Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blog Action Day: A Call For Action

.....I'm currently staying here in the construction site that we're managing. I'm actually stranded and couldn't afford to go home because of the typhoon. We have witnessed G.I. sheets that were flown by strong winds, overflowing floods on major roads that surround the vicinity and of course... traffic. Me and the others will stay here for a night due to the impracticality of going home.

.....What's in my head right now is climate change and its effects. The whole city is suffering from flood and people are sick (that includes me) due to changing weather condition. I'm not that expert when it comes to climate change but what I do know is that I'm going to be part of the hundreds and thousands of bloggers that would write about climate change on our respective blogs on the same day.

.....On October 15, 2009, bloggers around the world will be writing about climate change (the chosen topic for this year). This blog has been participating Blog Action Day ever since it was created. My dedication for this kind of event is so deep because my primary aim is not just to become an active blogger but also to be known as a "Blogger of Change"!

Join the Blog Action Day and make a difference!


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  2. Hi,

    This is Gladys Arañez and I’m one of the volunteers for Design Against The Elements. We are asking for your support to please help us spread our message in raising awareness re: Philippine Climate Adaptability Challenge. Please take time to visit the links below and please post comments and ratings. Below also is a message from our Executive Director, Illac Diaz.

    Feel free to ask questions. You can reach me on my email:

    Many, many thanks! :)

    Climate change is real. Addressing climate change requires a mix of mitigation and adaptation. This requires more mitigation for industrialized countries and more adaptation for developing countries.
    This can be translated into one simple scenario : While the industrialized world continues to send up tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, whether or not we blur the amounts through carbon credits,
    hopes are fading for those who will be receiving the sharp end of the Damocles sword; the developing world. The urgency is to realize that this is not going to stop at 350 ppm, or even double at 600 ppm, the Philippines has to realize that despite all the petitions and feel good campaigns of dreams for a climate stabilized world, real solutions need to be done. We have to get to the part where we learn
    to start dealing with this. The country is located right beside the warmest parts of the ocean that is in the perfect storm of vulnerable coastlines, intense winds, and an observation of growing dumping of
    large amounts of rain. We need to live in a world where climate will hit the poorest of the poor first, regardless of where they live, it will test our resiliency as a city, as a village, as a community, and
    specially as a people. This song is dedicated to the awareness that dealing with one ONDOY is not the victory, but a climate of change will be the battle of this generation.

    Illac Diaz
    Executive Director
    Design Against The Elements


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