Friday, October 29, 2010

White But Evil

     Good versus bad, gods versus evils, protagonists versus antagonists. We always see these kinds of conflicts being included in television shows, books, theatrical plays, and even in different forms of artworks. And most of the time, good people or the "soldiers of heaven" are being portrayed as the white ones or people being associated with white-colored shirts or costumes while villains or the "slaves of darkness" are being portrayed as the black ones or characters being associated with black-colored shirts or costumes. Why? Because "white" symbolizes purity, cleanliness, and light (heaven) while "black" symbolizes darkness (hell). Through quick observation, one would say that "white" is universally accepted as the color that represents good while "black" represents evil. It may be true at one point, but when we start analyzing this concept in today's reality, this concept might not be applicable for the entire time and could sometimes be misleading. What do I mean by that? Well, let's take a closer look at one of the many fabricated realities of man - white lies.

     What is a white lie? According to Wikipedia, white lies are minor lies which could be considered to be harmless, or even beneficial, in the long term. White lies are also considered to be used for greater good. In addition to that, Encarta defines white lies as lies not intended to harm, but told in order to avoid distress or embarrassment. As I have observed from the two given definitions, I can easily tell that people are being encouraged to commit themselves to this kind of lie because of its positive features - harmless, beneficial, anti-suffering, embarrassment saver, and etc. But, are these features have enough reason for us to make our own white lies? Think again.

     All of the given definitions that I have read from books and opinions I've heard from the elders are very egoistic in nature. Why? Because the definition only assures me of one thing - making my own sets of white lies is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to save only my ego and not my soul. We must always put in mind that no matter how light-weighted or harmless (as what the world tells us) this lie may be, it is still a lie - a lie that comes from evil and not from God. It is not true that a sin can be harmless once it has been associated to deliver positive results because, at the first place, it is still a sin. And what good does a sin has to give? Well, it has none. The bible always tells us that sins will lead us to everlasting death. In other words, white lies may offer us a very good promo, which is "enjoy now, suffer later". 

     Another thing that we should put in mind is the saying, "the end doesn't justify the mean." Yes, this is definitely true because a perfect output will always be imperfect as long as the input is made up of sinful elements. Or should I say... Glorious buildings (output) will always be weak as long as its foundation is made up of substandard materials (input) and its entire structure has been built in a very substandard method (process). In other words, we may be triumphant in some point in our life through the help of white lies but, at the end of the day, we are still considered plain liars and great sinners. Sinners that are capable of converting known facts into preferred fictions in order for our mind-sets to be altered and to have that sudden switch of thinking that what we're doing is not a sin because it delivers positive results.
     Before I end this post, allow me to share a quote that I personally made and tweeted last June 21, 2010. Here it goes:
"White lies were made by people, who want to make themselves
believe that what they're doing is acceptable
to the eyes of God."
 - Matthew S. Chua

     White lies are and will always be lies and the word "white" can't separate the fact that it is still part of the family of lies. And that's the fact! It is a fact that can be compared to the biological truth that a duck can only produce ducklings and not cygnets, which will later on become beautiful swans. This would only mean that by creating white lies, we are only glorifying ourselves and not God; and we're only pleasing our hungry ego and not our spirit.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

YLKD Topic: Social Enterprise

     Social Enterprise… What is Social Enterprise? At first, I find social enterprise as something that is somewhat new to my ears and something that is being sensationalized by different charitable institutions, individuals, and social-related organizations through the use of intensive marketing strategies and media visibility. But my understanding about social enterprise began to go deeper right after we had our first kapihan forum last October 8, 2010 at the World Bank Knowledge and Development Center.

     While listening to Atty. Paciano D. Casanova’s lecture about the nature and beauty of this trending word-of-mouth, my mind begins to open and welcomes the coming of a new and unique door that leads my consciousness towards a newer and better kind of direction. According to him, Social Enterprise is simply a social mission plus market-based innovation equal to sustainable social change wherein the two factors to consider are social ills and profits. Upon hearing that simple thought, I was able to realize that Social Enterprise is like an abstract painting that can sometimes be defined as simple, ordinary and unappreciated art and yet, capable of delivering a very complex meaning.

