Monday, May 08, 2006


At last!!! i have accomplish my academic life this semester and I'm glad because once again I'm one of those resident scholars. let me just recall all of my obstacles this semester.

*my nose bleeds three times.
*I experienced a sudden pain on my feet, they call it pulikat in tagalog.
*and last, lack of time to finish all our requirements including those strick professors.

These are all my sufferings that led me in completing my task in doing it and not dy accepting defeat by means of giving up. Now, I must face a new responsibility thise coming sem and that is to do my job as president of our department's student government and as a board member of oue school's supreme student government while at the same time doing my plates and other academic staff.
I hope that through this blog I might able to share and inspire my readers in making their stask efficiently that may lead them to success

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  1. Anonymous9:33 PM

    dami typo! hehe... anyway, ur blog was cool. how i wish to hav powers in making poems. wahehe..


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