives, they are still fighting! It was during these tough times when these kids can be considered as the best example of how to live a life filled with heartaches, dilemmas, and ordeals.

     These kids, at some point, are so unfortunate for the kind of situation that they are into right now. But don’t feel pity on them. Instead, treat them as your inspiration because it is during this kind of situation when these kids show you how courageous they are. They might even be more courageous than you are, who is currently experiencing temporary heartaches or dilemmas that are much easier to solve. So, if ever things went worst and the only option left for you is ending your life, try to remember how these kids suffer from a terrible ailment and how they were able to keep on standing still. Let them show you and make you understand how you should value the life that has been given to you. And try to remember that if there’s someone who should be giving up as early as now, it should be them and not you. But then, they’re not giving up because these [kids] are not plain quitters and so are you.

     So, before ending your meaningful life, try to reflect from their situation and try to compare it with your own. Remember, you are being compared to a kid. They are just kids in mind and in heart, but they have this strong will that can be likened to a warrior’s will – the will to stand up, take courage, and fight for the sake of their own precious life!

Photos courtesy of Mr. Jose Ramizares

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Bricklayers’ Club: Soaring Higher Than Before

What does it take for a group to successfully grow and to elevate one step higher than the rest? This kind of question has been bothering every organizers, committee members and officers of groups that have been established ever since the era of groupings has begun. This question has become their guiding light in making sure that the organization is still walking at the right path and still heading unto the intended direction. Well, the answer simply lies within each of its members. It is still the members, who share most of the percentage when it comes to making the group successful in each endeavor it partakes. And, it is the members’ will, determination, and passion that still prevail. Therefore, members should be given the right value in order to maintain the group’s present stature. In the case of The Bricklayers’ Club, members are still its priority in making sure that the organization still works and that it is still capable of delivering the best service that it could afford to give to its beneficiary – the community.

Last August 15, 2011 (Monday) was the General Membership Assembly of The Bricklayers’ Club, which was held at The Coffee Beanery in Quezon City. The event was a call to recruit new members, to review past projects, and to discuss upcoming projects as well. The assembly was also a call to introduce the organization’s official media partner – UNTV Channel 37. To sum it all up, the event was a call to re-strengthen the group’s main foundation – its members.

New Members

“The core of the group is its members. Members share the vision, mission and goals of the group. Thus, they are part and parcel of the group’s success.”

New members have been added and they are expected to share their time, talent and skills to the group along with their sincerity, willingness and unconditional effort.

Past Projects

“By looking back at his past, he realizes that his previous actions simply affect his present. Therefore, he makes use of his present by planning ahead of time and hopes that through his simple act, he can still alter his future.”

TBC members did utilize the event by looking back at previous projects and contemplate on the effects it made to the community. By simply contemplating on past projects, members have understood how small and low-budgeted projects were able to materialize and were able to create ripple to the community.  With this, the group (old and new members) became more aggressive, more passionate, and more determined in doing more worthwhile projects.

New projects

“Action needs vision, while vision requires action.”

Members of The Bricklayers’ Club shared a glimpse of upcoming projects that will materialize very soon. Those projects are expected to create new and lasting impact to the society and will, later on, create ripple as it changes lives, lifestyle and perception.

Knowing the vision of the group allows members to realize what their current stand is, what kind of action should be made, and what kind of agenda should be served.

 New Partner

“Birds soar higher when in flocks. It is the main concept of the v-formation.”

The introduction of UNTV Channel 37, TBC’s official media partner, will be of great help in extending the group’s effort in giving community-oriented services. As the group enters the mainstream media, it is expected that TBC will be able to widen its cape as it unfolds its advocacy to the general public. With this, influencing and creating change will be easier.

Passion lives

“Vision and Action are nothing without the spirit of passion.”

Even though vision and action have been determined amongst the group, the fire of passion [still] needs to be lighted. Passion is the guiding force and the prime motivator of the group. It fuels the organization’s will to move forward while responding to the challenges of time.

Passion lives in me, in you, and in each one of us.

The structure

We (members of TBC) are not just a group of individuals united by one call – Architecture. We are not just architects, practitioner and students, who worry much of our personal future, dreams, and desires. We are nation builders… and we serve this country by means of introducing community-relevant design solutions. Through the aid of our dedication, passion and advocacy, we will continuously seek different ways on how we’ll be able to make our theories become part of this ever-changing reality. 

The Bricklayers’ Club is not really about us… It is about the community we serve.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

U! Can Learn: U! Can's Third Strike

     The weather is changing in every hour and even in every half an hour due to typhoons visiting the country. And I think the bad weather condition has finally affected me.

