Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Emotional Drops

Sitting beside my window,
Looking through the empty show
Of darkness and gloomy bowl
That have touched my inner soul.

Water falling from above,
It's a great feeling to have.
As my boring day turns night
With a twist of frightening might.

Hearing those roar of thunder
That frightens a great fighter.
Joined by flashes of white light
That breaks the colorless night.

Nothing can be found pleasing.
Only those liquid feeling
Caused by heavenly portray
Of environmental play.

A sigh for a wonderer
That continues to marvel
The greatness of his Father
And His amazing power.

Surely, rain adds a feeling
that satisfies the craving
Of my intense emotion
And romantic expression.


  1. ahoy!! aba nagupdate ka na ng blog mo ha!! hehehe...nice one..

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM

    it was great poem matt.... you let me imgine as i read ur poem.... i hope that the boy in the darkness would be in sumer day where flowers are bloming and birds are happy singing.... i miss u matt... pls take care........


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