     And as I began to contemplate, I came to see Social enterprise as a simple phrase that contains a compilation of extraordinary words such as innovation, involvement, response, responsibility, creativity, impact, difference, and a lot more. It is like a small bag that contains so many important items, wherein each item is considered a priority and a “should-have-to-bring” because of its usefulness and purpose.

     It’s so nice to know how social enterprise began to be appealing not just to my ears, but also to my deeper sense of thinking because of its cool concept, which I likened as a marriage of two different words coming from two different worlds. As for the record, the word “social” means community while “enterprise” means business. “Social” is somewhat very common in the world of community-based organizations and institutions while “enterprise” comes from the business world. Before, these two words have no relation and connection with each other in which one has nothing to do with the other. But when these two words were placed side by side, they became so powerful and life-changing to people that has less in life. It is such a gamble and (at the same time) a very creative kind of thinking to combine these two words in order to operate in a whole new direction without the chance of limiting the nature and capability of each of the two.

     I believe that those chosen few, who already have established their social enterprise, are somehow blessed people because they were able to have the right ingredients in them. For me, those people have both the heart of a passionate and caring leader, who seeks for a positive change in a community; and an intellect of a good businessman, who spends most of his time thinking innovative and doable solutions for his business to prosper. I admire those types of people because they are enjoying these two components in a form of helping people that are in need. Acquiring these two precious elements isn’t easy and when the time comes that I have already obtained these two perfect ingredients, the next step that I could think of is deciding whether I’m going to use these ingredients for my own prosperity or for the prosperity and betterment of everyone. And for my own decision, I would choose to use it for the prosperity of everyone because I choose to be a nation-builder and I choose to be a social entrepreneur! How about you? What would you choose?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Inhumane Humanity

     Water... How important water is? We all know that it covers most of the earth's surface and is very abundant in nature but still, the question remains. Why should we be concerned about water?

     I remember one time when my entire consciousness was reversed onto a new direction. It was early in the morning when I'm listening to a local news channel over the radio while riding on a private vehicle. At first, I find the topic so typical and conventional (as in normal broadcasting) until I heard one of the news commentator said, "Some people are saying that the fight over clean drinking water [and not crude oil] will start the third world war." What I heard, since then, made me realize and contemplate on the possibility that it might really happen if we continue being reckless with our irresponsible actions and if we try to do nothing to correct the current situation that is already at its abnormal state. 

     As of today, water is beginning to be one of the major beneficiaries of man's selfishness, close-mindedness, and irresponsibility. And as I try to remember the previous news and events that I've attended, I can say that the basic design and purpose of water has been altered by humanity. Normally, the basic purpose of water is to support the needs of human and the entire living things here on earth. But as I can see  right now, water is beginning to be the source of different kinds of diseases, the current habitat of wastes, the carrier of mishandled crude oils, and etc. All of these given scenarios should be alarming and very shameful on our part considering the fact that we humans are the cause of these problems. 

     Through our self-centered and inhumane actions, we were able to create a mess that we alone are the prime beneficiary of its effect. It's a major slap on our face if we happen to realize that we always consider ourselves human and the most superior amongst other beings because of the fact that we were given  the will and a very high level of intelligence by our almighty God and yet, we act as if we are the most inferior creatures ever existed here on this planet due to our continuous irresponsibility and denial over different issues.   

     After all, maybe the third world war is coming. Or maybe, it is beginning to happen because what we are experiencing today is that we are already at war. A war against our own safety,  war against our own wrongfulness, war against our deregulated consciousness, war against our  self, and war against our survival! 

     We humans are intelligent and it's up to us if we choose to use that intelligence to correct the incorrect before things get worst. Today's issue is a challenge of how we choose to be different from other beings. It is a challenge of proving ourselves that we have  rightful will and the high level of intelligence. It's up to us to determine if we really are worthy of calling ourselves "humans".