     I ended up my work with a pinch of headache just earlier this afternoon. I felt pain and I had no choice but to find a perfect place to ease the pain. So, what I did was (right after leaving the construction site), I went straight to Trinoma searching for The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s outdoor branch. After searching for it, I immediately entered the store and took advantage of my free coupon for this month (courtesy of CBTL’s The Giving Journal). I tried to ease the pain by drinking a small apple pie tea latte (my newly-found favorite among the array of tea lattes) while reading articles from an architectural magazine.

     While reading those articles, I came to realize that, as a newly-proclaimed registered and licensed architect, I do need to learn much more things. Yes, I really need to. I still need to educate myself more, hone my skills more, and sharpen my principles more in order for me to widen my horizon as an architect. In short, I must continue learning.

     As I continue to contemplate on those realizations, I was reminded by an event entitled “U! Can Learn”, which took place last July 16, 2011 held at the Rainforest Park in Pasig City. The event was actually the third installment of U! Can (an 8-part event series hosted by U! Happy Events for Kids Foundation in partnership with The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf). The chosen beneficiary for this event was Jesus Loves Little Children Foundation, Inc. (an orphanage located in Pasig City) and the main objective was to give joy among orphans and to aid scholarship in order for them to experience a life full of learning.

     Among the last three events under U! Can, this one was the most unique event because of its nature-friendly setting and its theme, which was fun and games. Yes, the entire event was filled with games and each game required us volunteers together with our kids to work together hand in hand in order for us to be able to accomplish the required task. Each game gave us the opportunity to think strategically and creatively and as a result, we ended the day carrying with us not just memories, but leanings.

     I’m pretty sure that the kids learned a lot from the park’s educational tour, from the games set by the organizers, and from us volunteer. I can’t exactly give or enumerate the things that they’d learned from the event and from us volunteers because learning is basically unpredictable and boundless. But, if there’s one thing that I should elaborate… then that should be their realization. Through the event, those kids were able to realize that there are still a lot of people willing to give time and effort just for them to be able to attend schooling and have a brighter future. That simple realization would simply alter the way they see life, the way they value education, and the way they should pursue for a much brighter future.

     And for our part as volunteers, we did learn from them (the kids) too. We learned to have fun in spite of our hectic schedule and work overload; we learned to give joy amidst our personal difficulties and challenges that we’re facing; we learned to give love even though we sometimes lack love from others; we learned to share our blessings even though our personal expenses demand more; and we learned to value education more than we usually do.

     And as a conclusion for this blog post, let me leave you with these thoughts:

*Learning is a never-ending process and there’s no such rule on what age or up to what extent of our life we should stop learning.

*We should always remind ourselves that being much older from the rest doesn’t give us the authority to just teach the younger ones without even learning from them.

*Learning can always be acquired by everyone and it is the responsibility of everyone to share it with their fellow men.

*Don’t consider yourself exemplary if you are part of the learned people. Instead, consider yourself exemplary only when you’ve been able to share to other people what you’ve learned.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Friends and Advocacy

     Hi guys! It's good to be back here in the blogosphere (again). I've been so busy with both my academic life and my life as a volunteer for various charitable works these past few days. That's why, as you may have noticed, I barely blog nor regularly manage my accounts. I think I don't need to elaborate the exact reason because I only have a very short time in composing this blog post. So please... do bare with me. c",)

     For this particular post, I've decided to share something that is worth consuming your very precious time in thinking and absorbing the lessons that these following photos have to offer: 

     Decisions coming from the heart really makes a difference. They're my friends but were strangers to each other until they've decided to come with me and help build a community in Nangka Marikina. Before, knowing me was just their common trait... But now, having a heart for others and the desire to create an impact to other people's lives are their common traits! 

     Good friends share advocacies. They volunteer together to stand for a cause. Together, this group of friends creates an impact to the society. I'm glad to work with these guys because they are now part of the people who care.... and the best part is... they are my friends!

Note: The above photos were taken last May 21, 2011 at Nangka Marikina during the U! Can Build (A joint project of U! Happy Events For Kids Foundation and The Coffee Bean and Green Leaf).

     Before I end this post, I hope that you've been able to extract those useful juices that may help you in your journey as a leader and, of course, as a nation-builder in your own respective country. Just bare in mind that, as a leader, we do have the power to influence other people and that includes our friends. Come on guys,  let's convince them (our friends) to become  part of our personal endeavors. Together with them, we do have the capacity to bring a much greater change... the change that we want the future generations to see and experience.

