Thursday, March 13, 2008

Midnight Venturer

Being physically alive
In a dying city, I connive.
Hunting fresh food
At the middle of the woods.

I should please my unique appetite
By eating with passionate delight.
My prey's juice is my strength
That fuels my innermost breath.

I should hide my true identity
For it defies my dignity.
Revealing myself during midnight
By hauling under the moon so bright.

As the night spreads her hatred,
Conscience was disregarded.
Slaying innocent souls
For my beastly goals.

Why do I look like this?
A man shifting into a beast.
'Till when will I enjoy this curse?
An identity at its worst.

It's a sad feeling to reminisce
The life that I truly miss.
Mourning in absolute silent,
In a cold summer night, I lament.

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