This post is for Blog Action Day 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010: Water

     The much awaited Blog Action Day is finally coming! Exactly three (3) nights left before October 15, where two thousand plus (2,000+) bloggers from 113 countries are expected to blog about one alarming topic - water. October 15, 2010 will surely be remembered throughout centuries to come as Blog Action Day 2010 will  again set a record of unity solicited from different influential bloggers around the world. Before the said date, let me first give you a little background about the event.

     Blog Action Day is a call for action that was initiated last 2008. It was designed to deliver a certain cause or advocacy to the world by asking bloggers from different parts of the globe to be united as one by means of blogging about a specific topic on a given date. Since then, Blog Action Day became a phenomenon and a date-to-remember for bloggers here in the blogosphere. Way back in 2008, Blog Action Day presented an alarming topic for everyone to contemplate - Poverty. It was then followed by Climate Change in 2009 in response to its ever growing effects worldwide. Today, Blog Action Day 2010 has provided another alarming topic for us bloggers to discuss - water.  

     Let me not elaborate on why or how does this topic was chosen. Instead, allow yourselves to be moved by this video presentation (below) for you to understand the importance of this topic.

     On October 15, 2010, expect us (bloggers) to post our thoughts about this year's topic and to, once again, deliver a worldwide phenomenon that can awaken humanity's sleeping consciousness about the importance of one of man's basic needs - water.

Bloggers, be sure to use that very influential skill (blogging) in making a stand to contribute to the change that this world needs! Please click HERE to register.

For my readers, be sure to sign your petition to support the United Nation's effort in bringing clean and safe water for everyone! Kindly sign up your petition through the widget that can be found below.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

10.10.10 (October 10, 2010)

     Yesterday's date (October 10, 2010) was so significant to some people and event organizers because of its shortcut, which is known as 10/10/10. For our family, 10/10/10 is significant because it signals the celebration of my father's birthday. And for event organizers, 10/10/10 can give a meaningful and memorable day that can't be easily forgotten especially if the organizers are vying for their event to have the title of "event-of-the-year". 

     True to this fact, here in the Philippines alone, numerous events took place during the specific date - from much-awaited concerts to cause-related events. One of those cause-related events that I can name is the "10.10.10 A Run for the Pasig River" in which I was given the opportunity to join and be part of this eco foot-race event. This event was organized and purely dedicated to rehabilitating the Pasig river by means of a "fun run" (as they call it) and offers 3-kilometer, 5-kilometer, and 10-kilometer run.

     Me and my friends chose the 10-kilometer run and I'm happy to announce that we were able to complete it and I was able to finish the entire race for 1 hour and 33 minutes. It may not be considered fast for some, but for me, it's already fast enough considering the fact that I'm not fond of running  and I haven't able to run that kind of distance for my entire life.  After finishing the run, I felt fulfilled because I was able to finish  a 10-kilometer run. The downside for such participation is that my muscles are still aching and I find it hard to easily move here in the construction site. Some may mock us (participants) for choosing such a stupid idea of embracing hardships through running several kilometers without any assurance of getting the allotted prize. It may be so harsh for us to hear such thinking and the only phrase that we could tell them is "it's worth it". Yes, we did embrace the idea of letting ourselves undergo hardships in the form of physical pain, but it gave us this realization that once in our entire lifetime, we were able to think  not just for our own sake but for the sake of everybody.

     We may have endured much pain during the entire race, but we were able to hit what we're aiming for without thinking of giving up because we were able to set our mindsets that what we're doing  is for a cause - a much greater cause. And for me, this kind of event is not just a RUN  FOR A CAUSE, but also A PAIN FOR A CAUSE. Each painful step is worth taking, every heart-pumping breath is worth feeling, and every bit of seconds that has originally been allotted for resting is worth dedicating. 

     Let me end this post by sharing you what I've tweeted last July  24, 2010, which I believe has the nearest relation and idea with this particular post.

"Making sacrifices for others' sake won't be hard as long as we know the exact reason on why we're doing it."
- Matthew S. Chua

God bless us all!

 Photo courtesy of Mr. Jose Ramizares

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