Until next time.... Matt c",)

Friday, May 06, 2011

Appreciation and Inspiration

     Earlier this morning, I've received an email message coming from Stick Men Creation (the site that I've mentioned on my previous post, which is entitled "Inspiration: A Chain Reaction"). The email message  is made up of a personalized artwork and a short message thanking me for writing the aforementioned post. 

     The said message has given me another reason to continue what I'm currently doing - sharing and inspiring other people through the use of this blog. Inspiring others so that they may inspire other people as well  has become one my core principles ever since this blog has been created. So... for the sake of inspiring you, my dear readers, let me share with you the exact message of Stick Men Creation.


     We can't thank you enough for your kind words. It really means a lot to have someone appreciate the interest put towards their artwork! Your blog post was an inspiration to others, as well as an inspiration to us.

     We wish you the best of luck in all of your projects and want to let you know that we are always there to help you at Stick Men Creation; because, you're right, it is a chain reaction.


     I do hope that their simple message did inspire you as much as I did. You want more? Well, I'll give you  more stuff next time. But for now, I think this would be enough.

     Allow me to end this post by leaving you with this additional thought for you to ponder with your friends: 

Inspiration comes right after you've learned to appreciate a thing (no matter how big or small it may be).

Monday, May 02, 2011

Inspiration: A Chain Reaction

     What does it feels like to be notified by someone informing you that your artwork has been featured in other websites? Your answers may vary in some point or another. But if you would ask me with the same question, my answer would be like this... I'll be flattered and definitely be inspired at the same time. Why flattered and why inspired?

      Flattered because of the nice gesture that has been made in showing his or her appreciation to my artwork; and inspired because what has been done is a simple way of encouragement - which fuels me with  enough energy for me to ignite more, to create more, and to inspire more people. 

     With the statement I've given, I can now conclude that "being flattered" is just the initial part of the process while "being inspired in order to inspire more people" is the raw product of the entire process. Being inspired is, somehow, the most important part of the whole package because it creates a different level of impact. I've been inspired by the gesture of someone - featuring my artwork in other website -  which leads me to striving more in honing myself in order for me to inspire more people as well.
The image below ("Clash of Conflict: The Battle of Good and Evil") is one of the few chosen artworks that has  been featured in by the site owner himself.

     To the owner of, thank you very very much for choosing my artwork. Surely, your action has opened a new door of exposure for my artwork and, definitely, a new door of opportunity for me to grow more and inspire more people.

     To my readers, take time in appreciating simple things that passes you by for it has the potential of opening different doors for you; and take time in enjoying the benefit of being inspired for it will unleash your will of inspiring others.

View the actual page by clicking HERE
View the rest of my creations by visiting my Deviantart account.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Earth Hour Heroes

     Remember Earth Hour? Well, I assume that some or (should I say) most of you, my readers, are familiar and have even participated in the said event. If my assumption is correct, then two thumbs up for you people!

     Earth hour has become a yearly word-of-mouth thanks to the pursuance of its organizers and to the media for educating and continuously reminding the people about Earth Hour. Without them, Earth Hour may just have been a huge event that turned out to be a flap. But aside from them (the organizers and media people), there are also other proponents that needs to be recognized for making Earth Hour possible - the people. Ordinary people, who have participated and were even able to promote the event with their simple gestures.

     One of those people, who have expressed their participation by means of spreading the word and making people become aware of the cause, are Artists and bloggers. They themselves are aware of the cause and they made their own part in making others become aware of the event by simply utilizing their God-given skills and talents.

     One typical example of which is the artist named Chris A.K.A painting-with-light in the DeviantArt (DA) community. He is an avid journal-maker in DA and has decided to make a post regarding Earth Hour. The post appears to be simple - a collection of Earth Hour-related artworks made by artists of DA - but the impact it has created in terms of awareness is definitely bigger than what's been expected.

Below are some of those artworks being featured by the journal:

     I haven't made my own artwork for Earth Hour for this year due to some schedule constraints, but my artwork that was created for last year's Earth House has been included in Chris' journal. And with that, let me have this opportunity to thank Chris for allowing my work to be seen by others and to contribute in the process of making others become aware of what Earth Hour really means.

Below is my personal work:

Take a look of Chris' actual post. Just click HERE

     To Chris and to the rest of those artists and bloggers doing their thing in generating awareness, good job! May you always have the passion and interest in promoting events that are worth participating. Glory to God for creating such wonderful and talented people like you!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Latest Update After Several Months

     Hi guys! It's good to be back here in the blogosphere! I so miss blogging and it's almost 3 months since I last posted here. To my readers who've been waiting for my latest posts (not just in this particular blog, but also to my other two blogs), I am really really sorry. 

