Friday, November 09, 2007

A Poet's Lovely Ordeal

In my desk, I try to wonder...
How my mind goes too much farther?
Time by time, I think of words that rhyme,
Which will make a poem as lively as time.

Thinking, working, and sighing for a word
That brings a meaning for a magical world.
Sketching, writing, and editing my piece.
Trying to please my emotions at ease.

Poetry of magic and mystery,
How can I obtain such mastery?
Day and night, I long for a perfect you
Only to find out I have the wrong hue.

Why is it hard to make you complete?
It feels like I never frightened defeat
Nor defending my right to make a grieve
Nor traveling in a world of make believe.

But by the time comes that I have finished,
It feels like energy has been unleashed.
I can now enjoy my peaceful rest.
Towards my bed and away from my desk.


  1. matt pasa ka ng literary and artwqorks mo sa upcoming litfolio/litmag ng voice ah hehehe thanks!!!

  2. Anonymous7:20 PM

    matt, it was a wonderful i like it.... parang may gustong e pahiwatig ang poem sa likod ng kagandahan... hehe


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