     It has been a while already and I must say that I have a lot to share in here. Lots of beautiful, memorable, and inspiring things had happened since January 21 and I'm more than willing to share them to you. It's actually a pleasure for me to, again, inspire you from those simple walks that I've made in trekking out this wonderful journey that God has mapped out for me.

In a few days from now, allow me to share those things to you (despite my very busy schedule). Those things aren't just simple stories, they're actually imprints of my life that exposes the scent of inspirations - inspirations that are not considered simple because they come in reeds and they're ready to expose its blooming sensation. 

Until next time! 
Best regards, Matt c",)

Note: Above photos are just glimpse
of those stories that I'll be sharing to you.

Friday, January 21, 2011

YLKD Topic: Climate Change

     Chaotic, disastrous, and catastrophic are just few of the many adjectives that could be used when describing the state of this planet right after climate change has delivered its final terror. Quite scary, isn’t it? Who knows? Maybe it would be just the beginning of a much greater terror – the final chapter of this earth.

     Climate change is such an interesting and very relevant topic to be discussed by people especially by young leaders, who’s eager to be part of a solution. That’s why climate change was the chosen topic for our kapihan session for the month of January, which was held at the De La Salle University. This highly controversial topic was delivered to us, young leaders, by Dr. Neric Acosta (a.k.a. Teacher Neric).

     During the discussion, Teacher Neric opened our minds with thought-provoking scenario by showing us his previous study that shows the would-be state of our country after climate change has shown its final swing – we’re history! But that’s not all. He also opened our hearts by emphasizing our responsibility and impact to the environment and to the world.

     He emphasized to us that whatever we’re engage in; we do have such an impact to the world and to its ecosystem. That’s why we, young leaders, should always keep our responsibility as much as we can because in the end, it is always our call. Just by thinking to the thought that he’s given, one would say that responsibility is the main key in decreasing the worsening effects and would-be effects of climate change. Definitely! And as I continued to listen to him, I was been reminded by the way I use to perceive our behavioral relationship with climate change.

     As I begin to contemplate about the issue, two fictional characters would always enter my mind – the mad scientist and his invention, Frankenstein. Why them? Well, for instance, the mad scientist is a very intelligent person but has gone insane due to his avarice for fame and power (the reason why he ended up creating ridiculous inventions for him to spread chaos to the entire planet). Frankenstein, on the other hand, is an innocent monster, which is the by-product of the mad scientist’s insanity, equipped with a purpose of bringing chaos to the world. It is so fictional, right? Yes it is. You may be asking me why I have been reminded by these fictional characters every time a much realistic topic has been brought out. Well, based on my point of view, these two characters have already left the land of make-believe and are now part of the world of reality by making us their permanent refuge.

     How’s that possible? For me, there’s already a mad scientist residing in each one of us. And based on what’s happening right now, we’ve already created our own version of Frankenstein, which is in the form of climate change. How do I say that? You see, the mad scientist’s behavior is well represented in our everyday behavior thus, causing climate change to be part of the present reality. We already have created and have brought to life a real monster by means of using our selfish, immature and irresponsible behaviors as our main ingredients. Thanks to us, climate change already has a life of its own - a life that is capable of destroying lives other than its own. By this time, our version of Frankenstein has been busy testing its chaos-planting capability one country at a time until it’ll reach its full potential. By the time it happens, it would bring devastation to a much greater heights. Eventually, the monster that we’ve created will end our own life making us realize that we’ve been defeated by our own insanity – our selfishness, immaturity and irresponsibility.

     In the end, regret would be the only word that we could think of. But it’s not yet too late! We can still alter the future that is yet to come by deciding as early as now. We can still decide not to be like that mad scientist, who has been killed by his own wrong motives. We should always put in mind that what matters most are the results of our simple choices. I just hope that we can always remind ourselves that it’s our choice to take responsibility and it’s our responsibility to make a choice… a choice that will be beneficial for everyone (including those generations yet to come).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Step Higher

     2011 is here... and I'm ready to know those different surprises that are awaiting to be revealed for this year! What I mean by surprises are those that will affect my career as an artist, photo manipulator, experimental photographer, cause-advocate blogger, and as a young leader.

     The presence of 2011 is, indeed, giving me an initial hint. One good example was the message, that was received last week. The content of the message was simple - one of my works has been included in an art feature. That  particular message made me feel so overwhelmed because it shows a fact that another artist  from the other side of the globe has recognized my work. And this only  means one thing - my career as an artist has been elevated a step higher.

     The artwork that I'm talking about is "Madonna In Silence" (left). It has been chosen as one of the many masterpieces to be included in an art feature entitled "The Deviant Art Gallery Feature # 3", which is in a form of da news (DeviantArt News). The art feature was created by  an artist popularly known as xXVampireDreamerXx in the world of DeviantArt. She resides in Australia and she's the founder of the group called "The Deviantart Gallery".  

    As my personal gratitude to what she's done, let me share with you  three of her works just to give you a glimpse of how amazing this artist is. Below are some of her awesome works:

Don't Leave...

Growing From A Book

On Fire...

     Knowing that one of my works has been included in "The Deviant Art Gallery Feature # 3" should not be a reason for me to brag. Instead, it should serve as an inspiration. An inspiration  that would ignite myself in doing more, striving more, and excelling more.

Let me end this post by  leaving you 
the group's tag line: 

"Art's our thing"

[Additional Information]-------------------------------------------------------------------

To see more of xXVampireDreamerXx's artworks,
you may click [HERE] 

To see the art feature, just click [HERE]

To know more about the group, proceed [HERE]

Monday, January 17, 2011

Remnants of Yesterday

     2011 is definitely here and no one can stop the year from revealing its complete cycle. But before we fully engage ourselves with this year, let's first remember those blessings that God has been able to provide us last year. Why? Because it is the right thing to do.

     Let's all embrace this year by developing an attitude of a thankful and grateful heart through reminiscing good things that had happened last 2010. Join me as I lay down some of those blessings that did affect my career as a blogger, a young leader, and as an artist. 

Reminiscing 2010: A list of blessings.....

The 3rd Blog 
     "Limelight and Beyond", my third blog, has been revealed to the public last May 1, 2010. This blog was made to feature and to give critique on artworks that show genuine artistry.

10.10.10.: A Run For Pasig River
     October 10, 2010 or simply called "10.10.10" is such a date to remember. Why? Well, because 10.10.10.: A Run For Pasig River took place. It's a marathon, which serves as a mind-opener for everyone about the river's current situation. I did took the challenge in participating for a 10-kilometer run. It is the best way to be part of the cause and to develop a long lasting self-discipline.

Interviewed By Gil Warzecha
     One of the best break for me as an artist was when I was interviewed by an artist residing in U.S.A. The said interview was posted on Social-Commentary's page and on Deviantart via danews.

"Make a difference to everyone as if you’re leaving a lasting legacy that would put your name in the book of immortality."

Art Features
     I felt so honored when artists from different parts of the world would inform me that my artworks have made it to their list of art features. It is just so amazing when a fellow artist would appreciate your works especially when you know that you have placed your heart in every artworks that you've created. 

Youth Leaders for Knowledge and Development
     My life as a young leader did elevate one step higher when I became one of the 100 successful applicants, who have made it to YLKD. YLKD is a nationwide search for 100 young leaders that will be participating in a year-long forum. The said event is a joint project of World Bank and Ateneo School of Government.

     Being part of the YLKD is not the ultimate surprise. Why? Because after it has been launched, another surprise has been unveiled to us delegates - different news articles.

“I’m looking forward to be inspired more, to be more aware of the different problems of our society, to learn effective ways on how to deal with those problems, and to create a network with my fellow young leaders in order for us to do a project that is much wider in terms of scale and the difference that it can contribute to the society,” Chua says.

     I've decided to fully make use of my twitter account. My primary purpose is to spread awareness and positive thoughts that could help influence other people in a positive way. One would have to remember that influencing people is one of the best tools of a leader.

     I was able to write two literary treasures - "Petal of Sorrow" and "Wave of Memories". I've got to warn you... Number of readers cried after reading these pieces.

     An online portfolio has been published. It is a collection of my photo-manipulated works and experimental photos

     I've created my own international-based group via deviantart. The name of the group? Artists for Leadership and Advocacy (International). This group is the perfect venue for artists, who have the passion of creating artworks that delivers global awareness.

Followed by John Maxwell
     What's the best encouragement that a young leader can have? To be followed by someone who he looks up to - John Maxwell. John Maxwell is one of the best leadership author to walk this planet and his books are very powerful and very influential.

     There, those are just few of the many wonderful blessings that God has given me. How about you? What's in your list? If you've done with your list, kindly contemplate on it. Continue to give thanks for what God has given you and continue to hope for a brighter year.

     Remember that being able to know and value yesterday's treasures can light up a torch that would give you enough light for you to unravel and see the beauty of the future that is yet to come.

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